How to Keep Rabbits Out Of the Garden?- Few Realistic Ways

Rabbits are smart and small mammals but peaceful and cute little. They prefer to keep in the delicate and cheerily with the other rabbits. Cute behavior rabbits are known as “binky” and when you see the group of rabbits that are recognized as a herd. 

However, pesky rabbits idolize eating pastures and other plants, one kind of herbivore animals. This is because they usually go to several gardens eating delicious food like flowers, fruits, vegetables, or further plants.

So, have you worried about your elegant garden? And, learn how to keep rabbits out of the garden?

Well, it is not rigorous to protect wild rabbits. If the rabbit smell’s power is a lot, you try to fix those smells elements which are hated themselves. Or, put chicken fences around the garden.

Understanding more? Visit our whole article thoroughly. First, we focus on the point, are rabbits dangerous for the garden.

Are Rabbits Dangerous for the Garden?

Rabbits are a little harmful to the flower, fruits, and vegetable garden. Because they consume all the plant’s fresh and green leaves and new growing seeds; desirous eaters.

Though other insects or germs occur in the destructive impacts on the plants, rabbits love to absorb your yummy seeds completely. 

So, new leaves and shoots are destroyed just because of feeding rabbits. Especially the desire to nibble on the peas, clover, lettuce, flowers, and beans.

So, you have to be conscious of the seeds growing times. When your seeds have completed this level of growth, they are protected.

How to Keep Rabbits Out Of the Garden?- Some Awesome Methods 

Now, we are going to share here the main point of this article, how to keep rabbits out of the garden. You find some effective techniques for controlling them. There is no doubt that these are more realistic ways for every gardener.

Let’s get started.

1. Established the Gardening Fences

It is quite easy to protect rabbits from the lovely garden by establishing a chicken fence around the garden. Most of the rabbits are not able to jump on high fences. 

So, when you select the fence and net, you should go through up to two feet high for over jumping protection. 

Alternatively, fix your fences at least ten inches below ground for more security. You can try to use high-quality fence nets. 

Electric net and normal net both are suitable for keeping rabbits out of the garden. But, by using an electric net, your child can’t play in your garden comfortably.

2. Can Use Repellents

You can use chemical or homemade rabbit repellents to keep out of the garden and save your vines, trees, or other plants. Don’t worry, to use repellent is not harmful to your plants.

But, it works for a short time to protect rabbits. So, you need to proceed with the process for some days.

There are two types of repellents available to be used.

  • Chemical rabbit repellent
  • Organic or homemade repellent 


Chemicals contain toxicity, nasty aroma, or taste that doesn’t like most of the rabbits. They feel uncomfortable because of the chemical’s side-effects. 

Remember, high power medicine is not suitable for the food and vegetable garden. But, chemical rabbit repellent is easy to handle and use. 

Here are some best rabbit repellents products:

  • Enviro Pro 11025 Rabbit Repellent 
  • Nature’s Mace Deer and Rabbit Repellent
  • Plantskydd Repellent
  • I Must Garden
  • Havahart 5277 Motion-Activated Animal.

Before using repellent products, you must check the label or manual instructions thoroughly and highly try to follow.

Organic or Homemade Repellent

Organic repellents are an excellent choice for garden lovers. It is the more safe process of the garden plants and an inexpensive way to maintain rabbits. 

To make a mixture, you need to accumulate- water, soap, red peppers, and garlic.

First, take one gallon of normal water and one tablespoon of dish soap. Then, blend them completely. It helps to keep down water. 

Now, you have to include a little amount of granted red pepper or hot sauce. After mixing these entirely, you will expand five or six crushed garlic and mix all again. 

Now, fill the mixture into a spray bottle.

Whatever if you use the chemical or organic repellents, you must keep the spray bottle in a safe place. 

Perhaps, you think, what is the best time to spray?

The golden rule is to apply this two times a day- early in the morning and evening, although most rabbits love to feed at night. When rabbits don’t get the delicious smell & taste of the vegetables and fruits, they stop going to the garden for feeding.

3. Can Cultivate Rabbit-Resistant Plants

This, perhaps, is an uncertain solution for controlling rabbits. Rabbits like or dislike which plants that depend on their choice, season, and variation of plants. All rabbits don’t feed all plants or similar plants.

So, the taste of rabbits involves a variety of seasons and regions.

The most interesting thing is that rabbits and deer resist the same plants. You can allow the plants daffodils, zinnias, forsythia, bush, lilac, and more for stopping the rabbit’s population. 

This procedure is not strong enough. Because when any rabbit feels much hungry, eat anything or any plant. But, rabbit-resistant plants are quite helpful to keep the yard beautiful and safe from other animals.

Here is a table of rabbit-resistant plants. You can try any plant if you like.

Woody plantsVegetables PerennialsHerbs Annuals 
1.Tulip tree
2. Japanese maple 
3. Cotoneaster
6. Boxwood
2. Summer squash
3. Tomatoes
4. Leeks
5. Onions
6. Potatoes
2. Peony
3. Speedwell
4. Meadow rue 
5. Lamb’s ear 
2. Oregano
3. Parsley
4. Savory
5. Tarragon
6. Basil
2. Mexican ageratum
3. Pot marigold
4. Wax begonia

4. Trapping Rabbits 

This is another great way to control rabbits from feeding the garden plants. Though it is bad news for the animals, you can apply this for the wild rabbits. In this case, you should maintain the laws of your area.

Traps can be useless when the small rabbits have come and gone. Select the trap with an eighteen centimeters door. 

In early spring or winter is a suitable time for applying traps because of the rabbit food crisis. Trapping and hunting are extremely similar in most cases.

5. Some Alternatives

When you want to keep rabbits out of the garden, you should focus on the rabbit’s dislike smells.

Typically, maximum rabbits don’t allow the aroma of urine or predator musk. Even they dislike the ammonia, blood, garlic, onions, or vinegar scents. 

Using these ingredients around the flowers and veggies garden, you can protect rabbits. On the other side, you can apply dried sulfur, rabbits don’t tolerate this sniff.

However, another suggested element is normal talcum powder just scattering on the plants to prevent the pesky rabbit.

How to Prevent Rabbits from Eating Plants?

We have already confirmed some methods to keep rabbits out of the garden. Now, we are going to introduce how to prevent rabbits from eating plants.

To protect your growing seedlings, you will use hardware clothes to cover the seeds. And, several baskets and cartoons can be used. 

Another outstanding thing is that you can try to place the dog droppings or dog hair around the garden. 

But, keep in mind that homeowners have to take protection before starting spring or winter.

And, purchase rabbit repellents before starting to grow your seedlings. This duration is very important to take proper maintenance of seeds and keep rabbits out of the yard. 

A Handful of Final Words

They are the most critical for keeping environmental sophistication and balance. But, not beneficial to your new lots. That’s why you can’t find any gardener who allows rabbits to feed his/her plants. 

Already, we have mostly been talking about multiple strategies for how to keep rabbits out of the garden and some additional information to conclude your difficulty. 

Be ultimate, you got the unavoidable things that you expected from our article.