Will Clover Take Over Grass In Lawn? Or Why?

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Perhaps, you are a lucky lawn owner if you propagated the lawns without clovers. But, the clover is a hard-luck weed in this case. It is not easy to reduce the unnecessary weeds within a short time, permanently. Because you expect or not expect, somehow clovers grow up to your grasslands.

Have you bothered will clover take over grass in lawn?

The answer is that if you don’t take care of your lots appropriately, the clover evolves without any reluctance in your garden.

Learn more? 

Just concentrate on our article. We highly focus on will clover take over grass and why. Also, include some benefits & shortcomings of the clover in the lawns.

Clarifying The Will Clover Take Over Grass In Lawn

Clover is one of the most widespread and lucky lawn-weed. Perhaps your grass is not happy because of the numerous clovers including in the garden. Even this lawn-weed is relatively simple to prevent naturally in most cases.

However, clover is quite similar to some legume plants- Lucerne or alfalfa and beans. They bring out enough nitrogen from the air and stock that nitrogen their own roots. Somehow if the clover dies, its roots will divert the nitrogen into the soil for replenishment. 

But, if your turf has plenty of nitrogen and your lawns are healthy, the clover needs to struggle to stay there. That is why you can easily understand, your lawn gets enough nitrogen or not. 

Just a simple calculation, while the clover rises so quickly, your lawn has no enough nitrogen. So, the lawn loves nitrogen but the clover doesn’t love nitrogen.

Now, the question is, will clover take over grass in lawn.

The straightforward answer is that the clover will not be able to take over your grass. These weeds love to stay in the soil beside lawns. Don’t think that they are completely harmful to your lawns. The most vital thing is, clover supports keeping your lawns green, lush, and gorgeous.

Remember that sometimes the clover is worthy to take over your lawn. Why?

See our next point to overcome this question.

Why Clover Is Taking Over Your Lawn

There are many reasons why clover is taking over your lawns. We present here some fundamentals of this matter.

The Soil pH is not accurate

Too high or too low soil pH doesn’t matter for the clover but it is important to the lawns. Enough nutrients are crucial for living grasses with the healthy and happy. So, soil nitrogen helps your lawns to keep fresh and green. To know the soil pH, you need best quality soil pH tester for the accurate result.

On the other side, the clover hates the nitrogen-deficient surface. If your garden has a low amount of nitrogen, the clover perhaps takes over your lawn.


The highest quality organic fertilizer is the best way to bump up nitrogen layers. So, you have to fertilize your garden time-to-time for getting more active grasses.

Too Short or too long lawns

If your lawn stands in an extremely short position, the clover probably gets the scope of growing up comfortably in your garden. Mow your lawns three inches or a little longer for getting the deeper grassroots and remove clovers. If you don’t keep the lawn in tip-top shape, the clover takes over your lawns.

Alternatively, when you mow the grass higher up to 7.6 cm or motivate your grass growth high, the clover can come to damage your lawns. 


To keep your lawn not higher than three inches or not lower than three inches height and mowing the garden regularly.

Lawns Don’t Get Sufficient Water

If your lawn doesn’t receive enough water, the clover can come eventually. Plus, clover takes over your lawns.

However, soils, as well as lawns, love to consume enough moisture. Without adequate vapor, your lawns can’t fasten softness. You have to water deeply but slowly gets a good result. Keep in mind that the water has down to four to six inches below the soil of your garden. 


Try to water in the morning to prevent turfgrass diseases. In the summer or hot weather, you must provide water frequently.

The soil is compacted  

Sometimes your lawn surface is compacted just because of lacking organic matter. The bad news is that clovers like to stay in the compacted soil. Alternatively, your lovely lawns don’t like this.

Keeping the grass healthy, you need to loosen or reduce the heavy as well as compacted soils. Make sure a better rising environment for the lawns besides you will remove the unnecessary harmful weeds like clovers.


Always try to keep your lawn soil lighter and nutrients.

Is Clover better than grass?

Clover is not better than grass but clover and grass both combination gives you an exciting experience. Clover was an accepted organ before. But, most of the lawn owners don’t like to stay in the clover presently.

No one can avoid plenty of benefits. We discuss here some:

Natural Fertilizing Source 

Yes, this may be the widest benefit to the clovers. The best natural fertilizer source is a clover that provides a lot of nutrients to the lawn’s areas. 

Clover and other essential legumes snatch impracticable nitrogen oxides from the environment as well as divert it into a helpful configuration of nitrogen that is called ammonium. 

This system is named nitrogen fixation. This is because your grass gets the scope of living in clover weeds and other plants. So, grasses become greener, healthier, and vigorous than alone. 

Supports Keeping your Lawn Green

In most cases, clovers are drought-tolerant if they live in the lawned area. Clover allows water to reach in the deep end roots into the surface. Generally, it contains longer roots than the grasses. 

Plus, if your garden has numerous clovers, your lawns become longer as well as greener. This is perhaps another overlooked benefit of clovers.

Withstands Poor Soil, Pests, Some Diseases

The grass is so much finicky than the clover. Why?

Clover is able to tolerate multiple types of soils. Even it can withstand the poor-draining surface or the lower quality soils. But, the lawns will not be apt to condone that.

You know, clover has no effect if it hangs around the compacted soil as well. On the other hand, this weed also tolerates several diseases, pests, and dog urine.

Is it possible to tolerate your lawns?

Absolutely not”

For this reason, you should try to mix the clover and grass when you want to refine a grassland. Remember, the shadowed atmosphere is not a major fact to the clover.

Encourages Beneficial Pollinators

Our pollinators are important to create a healthy environment. If many clovers on your grassland, pollinators will come to your area, especially honey bees. Honey bees come late?

Province collapse disorder, over mass die-offs, and other difficulties ensure. So, it is critical to provide them a pretty easier living situation.

Because of the coming honey bees and other pollinators, your child can play in the area. You and your family spend a lot of time to get more entertainment. So, don’t reduce clover that is the major forage source for the beneficial insects.

What Are The Disadvantages of the Clover?

You have to understand what are the disadvantages of the clovers. For this reason, we will focus on some weaknesses of the clovers.

  • Clovers are not much durable to include in the high traffic spaces and playgrounds. Even it is not suitable to mix with the grass in playing fields.
  • Clover can damage your clothes easily and quickly in most cases. 
  • It is not good for long-term benefits. You need to be reseeding this every two to three years for maintaining properly. So, it is tough to handle the clover and lawn combined.

Some Final Words

Ultimately, some lawn landlords desire to keep up with the clovers, some are not. This is because this kind of weed is good or bad that depends on the owner’s personal statement. 

So, if you prefer and give the scope of accumulating clovers, the clover can stay healthy. Remember, your grass doesn’t appreciate these weeds.

Already, we have shared the will clover take over grass in lawn together with some important relevant evidence in this theme.

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