11 Types of Hoes for Garden & Outdoor Needs and Their Function

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Do you have a huge manifestation of green out in your backyard? Then, you probably do require different types of hoes for your gardening purposes. They are highly efficient in their field of work and, thus, can help you in weeding, planting, and a few other handy operations as well.

That’s not all. Using an agricultural hoe can also improve your core strength and make you more flexible. All-in-all, using this tool in your garden is not only going to be good for your plants, but you as well. So, let’s check out a few basics of these tools to know more about them.

What are Garden Hoes?

As mentioned before, the garden hoes are generally used for weeding out the saplings to promote healthy growth for other plants. Nonetheless, you can also clear out the soil and shape up your garden with them.

Most people tend to use hoes for bigger gardens. However, if you want to, then you can use it for your smaller backyard as well. It, in turn, can help you to eliminate the weeds that haven’t come out of soil yet.

However, in essence, there are a lot of different types of hoes available in the market. Each of them is unique in their own accord and, therefore, serves diverse purposes. Hence, if you do want to know more about them, then keep reading.

Parts of a Hoe

A gardening hoe generally features three different parts, which are – blade, handle, and shaft. Let’s discern a little bit more about them.

  • Blade: As you can understand, the blade of a hoe is usually the sharpest part of the tool. It is usually made with either steel or iron and, hence, can cut through almost anything. Some of the models come with removable blades as well.
  • Shaft: The tallest section of a gardening hoe is its shaft. Most of the time, it comes with an exquisite wooden form, which makes it highly ergonomic. However, the size of the same usually depends on the type of hoe that you have bought.
  • Handle: Last yet not least, the handle of a gardening hoe helps you to grip the model more precisely. It, in turn, helps you to cut the weeds or shape up the soils more efficiently.  

Different types of Hoes for Garden & Lawn with their function

In essence, there are only two types of gardening hoes available in the market. However, they can be classified into different parts as well. Let’s learn a few essentials about them.

Draw Hoes

As the name suggests, the Draw Hoes can help you in furrowing and shaping your garden. The blades of these types of tools generally stay at a 90⁰ position. Hence, you can powerfully chop it downwards in the soil and drag them towards you.

If you want to, then you can also use the equipment to dig a hole in your garden. Anyways, moving on, these models can be classified into five different forms. Let’s check them out!

Grub Hoe

Also known as Pattern Hoes, the Grub Hoes generally come with a broader and bulkier blade. Therefore, you can easily do all the digging tasks with it.

However, as they tend to be a little bit heavy, you may miss out while swinging them with force. So, make sure to be careful in this aspect.

Mortar Hoe

Unlike their Grub counterparts, the Mortar Hoes generally features a square-shaped blade. Hence, they would not really be that good for gardening at all.

However, you can employ them in other outdoor tasks, such as for blending concrete and mortar. You may also use it to carry soils from one place to another.

Eye Hoe

In all honesty, the Eye Hoes are actually the most common forms of Draw Hoes. The blades of these models usually feature a small hole on the top section. It, in turn, helps them in getting attached to different handles.

Besides being flexible, the Eye Hoes are quite efficient in their field of work as well. You can use them for both gardening and carrying out other outdoor jobs.

Hoedad Hoe

The Hoedad Hoes are known to be quite versatile. They generally come with a much smaller size than the other types of models that we have mentioned above. Thus, you can do all the gardening tasks with them.

For example, a Hoedad Hoe would be the best choice for you if you are thinking about planting a new sapling to your garden. Moreover, you can also clear out your garden from weeds and reshape the ground by using them. All-in-all, they are your all-in-one choice for all the garden-related uses.

Ridging Hoe

Commonly known as Warren Hoe or Drill Hoe, the Ridging Hoes usually feature either a heart-shaped or a triangular blade.

Hence, to get the best out of it, you would have to employ the tool in the tasks of furrowing and trenching. They can help you in making a decent hole for planting trees as well.

Scuffle Hoes

Contrary to the Draw Hoes, the Scuffle Hoes are more preferred for the job of weeding and clearing out gardens. With their lightweight yet sharp blades, they can easily eradicate the exterior layer of soil without making any effort at all.

There are two different types of Scuffle Hoes available in the market. Here are a few details that you need to know about them.

Push Hoe

Push Hoe, or Dutch Hoes, generally feature either a pointy or rounded blade, which is razor-sharp on almost all of the sides.

Therefore, if you can use them proficiently, then you would encounter any issues while diminishing the weeds. You can also cut down smaller saplings with it.

Action Hoe

Unlike the traditional Push Hoes, the Action or Hoop Hoes come with a quirky design. They feature a double-edged blade, which means that it is sharp in only two sides.

You can use them from chopping weeds from the ground. They can also clear out the larger bushes if used in an appropriate manner.

Onion or Collinear Hoes

The blade or paddle of these types of hoes tends to quite thin and long (around 18cm by 3cm). Hence, with it, you would not really be able to swing the tool harshly on the ground.

The impact, in turn, might break it. Nevertheless, you can always use it doing other lighter yet crucial gardening works, such as weeding or trenching.

Moreover, as the blade of the model is placed at a decent angle, you would also not have to bend your back while using it. Hence, in a way, it can save you from the back issues as well.

Lastly, as the blade of these tools tends to be somewhat thin, you can also use the same in the narrower places of your garden. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Stirrup Hoe

Widely known as Shuffle Hoes, the Stirrup Hoes come with an attachment, which almost looks like a stirrup sitting upon a saddle. You can use it for chopping the grounds or pulling the soils towards you to reshape your garden.

However, that’s not all. A Stirrup Hoe can also be used for digging out stubborn weeds from the core. The best thing about Stirrup Hoes is that they tend to be a lot less expensive than other models.

Thus, if you are looking for a tool that can help you out with almost anything and everything, then a Stirrup Hoe should be your go-to option.


As you can see, there are a plethora of hoes available in the market. However, choosing one from the pile, you would, first, have to determine your needs and requirements.

Do you want to do gardening with it? Or, do you intend to use it on other aspects, such as furrowing or blending concrete material? Yes, these are the questions that you should ask yourself before buying the model.

Once you can answer each of them proficiently, then you can move on with your purchasing decision. Hopefully, this guide will help you to find whatever you are looking for your purpose. Happy buying!

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