How to Use a String Trimmer? – Total Guidance

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A string trimmer is a versatile tool for cutting grass correctly. Every lawn lover wants to keep his/her garden beautiful. For creating smooth and perfect cuts, the trimmers perhaps are the first choice of most people. 

However, two types of string trimmers are like gas fumes or electric. Where gas fumes trimmer is more influential but a little unhealthy. Alternatively, the electric trimmer is healthy but quite less robust.

Learn how to use a string trimmer?

This is a pretty easy process to control or manipulate this tool. Just confirm, the tool is active & perfect before starting jobs. Take it carefully and turn on. You have to continue the cutting process until reaching the finishing level.

In this article, we will fill all about guidance together with some steps, techniques, and safety tips on this purpose. 

How to Use a String Trimmer? – 4 Easy & Effective Steps

Using a string trimmer is not as hard as you think. It is a pretty interesting work when users follow the manual instructions. As a lawn enthusiast, you like to keep your garden clean and waste-free. 

Now, we are going to submit here some points about how to use a string trimmer.

  • Step -1

Clutch the string trimmer to keep its normal level. You need to tighten the shaft as time as the guard is up. Keep a clear line of sight to your string trimmer. 

Remember that when it is rotated continuously, your trimmer head’s curve changes. You have to restrict the string head nearly 90-degree with the ground.

  • Step-2

The trimmer spins stay at the clockwise side or the opposite side. The most important thing is that a clockwise spin is the good left-handed users. Alternatively, a counter-clockwise process is good for right-handed users.

So, when spins work counter-clockwise directions, removes garbage from the left viewpoint of this mechanism. Then you notice the cutting good or properly with the right side.

  • Step-3

The cutting position is dependent on the string level & lawn workers’ responsibility. When you move through the low fence or curb, you can keep your body right side of the work. For that case, the string trimmer cuts and deduct to the left side. If you prefer you can use the opposite cutting way.

  • Step-4

When you start the string trimmer, you have to keep it a few inches over the grass and hit them at a five to ten-degree angle to cut properly. And, get into the superior length.

Finally, when you finish the cuts, stop the string trimmer and keep it a safe room.

Multiple Cutting Strategies to the String Trimmer

If you maintain some cutting techniques, you will handle it easily and get the beautiful lawns. The two important methods are edging or tapering.

Tapering strategy

The tapering system is suitable for cutting ahead of the retaining wall, tree, fence, or a curb. In this case, you need to grab the string technically so that it goes over the grass at a slight of 45-degree angle level.

That means your string stands parallel to the surface and it can cut a full swath of lawn.

Edging System

When the surfaces are parallel between the walkway and grass or lawn, the edge system is the better choice for this circumstance. At first, hold it 90-degree angle of the ground. 

Ultimately, the string is the upright position if you swivel this machine. Then you walk into the cutting path and the trimmer eject debris where you nearly cut.

Scything technique

Are you not walking in the garden easily for the full of obstacles?

Well, sometimes we don’t have to get enough time to clean the grass. In this case, you can choose the scything. So, take your tool into and start the task in a shallow U motion and existing side-by-side the cut levels out. 

Screening Process

This screening is the better process for cutting weeds and grass growing in sidewalk, paths, or driveways. In that case, you can operate cuts to be fast & effective. Holding your device, move it carefully, and observe the pavement. Don’t try to hit highly, just do it sharply in the angle.

Safety Tips for Using A String Trimmer

It is important to keep awareness of using any kind of tool. Before using the string trimmers, you should take some protection for safety. Now, we will mention here some safety tips that are essential to use this tool properly.

Wear Protective glasses and Hand Gloves

To work with the string trimmer, you must wear protective glasses for your eye’s safety. Somehow, a small piece of debris can attack your eyes. That is why you have to suffer a different eye injury. So, try to save your total face.

Wear Safety Clothes & Shoes

While going to cut the grass, you should not wear normal sandals or shorts clothes. Just because of wearing a heavy trouser, you protect from the hit by debris. Sometimes broken pieces can cut your skin. On the other hand, protective shoes make sure your feet save from any danger. 

Walking on the ground, you are affected by the sharper grasses, nails, metal, or more unnecessary things. So, the protective shoes help you to cut lawns.

Wear Ear Muffs

While you start a string trimmer, it creates sound. To tolerate the loud sound is not good for the user’s ears. This is because you wear muffs to protect your ears from damage.

Check the selected area

Before starting the trimmer, you should check the ground or working areas. If there exists any dangerous thing, you need to clean it. 

On the other side, if you use the electric trimmers, you also take care of cables, although gas versions are more powerful.


A string trimmer is used for making the garden neat & tidy by smashing away weeds without any hassle. We have already represented the essential principles of how to use a string trimmer and more about data in this post. Now, you probably get a satisfactory thing.

Just enjoy this fantastic tool!

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