Best Indoor Plants that Don’t Need sunlight

Most of us prefer faux to live plants because of the maintenance process and how the plants should survive in low light. However, you can brighten up your countenance now that we got you some good news.

A wide range of plants don’t just require low lights but can survive with totally no sunlight. Or, if you want, you can get the selection that grows well in artificial light instead of sunlight. Let’s get things underway on this ultimate list of plants:

Top 8 Best Indoor Plants that Don’t Need sunlight

1. Chinese Evergreen (Low Maintenance Plant)

Want an indoor plant that is evergreen and lively, yet so forgetful you aren’t sure that you can manage it? It would help if you considered starting with Chinese evergreen, which requires minimal maintenance.

Essentially, the plant survives in low lights, artificial lights, and even in dark rooms. Actually, the plant is ideal for the bathroom and the toilet, which are quite dark. If you only remember that you had a plant in the house three days down the line, this plant will still be waiting for you patiently.

The leaves are broad and add a good vibrance to the house, regardless of how neglecting you may be. As long as you have it watered when you have time, you are good to go.

2. Snake Plant

The snake plant displays a stripped outlook, which plays a big role in ensuring that it maintains its glamour regardless of the condition. It will stay in low and dark conditions and still look awesome, hence a good option for indoor plants that don’t need sunlight. This indoor plant also serves as air purifying plant.

Also, the plant requires less water. Interestingly, you have to wait till the plant-soil dries up to water it to prevent rotting. This is good news to those of us who can’t stand a daily watering commitment.

A snake plant is a great option for eliminating aerial toxins and impurities, giving the air a real natural serenity.

Then there is the fact that it grows upwards and in thinner strips than most indoor flowers, which give it an upper hand in compact rooms. It takes up less space, and the fact that it clears air impurities and freshens it adds to its benefits.

3. Spider Plant

The spider plant wins the race for a plant that will occassionally bring you a pretty unique flower outlook. Coming in long leaves that grow out of the pot to grace the house, you can easily direct the plant’s pattern.

Though the plant does well in bright lights, it easily adapts to low to no lights when need be. More than that, the plants will survive for weeks without light, then you can finally expose them to light when convenience knocks.

More interestingly, you can neglect the plant as much as you can: it still doesn’t show it and instead presents a presentable outlook at all times.

Its water intake is minimal, so that you can water the plant irregularly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being too busy or too forgetful: you will still manage the plant. And, finally, you can be proud of keeping a living plant living despite everything.

4. Heart-Leaf Philodendron

Sometimes a climbing plant for your house makes all the difference. While any plant brings life to your house, a climbing plant seems to spread life to the whole house. With the heart-leaf philodendron, you even get to decide the pattern that you want the little romantic flowers to make round its location.

Essentially, the plants grow best near the house walls so that they can get a room for climbing. Despite the frequency of some parts of the house’s dark nature, the heart-leaf plant still manages to bring its irresistible greeny outlook with it.

The plant will do well in the indoor environment’s low lights for as long as you want. Then, whenever it is bright and convenient, you can allow full sunlight to shine over the pretty plants.

5. Dracaena

Dracaena is among the ew plants that survive impressively in all light conditions. While appearing awesome in bright sunlight, it will be perfect for areas with minimal to low sunlight.

The plant comes in various forms and sizes, hence suitable for different parts of the house. The most widely used form is longer and an excellent choice for floor decor. Besides, you can use the different forms for different places in the house, with the small ones hanging baskets and larger ones in the free-standing pots.

Being a part of the air-purifying plants, you can sleep peacefully knowing that instead of taking the limited oxygen at night, the plant adds more. More than that, all the harmful toxins will be off your small premises with the plant in your house.

6. Bromeliads

For dark, humid conditions such as the bathroom area, you can effectively use the bromeliads plant. With thick succulent leaves, the plant is capable of doing its photosynthesis in the least of lights. To make work easier for you, the plant can use fluorescent light, and not necessarily the sunlight. Unlike most plants, the plant is affected by sunlight, especially when exposed directly. Hence, it is a top choice for people who feel that sunlight will be rare for their indoor plants.

The plant also stores its water in the leaves, hence less necessity for frequent watering. Yet, you can water it whenever you feel like it, even when the previous water has not yet dried up. This lack of limitations on both sides makes the plant ideal even for novice plant owners.

Amazingly, the plant will occasionally flower, adding to the glimmer and life that it already brought to your household. 

7. Peace Lily

Peace lily plants bring life to your house, growing long enough to operate as floor decor and still short enough for a basket plant. Whenever there is sufficient light, the peace lily flowers will blossom more, increasing the white flower outlook.

However, this does not mean that the plant will die in low lights. On the contrary, it thrives quite well, and only the flowering reduces. Fortunately, there is still a loophole for you with the peace lily. The light that it requires to flower doesn’t have to be sunlight. It can be from the fluorescent bulbs, functioning the same way that the sunlight would.

8. Monstera

If you are in love with a tropical environment and want the feel in your house, monstera is just the plant for you. It is perfect for your floor and will do well in any part of the house.

Monstera grows in low to no lights, so you don’t have to be bothered about the amount of sunlight coming into your house or room. 

The best part of the deal is that the plant is an air purifier, which enhances the air’s freshness in the room regardless of the area you live in.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to fret about owning a beautiful indoor plant due to lighting issues in your house. Whether you live in an enclosed apartment or in a place where sunlight rarely gets a chance, you can keep a plant of your choice. With a whole list above, you can get more than a single plant of your option and finally brighten up the one part of your house you have been wanting to.