7 Best Rake for Grass Clippings 2020 | Reviews & Buying Guide

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Taking care of your garden and eradicating the grass clippings from it can be a difficult task. Honestly, we think that if you do not have the best rake for grass clippings, then it would become even more difficult for you to take care of everything!

But what type of product should you use for your purpose? Well, let’s take the HOMIMP Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake. It is adjustable, which, in turn, makes it easier for you to customize it in your own way. Secondly, it is lightweight. So, you can maneuver it quite proficiently.

Last yet not least, it is quite affordable as well. Sounds like a dream gardening tool, doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry. Besides the HOMIMP model, we have reviewed some other exquisite rakes here as well.

Do you feel intrigued yet? Then, leave everything that you are, and let’s delve right into the review!

7 Best Rake for Grass Clippings on the market

1. Omni Products Heavy Duty Foldable Garden Rake

In all honesty, there are several heavy-duty bow rake models available in the market. However, none of them are as efficient as the Omni Products Foldable Garden Rake. As the name suggests, the product is entirely foldable and customizable. For example, if you want to, then you can increase its size from 37 inches to 68 inches.

Moreover, you can adjust the steel-made tines as well (from 7.5-inch to 21.75-inch). Secondly, the product is quite multi-functional and versatile. You can use it for regular gardening, cleaning out flower beds, and work under small hedges as well. Its smaller head section will also enable you to use it in the narrow spaces as well.

Did you think that we are done? Well, think again!

The whole rake has been made from high-quality aluminum alloy, which makes it pretty strong and efficient. Due to the same reason, it can hold up more massive objects as well. However, the only issue with it is that it may seem to be a little bit heavy for several people. So, if you are not really into heavy-duty stuff, then we would ask you to stay away from it.


  • Has a telescopic handle for a better grip
  • Adjustable tines and tubes
  • The model is foldable and, thus, can be kept almost everywhere
  • Compact designing


  • Heavyweight
  • A little bit expensive

2. Bulldog BPR Plastic Leaf Rake

Efficient, user-friendly, and convenient – these are the three words that sum up everything about Bulldog Plastic Rake perfectly. Broadly considered the best rake for dead grass, the model comes with a compact plastic-based build, making it pretty lightweight yet efficient.

It also has a wide head section, which can help you cover a huge area without any issue. Even though its tines are made with plastic, they still do last for a prolonged period due to the cranked-tooth design. Moreover, the rake handle has been made with ash wood, which is pretty durable as well.

So, what are the issues with the model?

Well, for starters, the model’s tines tend to bend quite a lot. Therefore, if you do put too much pressure on them, then they might break. That’s not all. Moreover, as the tines’ tips are too sharp, they can affect the ground quality as well.


  • Durable and ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight design makes it perfect for the newbie gardeners
  • Pretty affordable and efficient in covering a lot of areas
  • Much more affordable than its rivals


  • The tines can, sometimes, get bent
  • May prove to be indecent for the new lawns.

3. HOMIMP Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Are you a beginner gardener and, thus, are looking for a user-friendly garden rake? Then, the model from HOMIMP should be ideal for you. The product features an adjustable handle, which can be customized up to 55 inches. Moreover, for the sake of convenience or cleaning purposes, you can also detach it from the head of the handle.

The tubes of the rake feature two different retractable metal blocks, which can help you to remove or adjust them properly. Moreover, it makes the whole installation procedure somewhat more comfortable as well. Unlike a few other products here, the HOMIMP one comes with 11 tines, which seems to be lesser than usual.

But, they are pretty durable and, thus, can last for a prolonged period even without maintenance. Besides, they are lightweight as well. So, handling them isn’t going to be a difficult job at all. Additionally, the product comes with a buckle design, which makes sure that nothing comes loose during the due time.


  • Can help the users in raking through narrow spaces
  • Has four adjustable tubes
  • Sturdy and rust-proof tines
  • Perfect for raised bed gardening


  • It is too small
  • The overall design of the product could have been better. 

4. Old Tjikko Garden Leaf Rake

Old Tjikko has been around the market of raking tool for quite some time now. Hence, we have decided to one of its best offerings on our list. So, to begin with, the product, like many of its rivals on this list, comes with an adjustable sizing option. The smallest size of the rake is around 34 inches. However, you can extend it up to 63 inches.

The rake teeth or tines of the model have been manufactured with galvanized steel material. Therefore, they won’t break or get bent in any way. Moreover, they are rust-preventive as well. The handle of the product has been made with plastic and rubber. Therefore, you will feel quite comfortable and content while handling it.

Wait, we have just one more thing to tell you about it!

Even though the model can work proficiently with the leaves, it would not be able to rake heavy objects, such as stones. Moreover, the tubular pole, too, is somewhat poorly-designed.


  • Comes with an ergonomic design
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • It adjustable and has a decent reach
  • The grip of the handle is perfect


  • The tubular pole is not durable
  • Cannot rake more massive objects

5. Rovtop Garden Leaf Rake

When talking about the best rake for grass, the first name that comes to the mind is Rovtop Garden Rake. The head section of the model consists of 15 tines, which are pretty durable and efficient. Moreover, if you want to, then you can also customize them from 7-inch to 22-inch.

Besides them, the handle length of the model, too, can be adjusted (21.6-inch to 29.5-inch). The bar of the rake has been made with high-end steel material. Hence, it tends to be quite durable and last for a prolonged period.

That’s not all, though!

The teeth or tines of the same are manufactured with steel wires, which can prevent rust buildup pretty proficiently. However, they have a tendency to get bent. Anyways, moving on, the handle of the rake is quite ergonomic. Thus, you won’t have any issues regarding grip.

Last yet not least, the locking system of the product is quite efficient as well. Rovtop has also placed it in the mid-section of the model for more convenience and ease-of-use.


  • Excellent fold-up design
  • Pretty durable and long-lasting
  • Owing to its convenient and customizable features, it is pretty easy to use
  • Easy storage option


  • Its tines tend to bend a lot
  • The handle is prone to slackening.

6. Sola Steel Rake

Since its inception, Sola has always aimed to provide the best leaf rake for its customers. And the Sola Steel Rake is an ideal example of it. Firstly, the model comes with a whopping 18 tines, which can help you cover a large area proficiently.

Moreover, the model’s handle has a height of 115cm, which should be quite decent for both shorter and moderate-height people. However, taller individuals may have some problems with it. 

Anyways, the handle of the model is made of wood, which, primarily, seems to be pretty durable. Nonetheless, after reading the reviews, we felt that its durability is, indeed, questionable.

Additionally, there is no grip available on it as well. So, if you are working on a wet condition, then it might slip away from your hands as well.

But let’s look at the brighter side.

The model is pretty lightweight and, thus, even the beginners will be able to use it. Besides, it is also quite affordable. So, if you do require some time to buy the expensive rakes, then you may use it as a backup as well.  


  • Comes with four different sizing options
  • Does not weigh much
  • Has 18 tines
  • Can cover a lot of space


  • Its handle’s durability isn’t up-to-the-mark
  • Not good enough for taller individuals

7. MLTOOLS Leaf Rake

Are you on the lookout for a product, which comes with various customization options? Then, we would ask you to go for the MLTOOLS Leaf Rake. For starters, the model is entirely adjustable. You can customize the head section of the model from 7.5-inch to 24-inch.

Secondly, you can also adjust the size of the handle (31-inch to 64-inch). Hence, no matter if you are shorter or taller, this product can cater to you quite perfectly. Thirdly, the head section of the rake comes with 15 aluminum tines. They are pretty lightweight yet durable.

To make things a little bit comfortable for you, MLTOOLS has also wrapped the handle with plastic-made grips. Hence, handling it correctly isn’t going to be an issue for you as well.

However, there’s a hitch.

The lock mechanism of the model isn’t really decent enough. Thus, while you are working, you may, sometimes, see that the tines are shifting from one side to another.


  • It is lightweight, thus, easy to maneuver
  • Its adjustable head helps in raking in narrower space
  • Due to the customization options, the model does not cause any storage issues as well
  • Its customizable handle length makes it a perfect choice for both taller and shorter people


  • Its handle is too thin
  • Lock mechanism could have been improved.

How Did We Pick the Top Products?

Not going to lie about it – picking up the best rake for grass clippings wasn’t really an easy job for us. We had to spend hours researching them, going through the customer reviews, and many more.

But did we consider any parameters while choosing them?

You bet we did! We were generally searching through the sea of products while keeping only three things in mind. And, trust us, they were, indeed, pretty helpful! So, without making any further ado, let’s take a look at them!

  • Longevity

A few of the plastic-made products do seem affordable at first, but they usually do not last for much at all. If you generally do use it for around a month, then they would break within a year.

But we don’t want that! We wanted something that would last for a prolonged period.

Thus, the first thing which we intended to look for is the product’s durability. We decided to go through the handles and tines of the models thoroughly.

Hence, no matter which product you do end up buying from our list, it will definitely last for a prolonged period.

  • Handles

There are several different types of rake handles currently available in the market. Hence, it would solely depend upon you and your likings. For example, if it were us, then we would go for the hardwood rake handles.

That’s because they are pretty lightweight, do not bend or warp at all. Further, these don’t get rusty in any way as well. However, if you want, then you can also go for the metal-made handles. But, you will have to maintain them in a proper manner.

  • Tines

If you want to finish your chores aptly, you would require a model that comes with adjustable and durable tines. We have talked about a few of them in our review. So, you don’t have to conduct researches on it again.  

Why Should You Rake Grass Clippings?

Many people tend to leave the grass clippings on their lawn, as they generally think that it can help in the growth of other plants. However, that notion is entirely wrong. If you do not remove the grass clippings from your backyard as soon as possible, then they may mess everything up.

If the lawn gets wet for starters, they will stick together and stop air from flowing through the garden. If they are somewhat thick, then they might mat down as well. So how is it going to affect your backyard?

Well, it can cause brown patches on the lawn. Moreover, as stated before, it may disrupt the healthy oxygen flow and kill the other grasses.

How to Remove Dead Grass from Your Lawn?

The task of removing dead grass from the lawn is an easy task. In this aspect, you will require a grass rake, a flat-headed shovel, and a watering tool. Here is how you are supposed to perform the task.

Step: 1 – Firstly, you will have to rake the whole area with a proper raking tool. Make sure to remove the grass as well as debris, rocks, and a few other things as well.

Step: 2 – Next, you will have to water the dead patches correctly to soften the earth. Try not to wet it entirely. A little bit of moisture would be enough.

Step: 3 – Now, you will have to cut up a light border around the area where the dead grasses are lying. After that, you can push the shovel on it to graze the grasses and loosen them. Then you can use your rake and pull them out quickly and efficiently.

Disposing of Grass Clippings: Procedures and Tips

So, you are done with your daily chores and gathered a decent amount of grass clipping. Now, what are you going to do with them? Well, you can definitely throw them away or give them to the waste collectors.

But how is that going to be beneficial for you? Well, to tell you the truth, it won’t! Thus, to maximize the advantage of having a substantial amount of grass clippings, we would ask you to decompose them – in your backyard.  Here are a few tips that can help you out!

  1. For starters, you will have to collect the grass clippings in a bag. Make sure to use a decent grass clipping sweeper in this aspect.
  2. Next, you will have to add a little bit of dry grass and brown leaves or newspapers in it as well. The amalgamation of these three will help the clippings to get decomposed quickly.
  3. Now, you will have to throw them around. You can spread these in the grasses or under a tree. As they are already wet, they won’t need water for decomposing at all. Moreover, they will also provide the much-required nitrogen, which the plants require for growing up quickly.   

Metal or Plastic Rake for Grass: Which One is Best for You?

There are several different types of glass clipping rakes available in the market. However, among them, the metal-made and the plastic-made ones are more popular among the crowd.

So which one should you choose among them?

Well, honestly, each of these types of products generally comes with some distinctive features and advantages. So, let’s take a look at them first.

Benefits of Plastic Rakes

  • These products do feature somewhat limited and straightforward design, which, in turn, makes them preferable for the beginners.
  • The plastic-made models do not cost too much.
  • These models generally feature a lightweight design. Thus, it becomes even easier to move them around.

 Benefits of Metal Rakes

  • The metal-made rakes generally come with a wide array of features.
  • These products are a lot more durable and, thus, last longer than the plastic-based models.
  • Their overall efficiency is quite top-notch.

So, before choosing any one between them, you would have to ramp up your requirements first. Once you are done with it, you will then be able to integrate them with both these products’ features. It, in turn, will make your purchasing procedure much more relaxing.


So, now, it is time for us to wrap up everything. But, before we leave, we would like to share a few suggestions regarding the products for you. In all honesty, according to us, the HOMIMP Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake is currently the best product in the market. It is almost perfect in all aspects. 

However, it is too lightweight. So, if you are looking for something heavyweight, then the Omni Products Foldable Garden Rake should be an ideal option for you. It is a bit pricey but can cater to almost all of your needs.

However, if you do want a cheaper alternative, then you can go for MLTOOLS Leaf Rake as well. In the end, it all depends upon your needs and requirements. So, make sure to focus on those first and then move on to your purchasing options.

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