7 Best Grub Killers for Lawns 2020| Reviews & Buying Guide

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Yes, we all are fond of a peaceful and well-trimmed lawn. But, it is one of the toughest jobs to keep your land beautiful and well-maintained! Guess why? You have to mess with lawn insects. Even though they live on everyplace, but, soils and grasses are their favorite place to hide or live.

Sometimes, lawn-insect appears to be very dangerous, especially ants, spiders, and scorpions that could bite you at any time. Most importantly, grubs play the role of damaging your lawn’s beauty and attractiveness.

Hunting for a permanent solution? Well, you are in the right place since we are going to show you the best grub killers for lawns, which will help you to keep your lawn safe and free from grubs.

Scotts 99605 Grub Killer is one of the best grub killers that we tested. It includes Chlorantraniliprole as an active ingredient, for which you can kill 25% more grubs compare with others. 

Top 7 Best Grub Killers for Lawns Reviews 2020

Here, we included our top 7 best grub killers for lawns, which will help you to accomplish the insect-reducing task successfully! Of course, you can rely on ours each and every choice since we handpicked these products after hours and hours of research. If you get confused after reading the reviews, make sure to check out the buying guide that is packed with a lot of information. 

1. Scotts 99605 Grub Killer

With the assistance of Scotts 99605 Grub Killer, you will be able to smash each and every grub of your lawn. It includes Chlorantraniliprole as an active ingredient, which plays the role of erasing all those insects within a snap.

The best time of using this granular type grub killer is in the early spring or late summer. To make it efficient, you have to give water into your lawn. The best part? It is able to kill around 25% more grubs compare with the typical choices.

Moreover, the effect will last between 3-4 months with ease. In order to treat a land of 5000 square feet, a single pack of Scotts 99605 is enough, thankfully!

You can save your plants with ease from unnecessary damages if you purchase this one. Not only grubs, but it can be useful to kill Japanese beetles, armyworms, caterpillars, and a lot more insects. To apply it, you have to get a yard spreader or hand spreader. 


  • Pretty simple to apply.
  • Last for long.
  • Highly able to cover a large area.
  • 25% more effective than the rest.
  • Lawn-friendly.


  • Costly!

Why We Picked this Product:

This particular grub killer from Scotts uses Chlorantraniliprole as an active ingredient, which makes it 25% more effective than the rest when it comes to killing grubs. Not just for grubs only, you can use this product for killing armyworms, Japanese beetles, caterpillars, and many more insects. 

2. Bonide BND60360

If you want to kill a bunch of insects by having just a single option, Bonide BND60360 might be the Best Lawn Grub Killer in that case. In addition to white grubs, it is highly effective at killing around 40 different types of insects. 

It works pretty fast, so you don’t have to wait a couple of days to reduce those insects. After applying it, you might get positive feedback within 24 hours, hopefully!

Besides, your lawn won’t lose its fertility, which could be a big plus of using it. Like our previous model, you can use a spreader for laying down the granular. The manufacturer suggests lightly watering the land for activating the ingredients. You should keep your pets far away for some days after applying it. 


  • Works faster.
  • A single pack covers up to 5000 square feet.
  • Kills a heap of insects.
  • Maintains lawn fertility.


  • It might kill beneficial insects as well!

Why We Picked this Product:

It works really fast, which allows you to kill lots of insects within 24 hours. Alongside the grub-killing, it also can kill almost 40 different types of insects in a breeze. After using this ingredient, your land won’t lose its fertility. 

3. ST GABRIEL 80080-P

Let’s move on to the next grub killer from ST GABRIEL LABORATORIES that you can buy for your 7000 square inches of lawn area. It is non-toxic, organic, and packed with a weight of 20 pounds.

It can minimize white grubs, caterpillars, Japanese beetles, armyworms, ants with ease. But, you will be happy to hear that your lawn will stay healthy and active even after using it. Early spring or late summer is the ideal time of using ST GABRIEL 80080-P.

It is able to kill harmful insects for 15-20 years, hopefully. As it is non-toxic, your pet or child can stay out of danger. However, it is better to skip the place when it applies to the land. 


  • Provides long-lasting benefits.
  • Non-toxic and organic.
  • Covers large areas.


  • You have to spend enough cash to get this one!

Why We Picked this Product:

ST GABRIEL 80080-P is organic, non-toxic yet made of effective ingredients for which you can kill all of the insects of your lawn. If your land’s size is around 7000 square inches, this product might be a perfect choice for you. 

4. Roundup 4385404

Killing land-damaging insects is not an impossible task if you have owned the Roundup 4385404, one of the Best Grub Killers out there in the marketplace. It covers small areas, around 2500 square feet.

We recommend choosing this one for those who want to kill more than 100 insects by purchasing a single grub killer. Furthermore, the effectiveness will remain up to 3 months. 

Not just your lawn, Roundup 4385404 can be compatible with landscapes and flower gardens as well. To apply it in a smart way, you have to get a spreader first. Say goodbye to those irritating grubs by using it in your land. After spreading it all, make sure to give water to the treated areas. 


  • User-friendly.
  • Compatible with most of the lawns.
  • Kills 100+ insects.


  • Not compatible with vegetable gardens!

Why We Picked this Product:

By getting this grub killer, you will be able to kill almost 100 types of insects with ease. Most importantly, the effectiveness will remain for 3 months, which is a great plus for you. Not only for lawn, but it is compatible with landscapes and flower gardens also. 

5. BioAdvanced 700750B

Want faster results, no need to be worried since we are here with BioAdvanced 700750B that makes the job done with less effort. It can kill billbugs, armyworms, ants, chinch bugs, crickets, ticks, and scorpions by taking around 24 hours only.

This granular type grub killer offers higher concentration with minimal weights. By having this particular option, you will be able to treat approximately 5000 square feet with ease.

It is environment-friendly, as well as compatible with most of the lawn types. As it is a bit toxic, you have to keep it away from your child and pet in order to ensure better safety.

The grub killer acts pretty fast, for which you can get your desired result by spending a couple of hours only. It is not a good option for home gardeners, bear in mind! 


  • Provides faster benefits.
  • Treats large lawns.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Kills many insects on contact.


  • This is not for you if you are a home gardener!

Why We Picked this Product:

For those who need the best result yet want to spend less time, BioAdvanced 700750B should be the first and final choice. It includes poisonous ingredients to kill numerous types of insects, including armyworms, white grubs, ants, chinch bugs, crickets, scorpions, etc. The best part? It takes only 20-24 hours to smash insects! 

6. Bayer 647470 Grub Insecticide

This model from Bayer uses Trichlorfon 6.2% as an active ingredient, for which it can kill Mole Crickets, Japanese Beetles, Bluegrass Weevils, and other harmful insects in a breeze!

It is loaded with 30.6 pounds to treat almost 10,000 square feet. Plus, it will just take one day to cast all those irritating insects away from your lawn, landscape, or garden.

The way that it works is quite faster compared with other options. After spreading it with the assistance of a spreader, make sure to give adequate amounts of water in your land. If you don’t know how to use it, ensure to read the manuals (if included) for getting a better knowledge concerning Bayer 647470. 


  • Suitable for a couple of harmful insects.
  • Covers massive land with ease.
  • Pretty fast and efficient.


  • Not enough for recently hatched eggs!

Why We Picked this Product:

It equips Trichlorfon 6.2% as an active ingredient in order to cast a heap of insects away. Without a doubt, you can pick up this one if your lawn’s size is about 10,000 square inches. 


7. Bayer Advanced 700710S

No matter what the season is going on, you can use this season long grub control anytime you want. It is made of unique ingredients, allows you to kill all types of insects without much effort.

For getting the maximum benefit, try to use this product between the spring and summer. Capable of covering around 5000 square feet, it has got plenty of coverage that could protect your lawn from unexpected grubs, ants, caterpillars, armyworms, etc.

Alongside the benefit, it keeps your entire land healthier, allows you to make your grasses greener and thicker at the same time. To get all those benefits, you don’t have to spend a lot of cash since it is comparatively cheap.


  • Compatible with all seasons.
  • Able to cover a large-sized lawn.
  • Make your lawn healthier and better.


  • It might kill helpful insects!

Why We Picked this Product:

No matter it is summer or spring, you can use this season long grub killer anytime. It is highly able to cover 5000 square inches of lawn, so you can keep all those insects away from your land by having this particular grub killer.  

How We Picked Top Products?

As a lawn owner, you could understand the value of a grub killer, it is a must-have ingredient that you need to keep your lawn always safe. But, you can’t get the benefits by picking out the wrong one! This is why we spend hours and hours of research to know which one is the best and what the features you should consider while choosing the best grub killer on the market

If you want to know how to pick up the best one, you should note down the following factors that we are going to show you right now:


Knowing the types is one of the core factors that everyone should consider before buying. At first, you should ask yourself about your choice, granular or liquid grub killer? Most of the homeowners are used to with granular since it requires less effort when it comes to the way of mixing. 

Active Ingredient

Chlorantraniliprole, trichlorfon, and, carbaryl are ideal when it comes to active ingredients. They indeed work pretty fast and allow you to kill a bunch of insects within a short period.


If you are someone who owned a large-sized lawn, then size is the most necessary factor that you should consider. Before buying it, make sure to take an average measurement of your land, so that you can know which should be a better choice for you. 

If your land is around 8000-1000 square feet, you should select Bayer 647470 Grub Insecticide, which comes with a size of 10,000 square feet!

Expiry Date

Before making your purchase, you should check out the date first. A date-failed product will be unable to kill a single piece of bug, so you might waste your valuable penny by purchasing a grub killer that is out of date.

How to Identify Grubs in your Lawn?

The right way to get rid of grubs is to identify them in the correct way. As a lawn owner, you might face some unusual facts, also a few negative syndromes that could knock you to say that something is going wrong. This is why we are going to show you how to identify grubs in a lawn:

Increased Birds Appearance

You noted that your lawn is packed with a heap of birds. What is the reason? It is because your land is going to be killed by lawn grubs. Birds are fond of eating those insects as a tasty snack!

The Activity of Greying-Brown Insects

Tiny, greyish-moths fly around the lawn for keeping their eggs into a secret place. It turns into grub larvae after 3-5 days. 

Spongy Land

If you feel that your lawn is getting spongy, it is a clear sign of grub activity.

Grub Killer: Liquid vs Granular? Which is better? 

It seems to be pretty much confusing when it comes to choosing a grab killer between the granular and the liquid one. Actually, both play a significant role in killing grubs. 

Granular Grub Killer

It is indeed one of the most popular options among the homeowners. Many lawn owners use to consider this option for reducing grubs, worms, ants, or other harmful insects. Basically, it contains insect poisons that cause death.

There is an advantage of using a granular grub killer, guess what? You can apply it without much preparation since there is no mixing required! 

Liquid Grub Killer

If you want to apply the fastest way for erasing grub killers, the liquid version is hands down, one of the best solutions. A few are packed with ready-to-use for which you won’t have a hard time mixing it. 

But, most requires sufficient amounts of water in order to mix it up in a proper way. In that case, you have to open the pack of liquid grub killers, use some water to make a better mixture. At the end of the day, you will be able to erase all those insects in a breeze! 

When to Apply Grub killers? 

Nobody wants to mess with grubs since it is pretty irritating. It is a thing that might ruin your entire lawn within a snap. But if you apply grub killers at the right time, you can save your land from uninvited insects, hopefully.

Between early spring and late summer is the best time to use grub killer. At that time, you will find a bunch of worms on your land. Once you see some grass damages, you should start-up the treatment as soon as possible! 

How to Use Grub Killers in Lawn?

After identifying grubs in your lawn, it is necessary to kill them. In that case, you have to use the right techniques, as well as an effective grub killer to make the job done with ease. In the market, you will find numerous grub killers with different rules-of-use. 

Point to be noted, you have to follow the manufactures guide, definitely. Each product requires different rules of use, so you have to learn the proper way by reading the manuals, which might offer you adequate amounts of knowledge concerning the grub killer that you are going to purchase.

If it is sunny, it will be a wise decision to use a grab killer with some water. You will be pretty lucky if the day is rainy so that you don’t have to push much effort while killing those insects. You can apply the same technique after 7-8 days for assuring grub’s death.

Our Verdict

For your convenience, we have made a selection round of top grub killers and you can choose anyone between them. Let’s see who stands out from the rest!

Scotts 99605 Grub Killer is our front runner, who easily stands out because of its unique features and benefits. It includes Chlorantraniliprole, which is pretty efficient for killing all types of insects.

Our runner up is the Bonide BND60360 that works pretty fast compare with similar options. Also, it can cover up to 5000 square feet with ease. After applying it, you can get positive results within a few hours only!

Our third choice goes to Roundup 4385404, which is highly able to kill more than 100 insects, cover 2500 square feet, and most importantly, the effectiveness will remain up to 3 months, hopefully!

So, this was our write-up regarding the best grub killers for lawn, we hope there is no more confusion! 

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