Privacy Policy

This page deeply explains our policies regarding different;

  • What information do we collect?
  • How might we use your data?
  •  Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Children’s Privacy Policy
  • Analytics
  • Changes in Privacy Policy
  • Sponsored content and tracking cookies

All these policies have some specific purpose. Using our service, you agree to our terms, either it is the collection of data or use of information as mentioned in our policy.

What Information Do We Gather?

Our website can collect the following information:

  • Your data, such as your name, house address, contact number, email address, and social media platform links. All this information is collected voluntarily, like when you fill up a query form, comment on our blog, or subscribe to our newsletter.
  • The website gathers information from other sources as well. This includes third-party software that you use from our site.
  •  The website efficiently collects information about your device, IP address, and location automatically. When you use our website, the site will store your IP address and activity logs. The website also collects information like when you access the website, which website pages you visit, links clicked, name of the browser, and operating system you use.
  • The website also records your information by using cookies. Cookies are the individual data files that get stored on your browser by the website. It includes both session and permanent cookies. The idea behind storing these cookies is to enhance your user experience the next time you visit our site.

How Might We Use Your Data?

Whatever data collected through our platform is used for the following purposes:

  • To provide a more personalized user experience.
  • To maintain our website.
  • To send emails about our newsletter, any latest event, or discount sales on our products.
  • To provide exceptional customer support service.
  • To inform our customers about any change in our services.
  • To analyze our website and business performance and look for room for improvement.
  •  To resolve any technical issue.
  • To fulfill our orders.
  • To have an insight into our existing and new customers.
  • To monitor any illegal activity and identify hackers or spammers.
  •  To reply to your comments and questions.

Amazon Affiliate Program Partner

GardenFunction is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program. It is also known as an affiliate marketing program. The prime goal of this program is to allow website to select relevant product products from Amazon. Whenever you will make an purchase from amazon using our link, we will get a commission only.

Here, under this program, the site promotes products and services related to gardening and lawn tools, weed killers, irrigation tools, etc. We use customized links that track the referrals to the product site. When you click on these links, a cookie will appear on your browser to have a record of sales. Under this program, the website uses session cookies to track visitors that are later monitored to sanction money earned on the purchases.


This website analyzes its services by using Google Analytics. It is a web analytics service that records and reports about website traffic. As the name suggests, this service is offered by Google to track how people use our services. The recorded data is shared with other Google services as well.

As a result of data collection, you may see Google ads on our website. If these ads, by any means, create hurdles in your browsing experience, we advise you to opt-out of your activity by installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. The add-on features stop the Google Analytics JavaScript from sharing your data regarding online visits with Google Analytics.

Children Privacy Policy

Kindly note that we do not intentionally collect any personally identifiable information (PII) from children belonging to 12-16 years of age. Parents and guardians are advised to keep an eye on their children’s activities. Whenever someone contacts us, their information gets stored in our database. If your child has provided us the information by any means, email us at immediately, and we will try our best to address this issue timely.


Changes in Our Privacy Policy

We might update our website’s privacy policy at any time. It means that we can make changes in individual policies without your consent. You will be notified once the policy has been made through email. Our email will be entitled “Notice of Change in Services.” This notice will only inform you about the change and from when this change will be enforced.

It is your responsibility to view our website from time to time and review the privacy policy thoroughly. You must agree on all the points mentioned in policy; otherwise, you would not use our services.

Sponsored Campaigns and Tracking Cookies

We might engage in various sponsored content under agreement with different agencies, brands, and networks. This content will only be revealed with the FTC’s requirements. These campaigns’ primary objective is to use web beacons with cookies to gather data regarding audience and usage. The data collected by web beacons is used to evaluate the results of the marketing campaigns. The agencies and brands need to have a record of their campaigns to improve next time. The disadvantage of web cookies for users is that it can track and even seize their IP address, threatening users’ online privacy.