7 Best Tow Behind Sprayer Reviews of 2023

It’s the third time you’re getting back to refill your sprayer tank, and yet you don’t even know whether it’s going to be enough or not. This is why once a wise man said, never send a human to do a machine’s job. Now you tell us, for how long you’re planning to keep marching for the refill?

Want a drop in that beat? Well, do yourself a favor and get the best tow behind sprayer. Once you get that, you’ll feel like things have started to get better than ever. We got it! You’re confused about which one to get. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Just keep up with us, and you’ll get your sprayer before you know it.

7 Best Tow Behind Sprayer Reviews

Ain’t it what you were waiting for? Well, here’s the list of the top 7 waiting to be your pick. Let’s start with –

1. NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer – Best All Round Sprayer

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Have you ever seen precision and quality coming in the shape of a pull behind garden sprayer? If you haven’t, then you better check out the 282785 from NorthStar in the first place.

Team NorthStar builds nothing but perfection. Want some proof? Then look at its powerful 12V NSQ Series pump with an awesome GPM of 2.2 and 70 PSI. So, if you’re planning to doubt its priming or durability, don’t even think about that as it has kept that bar high as the sky.

But the powerful pump ain’t the only thing pushing its durability and efficiency to an enhanced level. Count its Honeywell Micro Switch in that list too. And what to say about its Santoprene diaphragm or Viton valves? The chemical resistance and superior reliability said it all.

In case you’re in a bit hurry, its efficient broadcast spraying can easily save a ton of your labor and time right there. With its spot-spray gun nozzle, you can go for the cone or stream mode anytime. Plus, you’re also free to shoot 30ft. horizontally and 19ft. vertically with this sprayer.

And did we say anything about its proprietary tank design with UV resistance that comes with a humongous capacity of 31-gallons? Well, then we better add its big tank lid too which has made the filling super easy.


  • Comes with enhanced efficiency and durability
  • Ensures superior reliability
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Has a huge tank capacity
  • The GPM rate is impressively high


  • Requires lots of assemblies

2. Homestead 12 Gallon Pull & Tow Sprayer

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Looking for a fine contender for the crown of your next best lawn and garden sprayer? Well, we’ve got a match here, and we call it the SL6-46-012Q-HS from Homestead.

So, what you’re planning to get started with this time? Is it any medium/small lawn of any food plots? If these are what you’re up against, then we don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about as this sprayer comes with the single Boom nozzle with the 5’ swath.

It looks like team Homestead has left no scope to question their effort in making it the ideal one as they’ve added the 12V-diaphragm pump here. So, you won’t even break a sweat covering up the whole place in no time with its 1.1 GPM at 40 PSI.

And there’s no chance to run out of chemical all of a sudden with its 12-gallon capacity.

Now comes the question, what it has in its arsenal to deal with spot spraying? Just relax and let the adjustable spray gun take care of that. With the ability to reach 30′ horizontally and 15′ vertically, we don’t think you’ll have any issues in that part.

And when you’re done, all you need to do is use the rear drain and get the tank empty. Then when you get back to your nest, just fold the tongue and put it in a corner – simple as that!


  • Boasts a decently powerful pump
  • The tank comes with sufficient capacity
  • Ensures good performance at spot spraying
  • Perfect for medium and small grounds
  • Foldable tongue makes the storage easier


  • Not ideal for bigger lands

3. Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

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No, just because it’s got a huge tank, you can’t call it the best tow behind yard sprayer. You need to have a peek at the level of its efficiency too. From the word efficiency, the one name we can’t help taking is the 282790 tow-behind sprayer from Ironton.

You won’t find the reasons hard to understand once you have a glance over the 1-GPM Ironton pump of this amazing broadcast and spot-sprayer. This bad boy is made of durable chemical-resistant components. Plus, its UV-resistant 13-gallon tank can keep up with any kind of pesticides you’re planning to put in it.

But how you’re going to figure out if you’re about to run out of juice? Well, tracking that will be nothing but a piece of cake once you look at its molded Gallon marks on the tank. Once you see it’s going down, just open its huge 7.5” lid and fill it up. But if there’s any leftover, simply use its easy-empty bottom drain.

Damn! How could we forget about its spray gun with the adjustable nozzle? After all, that’s what you’re going to need to go to cone from stream. And spray distance? It’s 12’ vertical and 20’ horizontal – just the way you like it. In case you need some spot spraying there, its 11’ PVC hose got that covered for you.


  • Comes with an efficient motor
  • Sports a long hose for spot-spraying
  • Spray distance is significantly high
  • Easy to fill-up and empty
  • The UV-resistant tank has a decent capacity


  • Some parts could’ve been stronger

4. Agri-Fab 45-0293 25-Gallon Tow Sprayer

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The sour truth about the uneven grounds is, they’re the hardest nut to crack when it comes to spraying. So, team Agri-Fab thought of taking the challenge and built a solution called the 45-0293 tow sprayer.

Looks like they’ve built a hell of a sprayer there, and its ability to spray anything you put in it is clearly a proof of that. What you have in mind? Herbicides, insecticides, or other lawn products? We bet it can spray it all over the ground before you know it.

But what if you’ve got a big piece of land to cover-up? Don’t worry; its 25-gallon tank got your back there. On top of that, as you can connect it to the vehicle’s electric source easily, you ain’t going to have any problem with the operation as well.

That’s not all! Team Agri-Fab has shown it again why they’re on the topper’s list by getting this sprayer a powerful 12V pump that can push the PSI up to 60. Plus, with its no-clog spray nozzle, you won’t even have to think about pausing it all in the middle of the work.

Want to know the wow factor of 45-0293? No, it ain’t the max spray coverage of 7-ft with extended booms or the super-smooth pneumatic tires. We’re talking about none other than its 15-ft hand-held spray hose and spray wand that can let you spray up to 30 ft.


  • Has a great tank capacity
  • Comes with no-clog spray nozzle
  • Perfect for bigger fields
  • Comes with super-smooth pneumatic tires
  • Equipped with long hose for better reach


  • A little difficult to assemble

5. Craftsman CMX-GZ-BF-71-24533 Tow Sprayer

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At first, take some efficient performance. Then put some smooth mobility in it. After that, give the final touch with sturdy construction. Now what you’ll see is nothing but the awesome CMX-GZ-BF-71-24533 tow sprayer from Craftsman.

We ain’t bluffing about this amazing piece of spraying tech, and you’ll admit that too once you see its powerful 1-GPM pump that has taken its PSI at 35. As a cherry on the top, its dual-arm boom backed by rear jets can make the liquid reach up to 6-ft.

And yes, its solid tanks with the huge 25-gallon capacity can handle the bigger jobs like a walk in the park. But you can’t make your herbicides or pesticides reach everywhere, especially from the point where the land stops being even. Well, it’s nothing that the 15 ft. hose with 25-ft reach can’t take care of.

And it doesn’t matter if you need a steady stream or a fine mist, the adjustable hose tips will always be there to pull that off. Now don’t say you’re thinking if that’s going fit in your tractor or not. Come on! What do you think the Universal Fit Hitch is doing there? So, say your worries goodbye on that once and for all.


  • Comes with a humongous tank capacity
  • Adjustable hose tips help to control streams
  • The reach is good with the longer hose
  • Fits any tractor
  • Perfect for bigger jobs


  • Doesn’t have the highest PSI

6. NorthStar Tow-Behind Spot Sprayer

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NorthStar is back again, and this time with a blast! We wouldn’t have said that, but when they brought this Tow-Behind Spot Sprayer, it was impossible for us not to be amazed.

Team NorthStar has probably poured everything in this superb tow-behind sprayer. Just seeing its 4-GPM open flow is more than enough to assume how they’ve taken this one at a superior level of performance. And want to know the capacity of its UV-resistant tank? It’s 41 gallons!

Moreover, they’ve made sure that you get the best performance out of it by getting it a max PSI of 60. Plus, the 8.3ft. broadcast pattern literally made it a perfect spraying tech in the row of hundreds. On top of that, with the in-line switch, you can turn the sprayer on or off without even leaving the driver’s seat.

Don’t think the makers have forgotten to take care of its vertical spray height. They’ve pushed the number to 21ft. (max). And the horizontal one? They’ve kept it 32-ft there.

Any guess on what they’ve built the NSQ Series pump with to keep the durability, performance, and chemical compatibility at their peak? Not only with a Santoprene diaphragm but also DXS-3 Viton valves. So, if you’ll call it the best tow behind sprayer of NorthStar, we can’t say you’re entirely wrong.


  • Boasts a huge GPM rate
  • The tank capacity is significantly high
  • Comes with 8.3ft. broadcast pattern
  • Offers great vertical/horizontal spray height
  • Can be turned on/off from the driver’s seat


  • Doesn’t have an agitator

7. Chapin 97600 Tow Sprayer

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The curtain dropper of our topper’s list is the 97600 Tow Sprayer. But don’t start underestimating it just because it took the 7th slot on our list. This bad boy ain’t any less than all those big guns you’ve seen so far.

Team Chapin ain’t unaware of the fact that the first thing you’re going to check out is the tank capacity. So, they’ve got it a translucent tank with 15 gallons capacity. This means there’s no way for you to run short on fertilizer, herbicide, or pesticide once you get out there to get the job done.

And yes, the tank also has a 5” wide mouth that takes down the refilling time at its minimum. Plus, it’ll help you out with the cleaning as well. And performance? Its 12-volt diaphragm pump has left no scope to question the sprayer there. A fair share of thanks goes to its dual filtration system as well for that.

One thing we can’t help appreciating about team Chapin is their sense of material for making the product more durable. They’ve used poly and shut-off material for constructing the tank. On the other hand, using brass for their extension wand has pushed its durability to another level.


  • Comes with a decent sized tank
  • Contains dual filtration system
  • Used durable material for the construction
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • Equipped with a powerful pump


  • The GPM rate is lower than some competitors

How We Picked Top Products?

When you are out there to pick the best tow behind lawn sprayer, the first thing that’ll stop you on the way is plenty of ‘options.’ Trust us, we’ve been in the same situation when we were trying to grab the top sprayers for our list.

Every brand says they’re the finest, but we know it’s better to let the performance speak first rather than the words. So, the first thing we looked into is what they’re made of and what they’re capable of pulling off.

It all starts with the pump because if that ain’t powerful enough, then a sprayer is good as nothing. So, we had to check out their level of performance on the basis of power they’re holding within and the PSI they deliver. Only the finest ones made it up on the list.

The next thing we had to put our eyes on was the tank capacity. If you’re planning to cover the entire ground, then we bet you need a good number there. So, we took only the sprayers, which are offering a higher capacity.

Later on, we focused on the sturdiness of the construction. We know, you’re not here to throw your bucks just to get the spraying done for a couple of months. So, we thought of picking sprayers that are strong enough to last for years.

Types of Sprayer

Don’t think just because we’ve been up with tow behind sprayer reviews lately, we’ll forget to get you some idea on the other sprayers as well. Not everyone can or should get a tow-behind sprayer. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have options. There’s an impressive variety on that part too.

Handheld Sprayer

If you love keeping it simple and compact, then this is what you need in the first place. When you need to put some herbicides or pesticides in your small garden, then these small-capacity sprayers are just perfect.

Backpack Sprayer

In the race of convenience, it’s a bit ahead of the handheld sprayers. Moreover, this gas/battery-powered sprayer also comes with better tank capacity. Where the handheld one often doesn’t exceed the capacity of 5 gallons, it can reach up to 7 there.

Wheeled Sprayer

These sprayers aren’t that much different than the backpacked ones. But it surely is better with mobility. Rather than carrying it around and getting yourself some shoulder pain, you can just drag it to the spot on its wheels.

Tow-behind Sprayer

When you’ve got a medium-sized area to cover, and you need a good capacity on the tank, then this is what will suit you the best. Starting from 10, it can reach up to 60 gallons with the tank capacity.

Backpack Vs. Tow-Behind Sprayer – Which One Is Suitable?

Cleary, you can see that both of them are quite different from each other. But the question is, which one does the job better? Well, it depends on what you’re up against.

If it’s just a small garden/plot that you don’t need to spend a huge time on, then getting a backpack sprayer is better. But if it’s a mid-sized land, then you need something bigger in the arsenal like the tow-behind sprayer.

Then comes the capacity. If 6-7 gallon is enough for your land, then the backpack will just do fine. But in case you want something that can hold above 10 gallons and you want to do the job without breaking a sweat, then pick the tow-behind without thinking twice.

So, if you considered it on the scale of ease and capacity, then no doubt that tow-behind sprayer is what you should grab in the first place.

Boom Vs Boomless Sprayer

For obvious reasons, you can’t have the same medicine for all the diseases. Just like the medicines, the boom and boomless sprayer have their own applications too.

When you’re planning to deal with rough and uneven ground, boomless spraying is what can get you a better outcome. But when you’re up against plain fields, then boom spraying is what you need.

If you see things through a different lens like wind patterns, then boom spraying is perfect for that as they’re less prone to the effect of winds. Plus, for nailing the accuracy level, boom spraying is a more effective choice.

Benefit of Tow-Behind Sprayer

Nobody buys a product but the benefits that come with it. We bet the scene ain’t any different here as that’s what you’re looking for in a tow-behind sprayer too. So, before you swipe your card, let us tell you what you’re about to get with it.

  • Durability

Tow-behind sprayers are meant to last long. So, they come with solid construction in almost every part.

  • Better Capacity

They often come with greater capacity on the tank. So, if you’re getting one to take care of a bigger plot, then that ain’t going to be a problem.

  • Convenient Operation

As you don’t need to pick the whole container up anymore, you can just keep riding, and the sprayer will do it all for you. But for spot-spraying, you might need to take things on your hand. Still, it doesn’t lose the convenience.

  • Keeping the Chemicals Away

Unlike handheld, backpack, and wheeled sprayers, this type of sprayer often keeps the user away from the contained harmful chemicals. So, there’s a lean chance of you being exposed to chemicals frequently.

How To Use Tow-Behind Sprayer?

Why aren’t you having a problem using your phone? That’s because you know how to do that, right? The same goes for the tow-behind sprayer as well. Don’t worry; even if you’ve got no clue about how it works, just checking out the steps will be more than enough to understand how to make it useful. Let’s get started then?

  • Step One: Assembling and Attaching

If you’ve just brought a new one in, then first get it assembled. Even in the best tow behind tank sprayer, the assembling can be really tricky. You’ll see a manual with the sprayer that’ll help you out with it. Once you’re done there, attach it with your ride.

  • Step Two: Filling Up with Chemicals

Now pick the chemicals and fill the tank up with it. But don’t forget to follow some precautions here as the chemicals can be harmful to human health. Use protective gear and clothes while doing it.

  • Step Three: Operating the Sprayer

You can call it the easiest part of the whole process. All you need to do is just turn it on and use it. But make sure the boom valves are tight enough so that you don’t have to face the leakage issue. Also, adjust the pressure regulator as you need.

In case you need to lower the pressure, turn its knob in an anti-clockwise direction. Do the opposite if you need to enhance it.

  • Step Four: Storing

Once you’re finished with the spraying, get the tank empty if there’s any leftover. Then detach it and store it.

How to Clean the Tank of the Sprayer?

This ain’t your car where you can just throw some water and wipe. It needs a bit more elaborate cleaning. Just follow these steps, and it’ll be done before you know it.

  • Step One: Drain the Tank

At first, drain the tank and make sure it doesn’t have even a bit of chemical remaining in there. Then rinse it properly with clean water.

  • Step Two: Shut the Pump Off

Now shut off the pump. Take clean water and fill up the tank with it.

  • Step Three: Mix Water with the Cleaning Solution

Then, take the recommended cleaning solution and mix it up with the water inside.

  • Step Four: Leave the Solution for Sometime

Keep the solution in the tank for the next eight hours. It’ll get the tank rid of any remaining herbicide inside.

  • Step Five: Clean the Parts Carefully

Take the screens, filters, nozzles, and rinse them properly.

  • Step Six: Start Spraying

Now turn the pump on. Then get the cleaning solution sprayed by using your hand wand and boom.

  • Step Seven: Empty the Tank

Once you put all the nozzles and everything back in their place, rinse the entire system thoroughly. Make sure you don’t have any cleaning solution left in the tank.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Tow-Behind Sprayer

Do you want to lose some money again to get a new tow-behind sprayer any sooner? If the answer is no, then stop taking the ‘maintenance’ part lightly. To be honest, it ain’t that hard. All you need to do is –

  • Make sure there’s no crack in the hose, and fittings are perfectly tight before you put the fertilizer in.
  • Keep the strainer and spray tips clean on a regular basis. If there’s any major clogging issue, then get rid of the filth using a toothpick or brush.
  • Don’t use a nozzle that doesn’t fit perfectly. Also, don’t pick any filter or tips that mismatches with the required type or capacity.
  • If a certain type of nozzle is recommended with a specific pressure level, then always keep the pressure at that level.
  • Don’t go for the full capacity of your sprayer as that’s not good for it.
  • Always keep the hoses, tips, and filter of the unit clean.
  • The system’s pressure has to be released once you’re done with the spraying.

How to Calculate Tow-Behind Sprayer Output?

It might sound like a hard job to pull off, but the truth is it’s not. All you need to do is follow certain steps as –

  • Step One: Marking the Start and End Point

Take your measuring tape or measuring wheel. Then mark an area of 100-meter and point out the start and finish. Mark start and finish after measuring 100m.

  • Step Two: Travel the Measured Distance

Now cross the measured distance by driving and time it. But remember to match your driving speed with the spraying speed.

  • Step Three: Do the Math

Set the spraying pressure correctly. After noting all the nozzle’s output, calculate your average nozzle output. Now, all you need to do is divide the total output of all of them by the number of nozzles. If the output differs more than 10% compared to the manufacturer’s guidelines, replace the nozzle.

Tow-Behind Sprayer Spare Parts

If you’re thinking of changing the entire sprayer just because a part got broken, then you’re planning to waste nothing but your money. Just keep some essential spare parts closer to you, and you won’t have to think twice about getting a new sprayer.


These are going to be used mostly in your sprayer. So, keep a pair in stock in case they break down.


Just like the tires, you might need to replace them too. So, it’ll better if you can keep a spare one or two.

Nozzle Bodies

It’s not mandatory that you’ll have to get these just after they break down. You might need them for the adjustments with the spraying too.

Final Words

We just can’t say which one will be the best tow behind sprayer for you. So, we got you an entire list to let you get your right one. In case you want something with a decent capacity but also a powerful motor, we’ve got you the NorthStar 282785.

But if you ask for something humongous in every way, we’ve got you the NorthStar Tow-Behind Spot Sprayer too. And if you like it simple and easy with perfect PSI and GPM, you have the Craftsman CMX-GZ-BF-71-24533 right there. Now, you decide which one you want in the back of your tractor.