7 Best Rake For Acorns 2020 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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Are you tired of cleaning acorns manually or kneeling for hours? 

If your answer is yes, you have to need easy collecting acorns tools, although some people like to use their hands.

By the way, the high-quality rakes can be an outstanding possibility to remove the back pain as well as budget-friendly.

It is quite tough to select the right one from a huge variety of models. Fortunately, we come here to provide you the best rake for acorns. Our review makes everything clear.

From our seven best products, we are highly interested in keeping the Garden Weasel Medium Nut Gatherer top position. Because it is more durable, lightweight, flexible, easy to use, and provides a lifetime warranty.

7 Best Rake For Acorns Reviews of 2020

Now, we are going to mention the seven best rakes for acorns. You find here not only the description of the rakes but every product’s features, pros, and cons. 

Ready to get started? Read on! 

1. Garden Weasel Medium Nut Gatherer – Overall Best

Because of holding any bigger size of nut almost simply, this, however, is our first choice. Yes, you can get numerous benefits from the Garden Weasel Medium Nut Gatherer. 

This is suitable for gathering large acorns, pecans, crab Apples, or others whose size is overall from ¾-inch to ½-inch. No worries about its price, because this kind of rake comes with an affordable fee. 

With the help of this popular product, you can keep safe the working time and easily do that. Anyway, the manufacturer made this from top-quality materials, a combination of welding carbon steel, fantastic handle grip, wire cage, etc.

Keep in mind that you don’t use this for picking up any small acorns. But, it can receive vast objects, perhaps one gallon. So, this is the best type of rake for acorns.

Features & Details

The main feature is that it is easy-to-handle during the working period. Even you can save your time and money. The weight of this rake is 1.1 pounds, enough portable for regulating. 

However, its outstanding design, forty-eight inches handle, and eight inches head length make it awesome and comfortable. Another highlighted thing is the lifetime warranty. So, no one can avoid the strong, rust-resistant, and temperature protected features.


  1. Ideal for picking up bigger & medium nuts
  2. Durable and smart design
  3. Lifetime guarantee
  4. Two different colors – red & silver.


  1. It may be imperfect for small objects.

2. Bag-A-Nut 18-inch Push Pecan Harvester – Best Heavy-duty Nut Gatherer

Bag-A-Nut, one of the well-known brands, comes with a fantastic design’s Push Pecan Harvester. It is specifically constructed to pick up from ⅜ to 1 ¼ – inch larger objects. It doesn’t matter which categories of pecans or nuts you would like to collect. 

Because it is ideal for all varieties from small to massive, just remember their length. Additionally, it includes a soft and comfortable handle as well as accurate push height for all users. 

Remember, this rake cleans fast as the eighteen inches wide location. It allows you to work in irregular terrain and tight corner. Due to its easy-to-handle characteristic, your child can meet.

Alternatively, this push pecan harvester also contains a basket to store the objects with ease. You can easily empty your basket and rebuild.

Features & Details

With the use of this high-quality product, you will get many benefits. It helps to conserve your time and easier your work. No pain, no need to add the hands, just pick up necessary without any pain. 

Another important thing is that this acorn picker comes with a creative design and is used to make recycling plastic, avoid fuel or exhaust.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Save your time and energy.
  • It is eligible to pick up small and large nuts.


  1. It can break if you don’t use it carefully.
  2. Expensive.

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3. Holt’s Large Nut Wizard – Best Nut Picker

Another great rake for acorns is the name of Holt’s Large Nut Wizard, specially made for snatching up not only small nuts but large acorns. This acorn gatherer is the best choice of using regular basis works. 

However, it is very straightforward to regulate this wizard. Just you have to roll it in the acorn areas properly. Then, this accumulates your fallen acorns. 

There is no problem, what types of your surface because it can perform all surfaces or lawns as well. The rake is perfect for collecting pecans, acorns, other nuts, or fruits.

Remember, it can be quite tough to try this while dropping a ton of leaves. So, you should apply Nut Wizard to clean up the acceptable amount of acorns. With the help of this kind of tool, users can receive anything within a short moment without pain.

Features & Details

There stand many features you get when you are using this Large Nut Wizard. By the way, the most fantastic feature is its longer & comfortable handle, so you can do this job without any back problem or bending.

Another attractive thing is that it offers you long-lasting features if you carefully utilize this smart tool.


  1. Prepared for collecting bigger acorns
  2. Durable as well as flexible.
  3. It allows a quite longer handle to protect bending.


  1. It doesn’t work well for the largest yards.

4. Garden Weasel Large Nut Gatherer

This seems like a nice choice for those who are interested in collecting from 1 ½ – inch to 3-inch nuts. This Large Nut Gatherer rake comes from a top-brand Garden Weasel. 

Like other high-quality rakes, it provides you easy-to-use benefit and is eligible to pick up multiple nuts and acorns. 

Are you willing to get an affordable rake?

This is the best choice for you. Believe it or not, its capacity is 1 ½ gallon sufficient for holding walnuts, magnolia flower or seed heads, or sweet gumballs.

There is no doubt that it also saves your effort and time. You or your child easily can operate this fantastic tool. Needs to roll over the back and force movement on the surface. You can continue this until cleaning your area or fulfilling the basket.

Features & Details

Easy to regulate, tough construction, lifetime confirmation, and lightweight design are the main features of this rake. 

You can also enjoy its soft handle grip and heat-resistant wire cage and carbon steel construction.

The average height is 47.5-inch that’s perfect for removing back problems.


  1. Works perfectly.
  2. Ideal for all types of surface.
  3. Simple to pick up dirt.
  4. Weather-resistant.


  1. It is made of almost plastic.
  2. Not suitable for more than three-inches objects. 

5. ORIENTOOLS Nut Gatherer – Best Rake For Small Acorns

Do you think to get the highest-quality rake where price doesn’t matter?

You can see our chosen ORIENTOOLS Nut Gatherer, ideal for quickly picking up any variety of fallen nuts or acorns. Even the manufacturer is specially designed for gathering balls, lemons, walnuts, sweet gum seeds, and much more.

On the other hand, it makes your work easier. Without using your kneel or squat, you can perform a longer period along with a lot of entertainment. Being used in the powder coat of ending correctly and rust protective handle makes it superb.

Now the question is, how to use this tool?

Just roll over the rear and forward floor to gather them. When you unlock the cable, your nuts drop automatically.

Features & Details

The main features are very strong but light in weight, user-friendly, comfortable for all users, and suitable for multi-tasking.  You can collect From ¾-inch to 1 ½ inch length acorns.

Don’t worry about the back pain because this rake comes with a standard length. So, every user can handle it simply by rolling for collecting fruits, almonds, and walnuts.


  1. Ideal for picking up ¾-inch to 1 ½ inch size nuts.
  2. It includes a fantastic basket.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. This is the best rake for small acorns.


  1. Little expensive.

6. Turbine Roll A Nut Nut Gatherer Wood

If you wish to save your time for gathering a lot of nuts or acorns, the Turbine Roll A Nut Nut Gatherer Wood is a sure bet. The manufacturer company specifically designed it for holding up to two quarts. 

This, however, is product dimensions 6×4×32 inches that’s good for carrying. On the other side, its item weight is overall 3.8 pounds, so users don’t feel any problem to deal with. Even your youngster can use this attractive rake with confidence.

Don’t try to manipulate this in the high grass areas. If you do this, your Nut Gatherer Tool can be hampered without any notification. Though it is made from steel, the wheel is established using a hand-drawn wire spring including ⅜-inch rolling steel.

For starting it, you have to provide quite downward pressure. Then roll over the lawn and it collects various objects and grips them. 

Features & Details

The features of the Turbine Roll A Nut Gatherer Wood have a lifetime warranty, outstanding design, acceptable color, and reasonable price, etc.

It’s large enough to hold up many acorns as well as nuts as well as fruits.


  1. It is capable of holding up to two quarts.
  2. Easy-rolling system.
  3. It comes with light in weight.
  4. Rust-resistant.


  1. This tool is not suitable for using huge lawn areas.

7.C-CHAIN Medium Nut Gatherer

C-CHAIN, an experienced manufacturer, offers various environment- friendly & creative gatherers. This Medium Nut Gatherer for acorns is the best choice for accumulating outdoor nuts and more.

Alternatively, you can easily maintain this tool, just rolling up to the surface with adding a back and forth action. It allows you to work directly and repeat this process until fulfilling the basket or clearing your yard.

Keep in mind that you have to open the wear cage manually. Like other top-branded rakes, it is designed to use hard & strong stainless steel shafts. This is because it doesn’t rust & break quickly and you can enjoy its advantage of a longer period. 

Perhaps, you don’t know that it includes a stainless-steel basket. The basket is also flexible enough to protect your hands from hurt while changing the shape.

Features & Details

The length of this Nut Gatherer is probably fifty inches where you see the pole adjustable size can be 18.8 to 41.3 inches. For this reason, users feel comfortable. Without using kneel, bend, or squat, they would like to work long hours.

Multiple objects like pecans, nuts, acorns, butternuts, chestnuts, fruits, and much more can be collected by using this gatherer. Additionally, due to its unique design, it is easy to install. You can also enjoy the incredible customer service.


  1. Twenty four hours of customer service.
  2. Effortless to store & save your space.
  3. User-friendly as well as environment-friendly. 
  4. Highly durable.


  1. Its basket can discharge after a longer period.

Factors and Features to consider before purchase

Numerous rakes are ready in the market today. You can’t select all. So, before pursuing rakes for acorns, you have to consider some essential factors & features. 

The construction, price, easy-to-use, weight, versatility, or sizes can be considered while going to be shopping.


This feature is the most important to buy not only rakes but other daily necessary tools. The accurate or adjustable length can deliver your actual feeling although it depends on the user’s height. It can’t be similar to all people.

Luckily, the manufacturer offers different models and different sizes of rakes for acorns. So, you should check the product’s dimensions properly. 

And, select according to your height. If you think to get the larger & faster rakes, you will need to invest more money and that can be weighed, you remember.


Weight is also a significant thing while you consider the product’s features and factors. Before buying a high-quality rake, you should check the tool’s weight. We say that don’t try to choose an extremely heavy-duty rake. Because you can’t manage that properly.

As a smart person, you would like to bring a lighter gatherer to pick up easily as well as to carry handily from one yard to another yard. Fortunately, most of the common rakes arrive in light in weight, we mentioned. But, push rakes are quite heavier and uneasy than others.

Ultimately, you should make an effort to establish rakes average one to three pounds weight.


Another evaluating aspect is the product’s materials and construction procedure. When you decide to buy excellent rake, you must check its equipment. That means see the manual.

Regardless, plastic is the most used equipment to formulate maximum branded rakes. Other materials are rubber and several metals. With the combination of all these qualities materials, you can get a good product.


Who doesn’t love to work with confidence? For boosting confidence, no one can avoid the rake’s durability. To make sure this factor, users have to check the product materials.

If the rake is made of highly durable construction, you can use this long-term without any hassle. It’s true. So, before going through investment, you must verify the rake’s stability & durability.

Price/Cost of Product 

Last but not least, price or cost is the most critical thing when you are going to buy a tool for your yard. From high to low price rakes are available in today’s market. If your budget is lower you can see low price rakes. 

Or, if you have to get a high-cost rake for acorns, you can turn on the Bag-A-Nut 18-inch Push Pecan Harvester.

Ease of use 

Finally, you should consider the ease of use feature. That means which rake is easy to use and which is not. For finding this answer you have to receive the smart & modern models. 

Because some traditional models are extremely complicated to handle. We say that the rolling models are quite effortless to control as well as store.

Are acorns bad for your lawn? 

This is possibly the most common question. The answer is quite confusing. Because acorns are not good as well as not bad for your lovely lawn.

That means they don’t damage the yard. Alternatively, you can’t get any benefit from acorns. But, keep in mind that a lot of fallen acorns can make an uncovered spot after longer periods.

Maximum acorns are mixed with the ground and they return in the soil nutrients, for example, samaras, gumballs, or pinecones.

Some homeowners don’t like that the acorns fall into their property. Due to them, gardeners can slip while they are walking. Even some acorns are painful to the animals.

How To Pick Up Acorns From Yard? 

There are multiple paths to pick up acorns from the yard. And, ways are not difficult. First of all, you can use your hands to get rid of acorns. Alternatively, you use the acorn pick up tool, what you expect.

See more details.


The cheapest way to pick up acorns from the garden is to use your hands, almost manually. When you try your hand, you do not need to waste your money as well as it is unnecessary to buy any tool. But, you can involve family members if they agree to accomplish you.

No worries, this process is effective and efficient but quite back-dated. It is nearly impossible to pick up acorns using hands if you have tons of oak trees. Then, you can try alternative methods.

Lawn Sweeper

A lawn sweeper is also an effective way to eliminate acorns without any hassle. You would have to connect the sweeper with a riding lawn mower or a small tractor for working fast.

This lawn sweeper follows your attached small tractor and collects acorns. If you use the highest quality sweeper, you will compete in the collection within a short time. This process is extremely good for large areas.


Another direction of collecting acorns is that you can use tarps. First, scatter tarps below your oak tree’s area. If you have more trees, you ensure more tarps to cover fully. 

Next, you have to jerk the tree, so you grab it just using two hands. Then you notice, acorns falling in tarps.

When all acorns have dropped off the ground, you need to eliminate this process.

Again, it is quite tough to shake the larger tree. But, smaller trees are suitable for applying this technique. In this case, the rope can be used for shaking off larger trees.

Rake For Acorns

This perhaps is the great strategy to pick up acorns from the garden. Due to the benefit of modern technology, the number of top quality rakes or acorns Pickering rakes in the market. If you want, you will buy one. Or, you can compose it using simple materials. It is not essential to clean your garden daily.

In other things, it is easy to maintain, easy to gather acorns, and more. But, this rake is only suitable for the small yard or a few oak trees.


Last but not least, you can try a vacuum to get rid of the yard acorns with ease, although this is highly recommended to collect leaves. What fast you can work it depends on the vacuum’s weight, quality, and quantity.

Nut roller

You perhaps know the but roller is highly recommended to gather nuts and acorns. It includes a basket to hold the object. Getting nut rollers, you have to invest money. This tool is quite similar to the push mower. 

It works with the rolling grips for gathering acorns and throws them into baskets as soon as possible.

Things to Do with Fallen acorns

After picking up acorns, some people dislike and want to throw them and some are interested to know their creative uses. Now, we discuss here some uses of the fallen acorns.

Can Make Several Food 

Imagine it or not, you can eat acorns by preparing several delicious items. So, whatever you can prepare acorn bread, roasted acorns, acorn coffee, acorn brittle, or more.

Feeding Birds and Animals

You have already noticed that the acorns are quite hard. For this reason, before feeding them to birds or other animals, you should have to remove their hard part. If you wish, you can try hammers or other tools.

After eliminating its outer part, break them properly, and make a roll. Then, keep the roll outside for eating animals and birds as well.

Contribute Acorns 

This one is another choice to make proper use of the fallen acorns. Some of the wildlife organizations and zoos can be pleased to get a lot across. So, you can donate acorns near any organization. 

Start To Grow 

Perhaps, you have got many fallen acorns. Don’t understand how to use them properly. You can grow them again.

It is pretty easy to cultivate them outside places. Just throw the seeds and provide water.

How to Stop Acorns from Growing on Oak Trees? 

To stop acorns from growing on oak trees is not very modest. But, multiple ways are unrestricted that help you to turn on the good decision.

The best way is to cut down oak trees maintaining a distance of at least one hundred feet from each other. Don’t forget, this method is not environment-friendly.

Alternatively, you can try the fruiting regulator option. The problem is that you don’t apply it all seasons. To remove oak blossom, gardeners have to check the growing towers.

Spring is the perfect time to regulate this. So, before starting to grow the leaf and when continuing to the sixty-five degrees temperature, you can spray all oak trees eventually. 

Don’t try to apply too late or too early seasons. It can’t work at that time. Even you have to face the bad effect of the trees.


Ultimately, an Acorn Pickering rake is an important part of removing nuts or other items. From our study, we have tried to introduce the best rake for acorns in this review.

Be confident you have already found the perfect rake from the above practical discussion. 

However, we evaluate that the Garden Weasel Medium Nut Gatherer, C-CHAIN Nut Medium Gatherer, Holt’s Large Nut Wizard are extremely good for collecting acorns.

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