6 Awesome Steps about How to Turn Brown Grass Green Fast?

Are you upset about your brown grasses? Perhaps, you are a new homeowner or you don’t know how to turn brown grass green fast.

Just reduce your stress and focus on our writing that assistance getting the best solution with a short duration.

However, the common reasons are such as shortage of water, shortage of proper take care, or shortage of mowing the grass at a decent height, the grass can damage. 

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See below. First, we show here why your grass can brown, then will discuss how to turn brown grass green fast.

Why can your grass brown?

There are some specific reasons why your grass can dry, brown, or yellow. Now, we mention here the main reasons for lawn brown without any indication.

High Temperature 

High temperature or hot weather is not prosperous for the lawns. In this dry season, your lawns feel uneasy just because of the lack of enough vapor. There is no problem, no matter when the rain is coming. Drop or fall conditions make your lawn green again.


During the drought weather, homeowners have to give water regularly scheduled. 

Unnecessary Weeds

This, however, is the most common thing that available weeds love to stay in the garden. Even they can’t go from your yard. So, it is complicated to eliminate them

These unnecessary weeds feed on the lawn roots. Day by day, your lawns become brown due to a lack of food and water.


You can remove these types of weeds manually or apply some helpful chemicals. Or, in spring you can apply medicine to control the growth of weeds.

Some Ailments

Lots of lawn ailments ensure you brown, white, or black grasses. Diseases come when the lawn doesn’t get enough moisture and regular mowing. Plus, too high or too low grasses perhaps damage and brown quickly.


In this case, you will go through professional lawn-care for the proper treatment or always maintain effective lawn care guides to reduce the disease.


Grubs are the common virus that lives on the surface of feeding the grassroots. When you notice that your soil damage and your lawns have become brown, be sure gurbs have lived in your grassroots. 

And, already attracted the lawns. So, to keep the lawn lush & green, you would like to use grub killer medicine at the right time.


First, you have to dry your damaged yard again. To maintain grubs the natural way, spread milky spore powder or light toxicity. 

Alternatively, you try GrubEx.

GrubEx can work when you provide at least ½ to one-inch water into the soil. Before applying any product, you need to make sure its proper time and ratio. You will get more recommended grub killers to eliminate grub from your lawn.

Pet Waste or Urine 

Sometimes animals are peeing on your beautiful lawns. This is because your lawn becomes brown or dead. 


Clean the urine areas using water.

How to Turn Brown Grass Green Fast?- Step by Step Procedure 

Now, we are going to discuss here some easy but effective steps to how to brown grass green fast.

Step-1: Clean the Grasslands

Grass can be brownstone for several reasons, you know. First, you need to abolish some unnecessary things – dead leaves or dead growth of your lawn. 

If you don’t get time to clean the garden regularly, you notice, some garbage & trash or sticks can be settled ultimately.

It is important to wipe out these as soon as possible. You can try any metal thatch rake in this particular case.

Step-2: Adding Hand-cast Seeds 

Turning the brown grass to green quickly, scatter the hand-cast grass seeds adding the lawns areas, just throughout the grass where have been already green. 

It helps to return you to the lush, green, and thick ground. For more safety, homeowners try to apply cover sheets over the turf.

Step-3: Watering the morning 

High temperature or hot weather is not good for the grass seeds, even grass. The golden rule is to provide water in the meadow early daylight hours. Don’t try to do this job evening or night. 

Before starting water, you should follow the seed package’s directions to oversure. In this position of the seeds, you can’t apply any fertilizer that creates the harmful effects of growing the new grass seeds. 

However, it is appropriate when all of the seeds have matured.

Step-4: Provides Nitrogen 

Now, it’s time to provide fertilizer after starting to grow your grass seeds. Nitrogen is the first choice for every user to get more green and healthy grass. 

Remember, before applying this on your grasslands, you have to consider the product’s manufacturer directions. 

Because you know that nitrogen makes sure you green & lush grasses if you will be able to give the right amount of them in hot or summer seasons. 

The standard nitrogen ratio allows from thirty to fifty percent insoluble and fifty to seventy percent soluble in most cases.

Step-5: Deep Watering

After providing nitrogen, it is significant to convey the water at least once a week frequently. One inch of water is good for your growth lawns. 

Because this percentage of moisture supports going through the depth of six to eight inches in surface roots. You don’t need to water for more weeks.

Step-6: Keep the Lawn Tip-top shape 

To take care of the lawns, they like to grow up so much. In this step, as a lawn lover, you need to cut the grasses at adequate height. You can do this by using lawnmowers.

Keep in mind that you don’t mow your lawns not more than three inches high and not less than two inches low. It probably does the standard and healthy size of the lots. 

However, you can continue to provide nitrogen every eight to ten weeks. But, the high-nitrogen surface is bad enough for the weeds.

How to Turn Brown Grass Green Fast

Final words

Generally, every lawn lover prefers to stay with green & healthy lawns for enjoying leisure-time. But, when the grass brown, it is disgusting.

To turn the lawns green, homeowners should ensure the proper maintenance of the playgrounds.

Finally, you have thought of how to turn brown grass green fast.