7 Best Trenching Shovels 2020 | Reviews & Buying Guide

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The key step to having standard trenches is getting the best trenching shovels.  Which is the best trenching shovel? Let that not disturb you for this article highlight’s top-rated shovels for trenches.

However, our most outstanding tool is from the Youngdo brand, which is a multipurpose shovel. We considered this item due to its foldable nature, which makes it portable. Additionally, it has a non-slip surface and sturdy construction.

Still, if you need tips on how to use a shovel, this piece is a must-read. It has a manual on how to use this imperative equipment. Addedly, it helps you to choose the right blade construction. But first, what is a trenching shovel.

What is a trenching shovel?

Trenching shovel is a type of shovel that is mainly used for digging or clearing trenches. It is an indispensable tool for a farmer, especially when laying the irrigation pipes as well as removing deep-rooted weeds.

How are they constructed? Like a typical shovel, they have a blade, handle, and ferrule. However, its components have a unique structure

Its head has pointed edges to cut through the trenches easily. Coming to the shaft, it is a bit lengthy and likely to have a cushioning for coziness.

The handle is usually wooden but reinforced for durability. Lastly, its head commonly has a steel construction.

Functions of trenching shovels

Shovels are must-have tools to not only the homeowners but as well as the contractors. What is its use? Let us find out.

As the name suggests, this tool is purposely for trenches. Hence, if you are planning to get trenches for irrigation pipes, this is the tool you should get.

Additionally, trenching shovels are handy when clearing the trenches. Its head has an ample capacity to hold the materials blocking the trenches. Besides, digging and clearing, shovels can be used for the following purposes

  • Uprooting deep roots- due to the sharp head edges of this equipment, it can be used while eradicating deep-rooted edges. However, you ought to be careful not to damage the plants
  • Organic matter transfer- as a result of the usual back end design of the trench shovels, most people use it when transferring manure in the garden. Such shovels need to have a wide blade for large holding capacity

7 Top-rated Trenching Shovels on the Market

Trenching shovels are handy to homeowners as well as contractors. They are helpful when drilling trenches for underground electricity cables, pipelines cables, or a drainage system. Here are the top-rated shovels.

1. Youngdo foldable trenching shovel

Sometimes we may be having a camp or any other journey that may need the use of a shovel. Unfortunately, due to the shafts, it may be impossible to carry one along. However, here is the good news of a shovel with a foldable handle. Hence, it can be used for camping or military use. However, that is all about this shovel. Get more details below.

Multifunctional shovel

Having a shovel can perform many tasks is quite economical. For that reason, the youngdo shovel is a 10-in one shovel. As a result, it can be used for sawing, nail pulling, hoeing, shoveling, and bottle opening, among many other uses.

Compact design

And of course, is the compact design which is handy in transportation. The handle is not only removable but also foldable to guarantee the highest degree of portability. Mark you, the handle can be easily fixed back after removing.

Steel alloy

Alongside the compact design is sturdy crafting.  The head and the ferrule are of a steel alloy. Thus it is non-corrosive and also reliable. Though with this material, you would think of the dangers of rust? Luckily that is not a problem with the treated surface, which prevents oxidation.

Height adjustability

Besides the removable nature of the handle, it is can also be adjusted. Thus if back pains have been troubling you after using a shovel, with this equipment, you can get the right height to avoid such strains

Non-slip handle

Still, this shovel is here to ensure that you are not only safe but also your workmates. Its gripping surface is not easily slippery and always offers a firmer grip. Hence, you got control of your equipment.


  • Due to the height adjustability, you are not prone to back pains
  • Very easy to travel with
  • It is not likely to rust
  • Straightforward to assemble and fix
  • A versatile tool for not only  hoeing but also sawing


  • It cannot dig deep trenches

2. Bully 3-inch trench shovel

Additionally, if you need a shovel that will be handy when digging, here is one. The bully trench shovel is of high quality crafting and fanciful design. Mind you, when working with a fixed budget, you can consider it.

14 gauge steel blade

Durability is a crucial factor while looking for a shovel. Definitely, no one can risk a poor quality, which may be uneconomical at an extended period. This shovel has a steel crafting which is unbeatable when it comes to longevity.

Closed-back design

The key feature that makes this shovel perfect for loosening soil is its closed-back design. Hence, it is not trapped by the debris or any possible roots in the garden. Further, it is fantastic when transporting soil.

Triple wall fiberglass handle

Still, the handle has exclusive crafting that makes it not merely sturdy but also comfy. It is reinforced with a fiberglass wall to prevent cracking. But even interestingly is its high-density padding, which makes it firmer to hold and comfortable.

Extended ferule

Its ferrule is considerably lengthy and of I-beam support. As a result, it is fantastic while prying or digging deeper trenches.


  • A non-cracking handle
  • Easily penetrating head
  • It is not trapped by roots or debris
  • Perfect for holding soil while transporting
  • Can dig deeper trenches


  • The head strength needs to be increased

3. Corona s 64104 general purpose shovel

Do you need an affordable tool that does not compromise on quality? The corona general purpose shovel will satisfy your needs. Due to its greatly crafted features, it is no wonder that people find its pricing cheaper. Which are these features am I talking about?

V-angled head

The head of a shovel is quite critical, for it limits the use of the tool. The main reason why we considered this shovel is its v-angled head. As a result, it is a versatile tool that will not be handy when loosening the soil but also in cutting edges. Still, due to this head design, it easily cuts in all types of soils.

Broader designed edges

This shovel has 1-inch sides. Hence, it is designed to pick up more soil and retain it at every stroke. Subsequently, it is not only an economical shovel but also time-saving.

4-foot hardwood handle

Addedly, the handle is also a component you would always look at during the purchase. The corona shovel handle is of wooden 4-foot material. Therefore, due to this lengthy crafting, it is less tiresome. But more importantly, the wood material is trusted when it comes to durability.


  • A durable handle
  • An easily penetrating head
  • Lengthy construction to prevent backaches
  • A broad designed head which has a vast holding capacity
  • Super light design thus less tiresome


  • It is not valid when digging roots

4. Bully 4-inch box style trench shovel

Are you a contractor or a homeowner looking for a high functionality shovel? The bully trench shovel construction is crafted to meet your expectations. I am not kidding, its handle head and ferrule have a brilliant design which might impress you. Let’s have in-depth details of its crafting

14-gauge blade steel

To begin, the blade construction is like no other. It is 14 gauge steel. Without a doubt, you can agree it will last longer.  Still, the blade edges are designed to cut through any type of soil. 

Rubberized handle

Nevertheless, the handle is not only constructed to serve for an extended period but also with matchless comfort. What promises this level of comfort? At the handling point of the shaft, it has a premium rubberizing. Correspondingly, it is not only comfy but also has a firmer grip.

Closed-back design

On the back part of the head is a closed design. That is to ensure that the debris does not get stuck while digging.  

Extended ferule

The ferrule is lengthy, as well as I-beam supported. For that reason, it has exceptional strength for prying purposes.


  • A comfy shaft
  • Steel crafting for longevity
  • Super light design
  • The head cuts through the soil fast
  • Triple wall reinforced which increases its strength


  • Cannot dig deeper than 24 inches

5. Truper 4-inch blade trenching shovel

This is a shovel that has maximum toughness from the head to the shaft. Most people love its reliability and the comfort it promises. Here are the details of its crafting.

Fiberglass shaft

The most significant risk when it comes to handles is splintering. Needless, to say it isn’t worth working unless you are ready for blisters or cuts. That gives a reason why the Trupper brand placed its cards well on the handle. It has a reinforcement of high-density fiberglass. Thus, it is not prone to cracking.

14 gauge steel

It is not only the handle that has a firmer construction but also the head. The truper shovel brand is of 14 gauge steel. Resultantly, it withstands any harsh surface. Accompanying is the v-design, which makes it easier to penetrate the ground.

Cushioned grip

Could you risk having a shovel that may slip off your hands? Sincerely I don’t find a reason for that does not keep you only at risk but even your workmates. With that said, the shaft of this fantastic shovel has a cushioning.  On that account, it offers a firmer grip for safety.


  • Steel collar for stable attachment of the neck
  • High strength shaft for longevity
  • A cushioning for better controls
  • Wider hide for large holding capacity
  • Closed head design to avoid getting trapped by debris or weed


  • It is likely to flex on the neck

6. Root slayer trench shovel

Let me start by highlight that this shovel was the winner of the DGA green thumb award in the year 2017. That is enough proof that its construction is of high-class. But even to give more proof, let’s have an eye on its features.

4-times size gripping surface

All credits to its o-handle design which offers a large gripping surface.  This ergonomic handle gives a wide leveraging to reduce hand and wrist strains.    

Non-latex handle

Still, this handle ensures that your hands are not subjected to harshness. The non-latex thermoplastic gripping surface has a thick cushioning for coziness.

Serrated edges

The edges have construction that ensures neither the debris not the roots that will hold it. They are serrated and sharp to cut off any holding material. Subsequently, this shovel is recommendable for trench digging, especially in farms.

Super light

Are you tired of energy-draining shovels? Here is a super light shovel that has a sturdy construction.

Certified by intertek

Besides being an award-winning shovel, it is certified by Intertek laboratory to be 150% stronger than average shovels. Therefore, you can trust it not to waste faster.


  • A feather-light shovel
  • The large gripping surface helps reduce the wrist pains
  • Cushioned making it cozier
  • A non-splintering handle hence long living
  • Its serrated edges make it excellent for trench drilling in a garden


  • The handle is not replaceable in case it breaks

7. Bon 48-inch straight trench shovel

Lastly is this shovel from the Bon brand. It is equipped for hard grounds and digging. It has a 48-inch handle and 4-inch head. Here are details about its features.

Wide blade

The blade has a width of 4-inch. As a result, it has a vast holding capacity, especially when moving the soil to a different location. Still, with such a wide blade, it will take a short time to cut the trenches.


Nevertheless, handles are likely to break. Even worse, some handles are irreplaceable. But with this shovel is an 11-inch tab socket to prevent the handle breakage.

Rubberized shaft

Besides, ensuring long-living crafting, the manufacturer ensured you wouldn’t complain while handling it. This is because of the rubberized handle, which makes it cozier and even a firm gripping while using it.


  • Comfy shaft
  • Wide blade for large holding capacity
  • A not easily breaking handle
  • High strength construction for age-living
  • Not only high quality but also affordable


  • It is slightly heavy shovel

How we picked top products

Identifying a high-quality shovel is simple and yet hard. Are you getting confused? Here is what I mean, with proper guidance, then everything will be a walkover. However, failure to be aware of crucial things to consider, then no later than sooner, will you be in for disappoints.

Fair enough, I will give you the criteria we applied to get these high-quality items. Still, you can consider them if you need to continue searching for a trench shovel


The weight of the shovel needs to be light. Otherwise, be ready for an energy-draining task than it could be. Worse, a heavy shovel minimizes user control, which may lead to accidents. As a result, most of our items are of a negligible weight


Would you purchase a shovel that will bend in the first few projects? If you are like me, then you wouldn’t. Hence, a shovel needs to have a robust head. Still, to be resilient from cracking, the shaft needs to have a reinforced surface like most of our products.


Digging trenches need a fast penetrating head. That is irrelevant to the soil type. Consequently, our top products have a head design that ensures they cut through the soil easily.

Grip surface

Having a slippery surface endangers yourself as well as your workmates. That gives a reason why we ensured most of our top products have a non-slippery shaft. That is guaranteed by a high density cushioning.

Types of blade size and shape

Shovel blades come in different sizes and shapes. Wherefore, the blade determines its application. Here are some of the blade designs and their uses.

V-angled blade

The first and most recommendable blade e is v-angle.  Such design equips it with sharp edges for fast ground penetration. This type of shovel comes in different sizes; hence you can choose according to the workload.

Some of the uses of this blade are;

  • Trenching
  • Digging
  • Hoeing
  • Removing deep-rooted weed

Round blade

Nonetheless, the circular blades have blunter edges compared to v-angled blades. However, they are sharper than square blades. Due to the larger surface area of the sides, it cuts to the ground at low pressure. Resultantly, they are designed for softer soils

When it comes to their size, they have a wide blade size mainly for scooping and carrying the soil. Some of the uses of this blade include

  • Loosening soil
  • Scooping
  • Trench digging

Square blade

To wrap up is the square-shaped blade. It is the bluntest shovel hence quite weak when it comes to trenches. This equipment is designed purposely for scooping and transporting materials.

Its sizes vary depending on their use. Some of its applications include;

  • Scooping soil
  • Carrying organic materials

Open or closed back

Another thing that differentiates the blades is its back design. It can either be open or closed. Open designs are likely to be trapped by debris. However, they are ideal when digging.

On the other hand is the closed design head, which is safe from debris or roots holding. For trenching purposes, an open design back is highly preferred.

Note:  the recommendable blade shape for a trenching shovel is the v-angled head. That is to ensure that it can easily penetrate all types of grounds. Still, a broad sized head will be handy if you are working on a time-saving situation.

Manual trenching tips

After guiding you on how to pick the best trenching shovel, it would only be fair to offer some trenching tricks. That is not only to have your work done faster but also safely.

  1. Plan the depth and length of the trench early- you would think that identifying the depth and the trench placement path is at a glance. Then you know that there is much more. Standardized depths are quite crucial and need to be detrmined earlier. For example, pipeline trenches should be beyond a depth of 2.5 feet.
  • Have the right equipment- the key to success while trenching is getting the right shovel. Well, by now, that might not be a problem with the guidance in this piece. As a reminder, the head needs to be sharp while the handle should be reinforced.
  • Safety precautions- being aware and practicing safety precautions is very important.  They include, you should be at a lower level while digging the trench. Also, if you have workmates maintain a safe stance.

Tips for using trenching shovels

If you are new to the use of a shovel, you might be wondering how it is used. However, soon that will be least of your cares. Why will it be so? Because here are tips on how to use a trenching shovel. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Step1- identify the ground placement. This includes the depth width and actual place to dig the trench. Also, when dealing with a large-sized project, break it into chunks, and have a plan of how to tackle it.

Step 2- get the equipment– have all the equipment to be used close at the working site. This will include choosing the best trenching shovel.

Step 3- begin trenching– hold the shovel firmly at the handle while the other hand is on the shaft closer to the head and remove the humps in the trench.

Step 4- clean and install the drainage or pipes- clean the working site to avoid any confusion while fixing the pipes, cables, or the drainage. Later install the drainage or wires in the trench. You can use the extracted soil to cover if needed.


To ensure that the trenches are dug faster, you should have a brilliantly crafted trench shovel. An example of such tool is the bully 4-inch trenching shovel. Its blade is quite sharp for fast penetration. But what is most outstanding is the high-density shaft rubberizing.

Still, when looking for a portable shovel, none can beat the youngdo trench shovel. It has a foldable and adjustable handle. Further, it is not only compact but also very comfy. What are the other best shovels? But how do you even use a shovel? Get enlightened by reading this article.

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