Top 8 Best Shovel for Digging up Roots

If you’re looking for the best shovel to dig up roots, then look no further. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of shovels that are perfect for this task, as well as the factors you need to consider when making your purchase decision. We’ll also provide a guide on how to use these shovels effectively to remove pesky roots from your lawn.

You’ll learn how to differentiate a shovel for digging up roots from the rest and find out the top 10 best models in the market. We also provide practical tips on choosing one of these products and make sure you buy it at an affordable price.

Top 8 Best Shovel for Digging up Roots on the market:

We’ve looked through some of the best shovels for your needs, let’s go over some shovels intended for digging up roots in your yard.

Radius Garden 22311 Root Slayer Nomad

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The Radius Garden Root Slayer Shovel is one of the best shovel for digging up roots. It has a unique design that makes it easy to get under any root and cut through them with ease. The shovel also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that it will last for a long time.

Radius Garden 22311 is ideal for medium to large gardens. It glides effortlessly through the toughest and most robust roots. The Radius Garden 22311 has a “V” tip on the other side. This design makes it easier to cut things because you can push down more over a bigger area.

The handle is also designed with comfort in mind. It is made of soft, non-slip rubber that provides a secure grip, even when your hands are wet. The ergonomic shape makes it easy to use for long periods of time without getting tired.

The carbon steel Shovel Handle Material is lightweight and durable. The 2.5 lbs weight makes it easy to handle.

The shovel’s wide edges provide a solid support for the foot while adding more force. The serrated edges of this shovel are perfect for mulching.

You can usually only get so far into the root with a traditional digging tool, but by using this saw and positioning it at an angle against 3″ or bigger roots you’ll be able to rip through them like butter. Best of all, it’s an inexpensive option.

The carbon steel shovel’s handle is 31 inches long and it has a durable design with an ergonomic scooping motion to relieve stress on your hands when working in the garden.

The shovel blade size is 9 x 7.5 inches with carbon steel blades which makes it ideal for hard digging and lifting heavy objects like dirt or sand from deep holes in the ground.

Radius Garden 22611 Root Slayer Edger

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Another fantastic shovel to dig up roots is the 22611 Root Slayer Edger. It’s meant for edging specifically.

The Root Slayer Edger is perfect for creating a clean edge between your lawn and flower beds. The V-shaped blade makes it easy to undercut any root and get a precise cut.

The handle is made of flexible, non-slip rubber and provides a secure grip, even when your hands are wet. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use for lengthy periods of time without tiring.

The shovel is perfect for people who want their yard to look great. It can cut through minor soil obstructions and roots so they will be able to get a nice-looking border with little effort.

If you have a garden and are looking for something to help keep it nicely manicured, this half-moon edger with an inverted V-shaped tip is perfect. The special design of the blade ensures that all parts will be cut smoothly without leaving any jagged pieces which could potentially hurt anyone who walks through your yard.

The blade of this shovel is made out of high-quality, powder-coated carbon steel. The shaft consists entirely of resin-encased material which makes it lightweight yet durable enough for any job you can throw at them. The durable construction of this shovel means it can withstand intense pressure.

This shovel is from the Root Slayer family. These innovative tools can be used in many different ways to help your garden, from raking leaves or breaking down hard soil so it’s easier for planting roots of plants.

This 40-inch shovel is perfect for digging holes and other gardening purposes. It weighs 4.8 pounds, making it easy enough to handle even on your own with no supervision needed.

RA-002 Carbon Steel Shovel, 32-Inch

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If you want something that’s a little bit more lightweight, try the RA-002 Carbon Steel Shovel. The carbon steel blade makes it sturdy enough to handle tough digging jobs while still being light for easy use.

The shaft is made of rubber-coated and has an ergonomic design so your hands won’t get too tired while working in the garden or doing other outdoor activities like chopping wood or building things around your house with it. Best of all, This shovel has excellent quality and is reasonably priced, making it an outstanding value.

This shovel is ideal for any task. It’s just 32 inches long and weighs only 2.2 pounds, making it easy to take with you everywhere.

This shovel is really helpful when you are trying to take out roots from grass. It can cut through anything, no matter how deep it is in the ground.

This shovel is perfect for getting into the nooks and crannies of your lawn. The sharp point makes it easy to dig out even the tiniest weed you might find, plus it has a flat back on its blade which can help with more precise work like this as well.

The unique design of this shovel can save you time and effort if manual cutting is required. It’s perfect for manual work like root removal, stumps grinding, or weed whacking.

The durable construction of this shovel makes it ideal for any job that requires a hands-free approach. The new design of this tool is more durable than ever before. It’s able to cut through roots, weeds, and other obstructions without bending or breaking so you don’t need a break on your project site.

TABOR TOOLS Shovel with Round Point Blade

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The TABOR TOOLS shovel is ideal for digging out weeds or cutting them down with one swipe of the sharp blade. It’s great to have around on days when you’re spending time outside working in your garden, yard, or doing some other outdoor activity like chopping wood.

This model has a round point which makes it easy to go through anything without bending or breaking. The sharp point can make it easy to get into hard-to-reach places like the base of tree trunks, near rocks and other immovable objects, or even small spaces where weeds are trying to grow in your garden.

This shovel has many different types. The round pointy one is good for digging softer soils. The straight blade is good for trimming bushes and doing little jobs like trenching. And the long handle one with a shovel at the end is really good for digging trenches and stuff like that.

To dig up roots with a shovel, you want to use a round-pointed one. This is the best kind of shovel because it will go through dirt with roots in it easily. The blade is also sharp so it can cut the roots easily.

This shovel can be used to make holes for posts that are less than 6 inches deep. It’s excellent for this since it can easily chew roots and rocks.

The shovel includes a heat-treated steelhead that is extremely robust. The steelhead is heat-treated and then powder-coated to be completely rustproof, making it even more sturdy.

The shovel is a lightweight fiberglass construction that is great for gardening tasks. The fiberglass handle will give you additional strength, and the lightness of the fiberglass handle appears pleasant on your hand. Overall, The shovel head is well balanced, allowing you to tuck the metal handle into your armpit for a more comfortable grip.

Fiskars 397960-1001 PRO Shovel

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This shovel is good for digging out roots, weeds, and other obstructions. It’s great because it has a sharp blade which makes the job easier. The blades are also flexible so you don’t have to worry about them breaking when they come into contact with rocks or stones in your yard.

The Fiskars shovel features an innovative design that allows you to work faster and more efficiently. The handle is made of strong, durable fiberglass which means it won’t break easily like other shovels might. This product also has an ergonomic design with molded grip for added comfort when working outdoors in the hot sun or cold weather conditions.

The shovel’s extended shank increases strength while digging up a huge quantity of compacted dirt. The improved angle of this shovel is just icing on the cake, as it also allows you to dig and pry with ease.

For this shovel, the d-shaped handle with a mix of this shovel being small makes it an excellent tool for tight locations. The shovel is also good for getting into hard ground, and the blade is sharp so it can cut through small roots.

The shovel digs easily without any problems going through dirt or rocks. It’s a great tool to have if you’re looking to remove large chunks of soil with ease. The shovel has an overall length of 44 inches and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Bully Tools 92104 Soil Shovel

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This shovel is perfect for digging in the soil, sand, and other loose materials. The blade is made of tempered steel which makes it strong and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. It can also easily cut through roots and rocks.

The Bully Tool shovel is made of high-quality fiberglass which reduces fatigue and strain on your joints when you’re using the product for extended periods of time. The handle has an ergonomic design that helps to give it great balance, making tasks like digging holes or trenches much easier than they would be with other tools.

The shovel is also rust-resistant and will hold up well against the elements. The 54-inch length of the tool also allows you to work in a variety of different positions, making it an extremely versatile option for your garden needs.

This shovel can be used as both a digging and prying tool. It’s great for removing large chunks of dirt or rock, and it can cut through large roots with ease. The shovel has a length of 54 inches which is perfect for working in different positions while you’re digging holes.

Fiskars IsoCore Digging Shovel

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This product includes an innovative design that makes tasks like removing rocks from your yard easier than ever before. It also has a unique FiberComp handle that is extremely lightweight and flexible. The structure of the shovel head makes it one of the most durable options on this list, while still being easy to use in more demanding conditions.

The Fiskars IsoCore Digging Shovel features an innovative design with its curved shaft which allows you to dig deeper and remove more dirt with each thrust. The shovel is also made of durable materials that will withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it the perfect option for those who have a tough yard to work in.

The shovel includes an IsoCore Shock-Absorbing Handle which helps to reduce the amount of strain on your body when you’re using it. The ergonomic design also ensures that you can work in a variety of different positions without experiencing any discomfort.

This shovel is perfect for those who want an easy-to-use option with a lot of added features. It’s able to cut through roots and rocks with ease, and the curved shaft helps to make digging holes much simpler. The shovel also includes a shock-absorbing handle to reduce the amount of strain on your body.

What Type of Shovel is Best for Digging Up Roots?

It is completely normal to get overwhelmed by all these shovels that you will find online. However, you need to consider some factors before buying a shovel that will suit you best. Firstly let’s go through the types of shovels that are available for you.

Type of Shovels: There are four types that you can choose from, they include: spade shovel, small shovel or trowel, trenching shovel, and prying bar. All have their own unique purposes which we will discuss in this article.

Spade shovel – Spades usually come with a sharp blade for digging. It is useful for digging up land.

Small shovel or trowel- They are perfect for planting flowers and small plants, they usually come with a medium blade which makes them ideal to use in tight spaces.

Trenching shovel – As the name suggests it’s used for trenching purposes like breaking down sidewalks etc.

Prying bar – The blade is used for applying pressure to break up roots and rocks.

What Should You Look For In A Shovel For Digging Up?

It’s critical to select the correct shovel. It’s the most utilized tool in your garden, after all. If you’re searching for something that will make it easy to dig up roots, there are specific sorts of spades that can help with this. Before we get into specifics, let’s take a look at some things to consider when choosing a shovel for this specific purpose:

Blade Material

Shovels are available in a variety of blade materials, but understanding them might help you narrow down your choice. They are as follows:

Steel Blades: Steel blades are known to be the most durable materials for digging. They can easily cut through roots and rocks without giving in too easily. However, they do rust when exposed to water which makes them less ideal if you’re working in wet conditions.

Aluminum blades: Aluminum blades are much lighter than steel and they don’t rust easily. This makes them a perfect choice for digging in wet conditions, however since aluminum is softer material you need to replace the shovel more often as it won’t last long enough compared to steel or even plastic ones.

Plastic Blades: Plastic blades are the weakest of all materials and can easily break when used for digging. However, they are a good choice if you’re looking for lightweight shovels as aluminum ones might feel too heavy for you.

Blade Material:

If you are looking for something that will be able to dig up roots easily then there are certain types of spades that do this job perfectly. It’s very important to choose the right blade material which is strong enough and can withstand all types of conditions. The main advantage of steel blades is their weight, they can easily break through roots and rocks without giving in too easily.

The downside with steel blades is that they rust when exposed to water which makes them less ideal if you are working in wet conditions. Aluminum blades are much lighter than steel, however since aluminum is a softer material the shovel won’t last as long as steel ones.

Plastic blades are the weakest of all materials and can easily break when used for digging. However, they are a good choice if you’re looking for lightweight shovels as aluminum ones might feel too heavy to use.

Inverted “V” Blades:

The inverted “V” blades are specially designed for digging up roots. The design makes it easy to penetrate through the ground and loosen the dirt around the root. You can find this type of blade in both steel and aluminum materials.

The downside with inverted “V” blades is that they are not as versatile as other types of shovels and can only be used for digging up roots. If you are looking for a shovel that can do multiple tasks then this might not be the best option for you.

Shaft Material:

The shaft material is another important factor to consider when choosing a shovel. The two main types of shaft materials are wood and fiberglass.

Wooden shafts: Wooden shafts are light and they provide you with a great grip. However, since it’s made of wood over time the handle tends to crack or even break if not maintained well. They also need to be replaced sooner than fiberglass ones which makes them an expensive option when compared to others.

Fiberglass-handled shovels: Fiberglass-handled shovels are much more durable than wooden ones and they last longer. They can easily withstand heavy-duty work without showing any signs of wear and tear. However, they are a bit heavier than wooden ones and can be difficult to use if you have a weak grip.


The handle should be sturdy, comfortable, and non-slip for improved power. They may be found in a variety of materials, including fiberglass, polyethylene, wood, and steel. The following are the most frequent digging tools:

  • Straight handle: A straight handle is the most common type of handle and it’s ideal for all types of digging tasks. It gives you a good amount of power and makes it easy to control the shovel.
  • O- handle: The O-handle design provides more power than the straight one, however, it’s not as easy to control. If you are looking for a shovel that will be able to do heavy-duty tasks then this might be the right choice for you.
  • T-Handle: The T-handle is designed specifically for digging up roots and loosening soil. It gives you more power and makes it easy to grip the shovel.
  • D-Handle: The D-handle is ideal for people with a weak grip as it provides more support than other types of handles. It’s also easier to control and gives you more power when digging.


If you are looking for a lightweight shovel then aluminum-handled ones might feel too heavy to use. Plastic blades are the weakest of all materials and can easily break when used for digging. However, they are a good choice if you’re looking for lightweight shovels as aluminum ones might feel too heavy to use.


The price of the shovel will depend on the type of material it’s made from. Steel and aluminum shovels are more expensive than those made with plastic or wood. However, if you take into account the fact that they last longer then they are a good investment in the long run.

When looking for the best shovel to dig up roots it’s important to consider the material, blade type, and handle of the shovel. This will make sure you choose a model that is ideal for this task as well as versatile enough if you want to use it for other purposes.

Best method to dig up roots with shovels

When it comes to digging up roots there are several ways you can do this.

You can either use a shovel to cut them off at the surface, pry them out or dig around them.

Cutting roots with a shovel:

This is the easiest way to remove roots with a shovel. You need to position yourself in front of the root and then cut it off as close to the ground as possible using your shovel. This way you can completely remove the roots from your lawn without leaving any traces behind.

Prying up root:

This means that instead of just cutting off the roots at ground level, you need to dig around them and pull them out with a shovel. You might find this method more effective in case if there are numerous large or tough roots growing near one another.

Digging around roots:

This is also called trenching and it involves digging a hole beside the root that you want to remove or cut off completely. After that, pry out the whole area with your shovel so you can be sure none of them are left behind in the soil. Then fill back up the hole and you’re done.


When it comes to finding the best shovel for digging up roots, there are a lot of things to consider. You’ll want to find a model that is durable and can easily cut through tough roots and rocks. It’s also important to find a shovel that is comfortable to use, with an ergonomic design that will reduce strain on your body.