How To Wash Gardening Gloves and Keep Them Clean

While taking care of your garden a piece of impressive equipment that you need is a pair of gardening gloves. To keep your hand protected as a gardener the hand gloves serve as an intimate friend.

They protect hands from direct contact of dart and prevent infections and hand injuries. So, don’t you think they need to be cleaned?

How to wash gardening gloves? An important question right? There are various ways of cleaning your hand gloves but it actually depends on the type of glove.

The common ways of cleaning are using of soap water and use a toothbrush for removing the debris. We will provide a complete guideline on this matter.

How often gardening gloves should be washed?

Every pair of garden gloves need to be cleaned after every use but it also depends on some factors like the level of work you did and the type of gloves you use.

Some needs just water cleaning, some requires coated with oil after washing and some needs warm soapy water for best cleaning experience. So, you should wash your gloves immediately after you finish your work every time.

How to Wash Gardening Gloves Easily

Washing Cotton or Cloth Gloves

The materials of a garden glove are needed to be considered before cleaning them because a different type of materials needs different treatment. We are going to discuss the washing process of all types of garden gloves available in the market.

Cotton gloves are actually made of soft clothes to give a comfortable touch to the gardener and they are well balanced while working in the garden. The best and commonly used method of cleaning a pair of cotton garden gloves is using the soap and water combination.

You can take these cotton gloves directly to your kitchen or laundry room sink just after you finish your work. It is very easy to clean them even putting them on by using soap and water as you simply wash your hands normally.

How To Wash Gardening Gloves and Keep Them Clean

If you use a colorful actually light colored cotton garden glove then it may leave permanent strains. To avoid such nasty spots on your garden gloves you should wash them off just after you complete your daily of regular activity in the garden.

As cotton gloves are made from the same materials we usually use in our clothing brands, they can be cleaned even in the washing machine.

Do not forget to use cold water to prevent the gloves from shrinking and you can use any common detergents that are used for laundry process to clean the cotton garden gloves in your machine.

In case you see strains then spray some solution that remove the strains and put them for 10-15 minutes before putting in the machine.

The last but the most important thing you should do is to hang the gloves outside for drying instead drying in the machine. If you dry them in machine they may become too tight or loose after every wash.

Washing Leather Gloves

In terms of the Cotton garden gloves washing the leather gloves need to maintain or follow a completely different procedure while cleaning them after use. These kinds of products demands careful handling and require more care while washing.

After the use of these gloves the darts can be brushed off with a regular household toothbrush or specific leather cleaning brush. Instead, you can even use your hands in case you don’t any scratch on the leather gloves.

Saddle soaps are the best possible option for cleaning leather gloves available in any hardware shop; comes in tin container. Use a piece of old cloth to apply it on your leather garden glove.

Gently apply the cloth drenched in the saddle soap to the glove gently or you can put one glove and rub with another saddle soap in the middle.

Keep continue the process until all the darts are gone. After that put the soapy cloth and take another wet towel to remove the soap because leather materials can be damaged by water if you direcly wash them in water.

Thereafter, the leather gloves must be cleaned properly but if not you have to repeat the whole process again and now they are ready to put for drying.

This part is very crucial because any contact of heat or flame may crack the surface of leather. Keep them on while drying so that they fit on your hand next time.

The final stage of cleaning the leather garden gloves is to apply special oil on the gloves to maintain the shape and the effectiveness of the leather.

Few oils that can widen your job are linseed oil, mink oil or any specifically leather oil combination available in the market. In this case you should also use a clean piece of cloth to apply the oil to avoid loss.

Washing Rubber, Latex, and Nitrile Gloves

 A dart soiled rubber gloves is definitely not liked by anyone but the process is a little bit tricky. You may put them under speedy water from a hose or interior faucet what you usually do with your cotton gloves.

But, to wash of the rubber gloves promptly they need extra attention as they are more prone to the darts and surface crake.

To prevent any damage on your rubber or latex garden gloves you have to use mild warm water of perfect temperature.

Like other gloves you can wash them putting on your hand or you can use the combination of mild hot soapy water and a soft towel to rains off the dirt and strains off. In this matter a normal dish washing shop can help you out.

A household or outdoor brush can be used for any tough stains that do not go with normal wash with durable bristles.

You should gently rub them under tap water for cleaning without any scratch. Now hang the gloves in an outside place with shade where fresh air flow to dry the rubber or latex garden gloves.

Make sure the rubber gloves have dried from every corner because it can accumulate mildew when get in touch of water. Even after they get dried put them in a place where no moisture get in touch with the gloves.

There are few loves comes with a special coating called Nitrile materials should be cleaned in the same way as the rubber and latex gloves.

You have to store these gloves in a dry place and remember never left them in the direct sun shine it may melt. You need not to use any special oil or lubricants for the garden gloves made of rubber, latex or Nitrile.

Keeping Them Clean

Cleaning equipments after every use ensures the longevity and best performance along with the productivity. Regardless the different kinds of materials may use for producing different garden gloves but they must be taken care of.

Your garden gloves may not function as expected if there are darts and soils cling to the gloves. They may create erosion as well as other problems.

In most cases the gloves materials will become stiffen and limit your movement as a guarder while working in the garden. So, to get the satisfactory performance keep clean your garden gloves after every use no matter with what materials it is made of.