When to Apply Grub Control: Total Guidance

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Every lawn enthusiast desires to keep the meadow emerald green, healthy, and moisture. But, sometimes lawns probably concussion to the harmful insects. Where grubs are the common virus that lives on the surface of feeding the grassroots, to keep the lawn lush, you would like to use grub killer products at the right time.

So, when to apply grub control?

The best and exact duration to apply grub control is from spring to summer when the grubs have to start growing. In this period, you don’t need to use toxicity medicine, just lighter treatment is enough to control grubs in the June-July season.

Our writing will support you in winning the great solution of this case. First, we will concentrate on how to identify grub in your lawn. Then, the best time to apply grub control and much more urgent info on this matter.

How to Identify Grub in Your Lawn? 

Several grubs feed on the roots of the garden. They are harmful to your lawn. If you don’t know how to identify grub in your lawn, see below. We focus on some symptoms that can occur by grubs.

  • When you see your grass is damaged and it has become yellow, thin, or die. Even if you walk in the garden, you feel uncomfortable and don’t find any softness from the lawns.
  • If your grass becomes vulnerable or weeks of drought, it indicates grubs signs. Sometimes you notice that the dead and dying grass patches are accessible.
  • The lawn can be brown in color with the effects of grubs. And, day-to-day grass feels spongy. Their roots are damaged just like pulling up with a carpet.
  • When birds, moles, or raccoons are coming to dig in your turf and eat the grubs, this indicates your lawn has already bombed the multiple grubs.

These warnings are very common. When you find any symptom from the above, make sure the harmful grubs continue to your garden area.

What’s the Best Time to Apply Grub Control?

Typically, grubs come in every year on your lawn surface. Most of the lawn landlords apply two types of treatment for maintaining several grubs. They are-

  • Preventative grubs treatment
  • Curative grubs treatment 

So, what’s the best time or when to apply grub control is dependent on your treatment process. Now, here are details of these two grubs controlling systems.

Preventative Method 

Preventative grubs control means you have to prevent them early and don’t scope grubs spreading extensively. It possibly is the best way to protect this insect without damaging the lovely lawn. June and July are the perfect time to put down the grub preventers. 

This time grubs are just harvesting and smaller. This is because you can protect them easily for the next season. 

Though curative grub treatment allows using high power ingredients, preventative treatment is beneficial for the lawn’s health. So, there is no doubt that the most responsible answer is grub prevention.   

What are the benefits of grub prevention treatment?

1.Save Environment

Preventative treatments are not more harmful to the environment. Additionally, it allows you to use the limited power ingredients that contain lower toxicity. If the grubs are smaller, you have no need to apply high-powered chemicals. So, these lower toxicity can’t be threatened by the environment. 

2. Not harmful to other insects

Another thing is that preventative treatment is to save for other beneficial critters and insects. Earthworms, bees, wildlife, or birds don’t have to survive with these lower toxicity.

3. More sustainable

Preventative grub treatment allows you to protect grubs without any hassle or bad effects. For this reason, this is a more sustainable and profitable lawn care solution.

Finally, keep in mind that after using the preventative system, if you don’t get good results and the grub comes again, you can turn on the curative treatment.

Curative Method 

Curative grubs control is more potent because of using high power chemicals in killing them completely. The time starts to apply this method when your lawn has been lifeless or injured. 

Generally, August to October is the perfect time to apply curative grubs control. This time the grub worms are able to eat and damage the lawn actively. 

Are you willing to end grub damage quickly? 

This curative system is supper and more effective for you. 

What are the benefits of grub curative treatment?

If you are to wait for settlement grubs into your lawn, you must have more chemicals to control them. So, see the benefits of the curative grubs treatment.

Highly protection

Curative treatments use critical ingredients to highly protect your larger grubs and save your lawn. In this time, grubs are spread promptly so that they can’t go away easily. This is because you will notice a great deal of havoc on the property. So, powerful toxicity is essential in this circumstance whether grubs can feed your property of lawns.

Quick remove 

This grub treatment is perfect for reducing harmful insects as soon as possible. So, it is the best way for you if you want to protect grubs after lawn damage.

Finally, don’t forget that grubs never go away forever. The number of this insect has exceeded your property. It is nearly impossible to refine the lawn. That is why insects don’t leave the surface permanently. To keep your grass lush and green, you have to protect grubs every year.

Preventative vs. Curative? Which is the better Grub Treatment? 

For getting a clear idea of preventative and curative treatments, you have to see the comparison table. Don’t waste your time just notice below.

Definition Preventative grubs treatment Curative grubs treatment 
Duration of applying June and July are the best time to apply.August to October is the best time to use this method.
Chemical typesPreventative treatment requires using products with lower toxicity.Curative treatment allows using products with greater toxicity.
Grubs sizes Small and weak.Active and large.
Amount of damage Little damage to your lawns.Vast damage to your grass and property.
Level of grubs Beginner level and easy to protect.Spread level and hard to protect.
Preventative vs. Curative

Perhaps, you feel confused and don’t understand which is the better treatment for you.

Well, it depends on your personal opinion and choice. But, we recommend that the preventative grubs control is better than curative. Why?

Because this process is completely safe for your lawn and you don’t take so much stress for the damaged property.

How often should you apply grub control? 

If you want to remove grubs fully, you have to use grubs treatments two or three times a year. June and July is the time to enter grubs in your lawns. That is why you need to do a grubs procedure before June and July seasons, perhaps April or May. 

Next, when you notice the symptoms of this insect, you can use chemicals. Remember that if you see them in the fall or spring, you should protect them lastly to stop the cycle completely using grub killer carbaryl or trichlorfon.

When to Apply Grub Killer on New Grass? 

Have you just decided to fill in the garden cultivating new grass? It is really exciting, but you may worry about the grubs problem. Plus, don’t know when to apply a grub killer on new grass.

In this case, John Deere (the lawn care experts) says, 

“While there is no set length of time to wait, it is easier to let the new grass become established first”.

Generally, as a new grass owner, you should follow the grub killer’s products manual instructions where you find the straight solution for your new grass.

No worries, maximum products are safe for the new grass to kill grubs. The new lawns are very sensitive so that you make sure lawns proper maintenance. Water them regularly.

In July grubs feed the roots of the lawn. So, June and July are the best time to apply a grub killer on new grass. If you want to get more prevention, you can also use the preventive compound chlorantraniliprole in April or May on your new lawns.

Best Time to Apply GrubEx? 

GrubEx can active or work when you provide at least ½ to one-inch water into the soil. Before applying this product, you need to ensure its proper time and ratio. 

Spring or early summer is the perfect time to apply GrubEx on your lawn. In this time, grubs can increase in the lawn’s root. High temperature is not good for grub control.

When climates lessen and winters come, grubs perhaps increase and large four to eight inches. Then, they stay on the surface until temperatures increase again.

Keep in mind that you can’t get a good result if you assign GrubEx the fall seasons, perhaps October or November. It is late for controlling grubs. After applying this, you need to wait one or two of the week to fertilize your lawns.

Grub Control and Prevention Tips

To control and prevent the grubs, you should take good maintenance of the lawn. If you always properly take care of the lawns, you will stay with the beautiful and green lawns. Look at the below grub control and prevention tips-

  • To prevent grubs, water your grass by following a healthy routine. Never try to provide too much water that makes your garden wetlands. This is unhealthy for the lawns and support for growing insects.
  • The best way is to apply natural grubs protection products. You can use milky spore powder to kill grubs. It comprises the realistic bacteria that aids in controlling beetles as soon as possible. Alternatively, it is totally safe for the environment.
  • Another realistic grubs control product is Beneficial nematodes. To reduce grubs, they feed on its large. These microscopic parasites have already kept up to the turf, but not sufficient. You need to include more nematodes to destroy the grubs cycle. This method is not awful to the human, pets, or the environment.
  • Alternatively, you can use detergent by mixing one tablespoon of soap and water in a bottle. Spray it on the damaged areas.
  • When you apply any grub killer product, you should wear safety gloves and sunglasses. Plus, protective shoes and clothes are important to safe and fresh yourself.

So, you have to alter and properly take attention to the garden. The above natural methods are more effective and efficient for the grasses as well as environmentally responsible. You can use any process. If you feel uncomfortable with using these, you need to go through the professional lawn carers.

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Ultimately, to protect all kinds of dangerous germs, lawn owners remember that they have to strictly maintain the rules of lawn care. Without proper maintenance, you can’t control the grubs that can destroy your grasses and your property.

Regardless, we have contributed overall pick in lessening grubs without harming the lots as well as the environment. We say in confidence that you have got grubs pertinent to all vital information from our post.

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