How to Get Rid of Grubs in Lawn: Effective Ways + Homemade System

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Homeowners with lawns in their house have to face one common problem and that is grub worm which is a nasty pest. Soil contains numerous insects and pests inside; most of them are beneficial except some specific like grub worms.

The pests become furious for plants if their population grows out of control also known wit many names grubs, lawn grubs, white grubs, or turf grubs.

They eat up the roots of the plants and in case they are numerous can damage the whole soil-factor of your lawn. So, you may be wondering how you will know about the grub attacks and what the remedies are.

Buckle up; we are going to speculate how to get rid of grubs in lawn as well as their effective homemade remedies.

What Are Grubs?

The larval stage of different beetles species belongs to the scarab family is actually known as the grub or grub worms. The structures of these pests are a bit similar to shrimps; creamy-white color, rusty orange head and six legs to crawl around. The slick and shiny body mostly found in C-shaped under or on the soil.

Many misunderstand that all the grubs are larvae of Japanese beetles but actually they are of different kinds. They all have almost same life cycle and they caused damages to our lawns and gardens. About four species of scarab beetle family actually does all the mischief known as turf root-munching machines.

Different Types Of Grubs

Though t is believed by many that Japanese beetles larvae is the only grubs that causes harm to the lawn grasses or plants it’s not fully true. There are four major types of grubs that are responsible for the devastating condition of your lawn. Below all are discussed.

Japanese Beetles:

Firstly the Japanese Beetles are very harmful lawn grubs specially found in the northeast parts and have V-shaped distinctive structure with row of tiny dark hair. The larvae spend the whole winter deep inside the soil and can grow up to one inch long.

May/June Beetles:

May/June beetles are a bit bigger than the Japanese grub worms and at larvae stage they spent 80% of their life under the soil surface. They have a parallel row of thick, stubby, dark hairs on their butt!! Yah, you read right. Only few of this species are evil for the grasses on your lawn.  

Oriental Beetles:

If your lawn turns into brown and patchy especially in late summer and fall then be sure they are caused by the oriental beetles grub. Hey even eat up the whole roots. They can be identified by the posterior dark hair rows and clunky mouth. They are similar in size as the Japanese beetles’ larvae grubs.

Northern & Southern Masked Chafers:

The last species is a North American origin nearly identical to other white grubs that damage the lawns. You can separate them by finding hairs on the last abdominal segment which are patterned in a random style. To take actions have a careful examination of the types of grubs attacked in the soil.

Signs of Grub Worms in Lawn

It is hard to detect the grub attack in the lawn because majority of them stays under the soil surface at least few inches deep inside. There are few symptoms that can help you to determine whether there is grub attack or not. Here are some significant signs of grub worm attacks:

  • Dead Patches: If you find any places of lawn grasses turn yellow and die or any brown spot then definitely it is because of grub attack. The grubs eat the roots of the grasses and thus they die early.
  • Turf become Spongy: in case the grasses come out sassily as it get touch and can be rolled up just like carpet then it’s another symptom that the nasty grubs are feeding on your lawn grass.
  • Bird Activity: sudden increase of birds and raccoon on your land also says there are grubs in the soil.
  • Grubs on the soil: A visible grub on the soil near the grass means your lawn is in great danger.

How to Check for Grubs in Lawn

The very first sign as given above is irregular brown patches to think that there may be grubs in your lawn. But you have to be sure that indeed there are white grubs under the soil surface eating your grass roots. To check you have to take a shovel for 3 inches deep square hole and lift the grasses to see what’s inside.

If there are not more than three grubs then your soil is absolutely fine but more than that means you and your lawn are in danger. Don’t drop tears it can be treated and your lawn will become grassy and green again.

Why You Should Get Rid of Grub Worms?

No one wants unwanted guest in their house lawns and if it is grubs then they are definitely not welcomed. Some may argue that worms are better, yes, indeed but in a controlled number. If the amount increases then your lawn will be at stake.

You should get rid of grubs because you don’t want to lose your beautiful garden decay because of some nasty pests. Grubs eat the roots of grasses and flower plants and as a result the lawns will turn into a desert. To ensure a green and demure lawn getting rid of grubs worms are the quintessential part or lawn care.  So you need to use effective grub killer in your lawn to keep your lawn fresh.

Homemade Garlic Grub Killer Spray

Are you wondering how to control these grubs? Don’t worries you need not to call any professional pest killer for the grubs attacked in your lawns. The very first homemade killer spray is made of garlic. This remedy works best on Japanese beetle grubs just use them as crushed but spray works better.

To create a cogent solution use chopped garlic and mineral oil for killing the grubs and their larvae. This seems handy but very effective as you can use it as a spray anytime anywhere to control the grub worms in your lawns.  

Here is the recipe of homemade garlic spray, the ingredients:

  • Two chopped garlic clove
  • Mineral oil 1 tablespoon
  • Warm water 1 quart
  • Liquid dish shop 1 tablespoon

Making Process:

At first take the chopped garlic and mineral oil in a small container and mix them well. Put the container in the freezer for 10 hours to sit properly.

The very next day after taking out the mixture add one quart of warm water and one tablespoon of liquid dish soap and again mix them well. Now pour the mixture in a spray bottle and attach a spray machine to use it immediately.

Homemade Grub Repellent Spray

Apart from garlic there are several effective ways to control your pests that attacked in your lawn grass. Another spectacular remedy for grub worms control is potential lemon juice spray to eradicate the grubs from laying eggs. You can annihilate the harmful pests from your lawn with few simple steps.

Here is the recipe of homemade garlic spray, the ingredients

  • Liquid dish shop 1 tablespoon
  • Lemon juice 2 full cups
  • Regular mouthwash ½ cup
  • Normal water ½ cup

Making Process:

Take a clean container and clear the top notch now pour the entire ingredient in the jar one by one. After taking all ingredients into the jar shake it well to mix all the elements evenly.

Now directly spray the solution to your lawn especially in the infected areas and wait for few hours to witness the result. This solution will chase away not only the adults and larvae but also they will prevent them to lay eggs for future life cycle.

Apart from these two homemade remedies there are few more popular ways of grub control for instance coffee grounds, fertilizers and some specials herbs. These helpful and homemade recipes can help you to repel the grubs from your lawn without harming.

How to Get Rid of Grubs in Lawn:

In spite of your best try on controlling grub worms from your property they may not leave your lawn easily. If you fail to eradicate them and they are still making troubles then it’s time for more serious action to take.

But that doesn’t mean you have to poisoned your lawn nope don’t do that. It is unwise to use grub killers based on synthetic chemicals because they are made from neonictinoids pesticides that can kill all the beneficial bacteria’s too.

Some of them directly absorbed by the roots and spread throughout the whole plant and in case it is consumed by human it can be dangerous.

As well as the birds and other insects that live on flowers and nectars may lose their life momentously. It is a matter of joy that all the harmful grub worms can be removed with the following natural remedies.

1. Welcome Birds to your Lawn or Garden:


Birds are the nature’s best friend as they helps to keep it clean and tidy by eating up the wastes and harmful pesticides for plants. They also help to pollinate the plants around us.

Grub worms are one of the best foods of birds. If you find birds hanging around your lawn or flower gardens don’t fools to exile them instead invite them more and more.

They will dig deep in the soil surface and eat the grubs. If you dig and clean up the grubs by yourself then spread the grubs on the lawn to welcome the birds. Thus in future there will be no grubs as the birds will hunt them.

Tips: Make use birds are only eating grubs not your plants.

2. As Natural Solution Use Nematodes for Grub Control:

To control the grubs a natural way is to apply Nematodes in your lawn and within few days it will show its magic. First choose the right nematodes and mix them with distilled water and take them in a spray bottle.

Shake well the mixture and apply to moist your lawn in the evening or night. After two weeks time period repeat it again for the pleasant surprise. Just after you apply the spray wait for 20 minutes and then water the whole land for enough moisture.

Tips: Do not use the Nematodes in the day time as it will evaporate by the light and heat.

3. Use The Chicken Missile:

Seeing the title you may be wondering what is a chicken missile right? Don’t worry man it’s just a metaphor. We meant to say that if you have chickens in your backyard then they are the treatment for your grub worms.

They are also very fond of grubs and they can dig up grubs and eat them all day long. Using chickens will brings you double benefit as they will eat the grubs and at the same time dig the soil that is very good for harvesting.

Tips: Make sure you release the chickens only for grub eating unless they can damage the small plants

4. Applying Grub Worm Control Pesticides:

In a well decorated lawn using pesticides that has Bifenthrin, Imidacloprid, or Carbaryl could be a beneficial solution for grub worm attack. These ingredients in any insecticides can kill the grubs when they come in contact.

You will find two types one liquid and another granular. Before using them learn the mixing process and apply methods by reading the instructions.

Tips: If you use pesticides then timing is very important factor. You have to apply the remedy in the right time otherwise it will not work accordingly.

5. The Milky Spore Methodology:

This particular remedy is most effective on white grubs included in the Japanese beetles species are very toxic to milky spore. It is a bacterial disease that kills grubs very silently.

But this process is eco-friendly processes so don’t get tensed that it may hamper your lawn and soil factor. If you want to use this remedy then do it for 3-4 times a year and then after few years you need not to use anything at all. Follow the instructions given on the package and apply; hopefully it will work.

Tips: Don’t buy expensive milky spore rather go for inexpensive one because they all works very well no matter what the price is.

6. The Neem  Oil Therapy:

Among all the process may be the Neem oil is the most organic and eco friendly solution for your lawn soil affected by the grubs. If you are a vegetative person then it is definitely your thing. This magic oil works magically on any kinds of pests that harm your lawn and garden.

Just take sufficient amount of raw neem oil and spray in your lawn at night thus it will prevent adult pests from laying eggs. And, ultimately the insecticidal properties contained by the neem seed repel all the grubs naturally.

Tips: Use this oil with water and spray all over the lawn especially in the affected areas for better results. They can very effective as natural fertilizer and soil vitamin supplier.


Now as you have learned all the possible ways to control the grubs attack in your lawn it is high time took away the grub worms. Choose the step wisely and must read the action and reaction of the remedies you are using.

Don’t forget about your personal protection; wear special garments and garden gloves before applying the homemade sprays of regular pesticides in your lawn. You can take action but never apply 2-3 process at a time it may destroy your soil factor for good. Stay safe, keep your lawn clean and grub free.

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