How To Use a Tiller To Remove Grass? 6 Easy Steps to Follow

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Cleaning grass from your yard, lawn or garden is obviously very tough and time consuming job as well as it costs huge amount of money. So here is a thing that can improve your productivity and accurate that you can’t imagine with hand tools.

Power tillers are such machine that will not only cut your grasses but also allow your vegetables or crops to grow faster by losing the soil. A good tiller can make your job easier and faster than any other hand tools and physical activity.

Through this article we will guide you on how to use a tiller to remove grass from your lawn or garden perfectly and obviously in the easiest way.

How To Use a Tiller To Remove Grass | 6 Ways to Remove Grass

If you are worried sick that you have bought a power tiller and don’t know what next. Don’t worry we will guide you with a complete step by step description.

1. Clean the Grassed area

The very first steps before you start tilling try to scan and clean the chosen area. In this process cleaning means remove any object that may consider as an obstacle for your tiller. You may think as you are using tiller why you need to clean the lawn but every machine has some limitation.

Forget the normal tiller even if it’s a heavy-duty tiller they cannot cut the large debris and rocks because they are designed to cut grasses. You can use rototiller for removing small rocks from your area.

This is the reason it is very important to pick up any sticks, stones, rocks, or debris from the ground you are going to till with your tiller. In case if there any irremovable obstacles like tree root or fix stones then try to avoid the areas. Thus you can make your tiller long lasting.

2. Don’t Forget To Water The Soil

After you have cleaned the grassed area to avoid any unwanted hindrances for your tilling process now it’s time for the second phase. Before starting the tilling make a quick check that the soil of the area is dry or hardy.

If the garden soil is too dry then the tilling process will not go as smooth as you expect. It may damage your tiller too.  

If you discover that the area is excessively dry then to soften the ground water the ground with enough water. But put it mind that nothing works better on mud so don’t use too much water for softening the ground.

In case you already made it muddy then wait for a while to dry it up. Check the texture of the soil; if it is moist not soggy then congratulations you are ready to go.

3. Cut any Long grasses or Weed

All the tillers come with small tines and they are very vulnerable if the long grasses and weeds clog into them. To put your tiller sharp and functional cut off the long grasses and weeds shorter to escape such loss. If you do this then your tiller will work more efficiently and faster while tilling in your lawn or garden.

The best instrument or tool you may use to cut the long grasses or weeds is a mower or a sharp blade called Panga.

After cutting remove all the remaining waste from the lawn to have a smooth and fast movement. Now it is the best way you can have the best performance from your power tiller.

4. Setting The Tiller on the Right Place

There are different types of tiller you will find in the market now a day but you have to choose wisely depending on the land size. Apart from that the type of the land is also important factor to consider froe buying any tiller.

Never forget to read the user manual before using any tiller and make sure you have put on the right protective garments.

It is important because different types may react differently. Also, adjust the program or setting directed in the user guide before starting the work. There may be some places where the tiller may shallow in the ground or on the rocks it will not function accordingly so try to avoid those places. You can read this article to know about the process of rock removal process from using machine and manual.

Now as you and your tiller is perfectly ready to go set the tiller on your desired place. After placing the tiller on right place grab the handle strongly and set the blade down for cutting.

Now press the power button and you are ready to till. The blades may jump a little before starting the till so make sure you have a farm grip on the tiller.

 5. Rotate The Tiller Tines To Till The Grass

As you have started the tiller and ready to go but set the clutch level before that. By setting the level you can control the tines that how much deep they will go in the soil.

Now push the tiller forward and keep it slow but in a rhythm to have the mat finish. Maintain a row wised tackle for the best possible cutting. It also looks good while finished.

When you will reach the other part of your area from where you have started don’t stop there take a perpendicular pattern to start another row just beside the first one. By doing so, you will able to till every inch of the soil.

If you failed to maintain the tiller and settings then there will be some untilled places that will look horrible.

After finishing one row you have to remove the tiller to a new row by pressing down the handles but not before you set the clutch up again. After successfully moving to a new row, put the blades again by pressing the clutch into the soils and start tilling the grass again.

6. Keep Tilling Until Satisfied

You have to keep moving from one row to another following the same processed discussed above. In some cases you have to till second time for the flawless result.

When you will have finished all the rows then take a rake and move it all over the ground for few minutes just to make sure there are no debris left there. Thus you will get your expected result.

We tried to discussed all the possible steps of tilling grasses but always read the user manual before you operate any tiller. Wear the mentioned garments and use them as directed to avoid any injuries. As now you have learned all the ins and outs of tilling grasses it is an easy task for you to perform.

Types of Tiller for Tilling Grass

The Front-Tine Tiller:

For any simple and basic works the front line tillers are the best ones. These are the perfect solution for removing the grass and weeds grow between the vegetation rows.

The front line tiller got this name because they have their blades in the front sides of the tiller. These tillers are specially designed for small tasks but they can do their tasks very nicely.

They can remove grass and till the soil too but their power is limited not like the rear-tine tillers. So if you have a small garden or lawn in front of your house then you can choose a front-tine tiller available in the market after researching the types and your land area. Choose accordingly for the best possible result. 

Rear-Tine Tiller:

The tillers which have their blades in the rear side are known as the rear-tine power tillers. These are the biggest and strongest in the market. If you have a big house area or garden or even football field you need not to worry for tilling.

There tillers can work long hours and don’t breaks easily. So buying a rear-tine tiller means you have cracked the best deal.

In comparison to the front tine tillers the rear-tine tiller are more powerful, heavy, and efficient without any doubt. These tillers are designed to removes weeds and grass and also suitable to break the most compact and the hardest soil in the earth. There will be a manual where you can find all the necessary information about a rear-tine tiller.

You should know and read the instruction thoroughly because they are heavy equipments and they need extra safety. In the same way of front-tine tillers you need to have a research before busying any rear-tine tillers. At first test the soil of your land, take a measure and then compare it with the features given by the different rear-tine tillers.

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Compared to any hand tool you use in the garden the power tillers are very fast and accurate. They can also save time and energy. As the machines are easy to operate and consume less energy they ultimately save your money from wasting.

You just need to grab the handle and the blades will cut the grass automatically, it’s that simple. But before buying anything do well research to grab the best thing and have a pleasant experience.

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