How To Remove Weed Eater Head: 6 Effective Steps

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Are you tired of the older weed eater head or damage head? It is really terrible for every grass cutting tool user. But, you can change your loss head.

Discover the how to remove weed eater head? Perhaps, you are a new user or you have no better idea of solving the problem.

However, don’t take any pressure on this issue. It is pretty easy to do. Just turn off the power switch, peel off spool or nuts, and clasp the head carefully. Then, insert a new trimmer head and clean up the inside and outside by using cleaner clothes.

For discovering details, you have to go through the inner point of this article.

What is the head of Weed Eater/String Trimmer? 

There are multiple components staying in the weed eater or string trimmer. The trimmer head is one of the most crucial pieces. This head is essential to hold the strings or blades which are worked for chopping weeds and grass. Plus, heads contain a rotating center as well as safety protection on the user side. That perhaps is known as a spool or head.

On the lowest area of the string heads, see a little bump knob that supports introducing more lines as your desire. But, if you don’t use these more lines properly, your head doesn’t work. Need to replace your weed eater head.

Tools needed to remove head

To remove the head from the weed eater is not quite hard if you have to collect all the necessary tools. Also, you need to invest insufficient time for working. If you don’t have any idea how to do it, you can acquire some knowledge of this matter before starting.

However, we present here some fundamental stuff, just see the below.

  • To eliminate the old head, you need to buy a new weed eater head.
  • Accumulate a new towel, or cleaning cloth. If you don’t like to buy new ones, you also can use any old towel for cleaning.
  • String.
  • A small and flathead screwdriver is needed.
  • Need an adjustable and flexible wrench.

So, don’t take any stress, simply follow the guidelines to reach your turning point with ease.

How To Remove Weed Eater Head? Step by step procedure

Now, we present here some universal steps on how to remove the wood eater head. Plus, all steps are essential so that you don’t skip anyone getting clear concepts. Different model heads are quite different. So, if you feel trouble with replacing the new head, we suggest that you follow the manufacturer rules.

Step 1: Assess the type of your Accessory 

At first, it is necessary to make sure the type of your weed eater’s head that information helps you to do this process correctly. If your model is older, you can’t get perhaps modern head fixtures. 

The two types of heads are available in the market. We discuss here details on behalf of you.

  • Knob Head  
  • Screw Head

Where most of the knob heads are stayed in the wing’s base points, near to the small bump. This bump is important to widen the device because it works with connecting the weed eaters’ central part. 

The manufacturer used the knob heads of the gas or electrically connected string trimmers. They are also famous for good works, how to remove this kind of weed eater head?

Just follow the steps

  1. Firstly, you have to stop the power switch on your gadget.
  2. Now, press down on your trimmer head.
  3. Then, you take it carefully.
  4. Clean the inner side.
  5. And, replace new.

On the other hand, the screw head stays in nearly the trimmer’s central body. The main difference is these heads don’t allow any space from the weed eater and the attachment. So, how to eliminate screw heads?

  1. The tool is powered off before starting.
  2. Unlock the weed eater head.
  3. Carefully, hold the head.
  4. Complete the job.

Step 2: Ensure the power is turned off

Before commencing this process, it is nearly important to turn off the electric connection or engine connections. It is quite simple to do. Just off the power switch, your electric engine automatically powered off. 

If you have any confusion, you have to check the power button and off it or take out the plug for more safety.

Take some time to cool down the engine.

Step-3: Check your Device, Is It Clean

As a trimmer user, you might know, while you cut the grass by using this weed eater, this tool Is affected by the dirt, cutting leaves, or mud. It’s natural. Just because of the number of obstacles, your string trimmer can jam.

So, a jam head is not easy to remove, we know. If you clear it by using a flexible towel or cleaner clothes, you can effortlessly complete the reducing method. Plus, a good and clean grip helps to work within a short time.

No matter, if you have to use water to wipe out the grass and dirt from the head, you can use it.

Step-4: Remove Spool or Nuts & Bolts 

In this step, you have to become more careful. Check your device, it’s head has a spool or nuts & bolt. Because many manufacturers made their weed eater heads using the spool around the lodging of the heads.

If you have a spool head, you have to remove it fast before going to the next level. It is not difficult if you follow the instructions. You need to take out the spool and push the wrench, then easily you can pull out your spool.

If you face problems doing it, we recommend that you will check the manual guidance or contact the brand’s manufacturer for more details.

Alternatively, if your weed trimmer head has no spool, you will notice the nuts & bolts. Some of the standard and high-quality heads have no spools. Don’t think those are bad.

In this case, specify the nuts & bolts that are connected to the central body of the heads. For discarding, you will unscrew them and tighten off the head. It may be challenging if you don’t find these small screws.

Step-5: Start Removing the Head

Now, you can skillfully get rid of the head because you might remove the spool or nuts from the weed eater. Wash your hands and hold on head carefully to pull it.

Clean out the Inside to keep your head good all time. To clean heads, you can use a durable towel or others. For more safety, users can wear hand gloves.  

Make sure that your new head is a proper size and adjustable in your weed eater.

Step-6: Tighten the new head

Last but not least, you will have to fix a fresh head on the shaft. You can black the head’s holes using a screwdriver. Check the external but, you have to use adjustable twisting for replacement.

Now, you set up the two ends of the spool line through your holes in the outer side of the head. Try to maintain the line flexibly. Fasten the lowest bump knob as soon as possible.

Weed eater head won’t come off? What to do?

For multiple reasons, the weed eater head woncocomesme off. If you don’t know, you can see the below to get all about it.

If your older type head is attacked

If the heads model is older, it may not come off naturally. It is nearly impossible to change its designs.

Sometimes, you see some weed eaters that have designed to offer one specific goal. In that case, the head is primarily struck so that it would not come off.

Alternatively, if your head is jammed, it may stop. So, as a lawn lover, you also need to take care of the string trimmer. So, it is important to clean the device regularly.

When you utilize the incorrect device

Different sizes of the screws are available to replace the weed eaters. Most of the users don’t know which size screwdriver is the best choice for their heads. Even sometimes, they try to rebuild it by using the wrong screwdriver.

For that reason, heads can damage or defect in the indents. 

So, before starting work, you make sure the right size screwdriver to eliminate nuts & bolts.

If you might follow the wrong process

Don’t think that all weed eaters stand the same designs. Their body sizes, heads types, and outlooks are quite different. Even the connection between heads and body parts are not similar.

Perhaps, you purchase the same brand head, but not similar to the older head type.

So, when you buy the new head, you must check the head’s design and size.

Safety tips

You don’t start your processing if you have no idea about the safety tips. However, we will share here some essential tricks and tips for working with the safe.

  1. Wear safety hand gloves.
  2. Plus, you need to wear sunglasses that save your eyes from any accident.
  3. Check the line of the weed eater before replacing a new one.
  4. After replacing, you stay aware because if your head is incorrectly replaced, you may injure.
  5. Strictly follow the manual instructions.
  6. Your weed eater model and new head model justifying before insert.

So, you should remember that the above tips when you decide to change your older string trimmer head. 


To change the weed eater head is an easy method if you can follow the total direction as well. Plus, buy the right new string trimmer heads.

However, we have already mentioned the basic principles of string trimmer head, step by step procedures to remove it, safety tips, and additional info about how to remove weed eater head.

Be sure you get satisfactory things that will support doing this correctly.

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