10 Best Corded Electric String Trimmer 2020 | Reviews & Buying Guide

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Hungry for a good-looking lawn? Then definitely, you should trim it by applying the right way. Weeds, overgrowth, or grasses might turn your beautiful garden into a small jungle! And our bare hands get fatigued too soon by cleaning those junks! 

Using the best corded electric string trimmer can help you a lot in order to trim your lawn and erase all the unnecessary grasses at a go. If you are fond of an attractive garden, there is no better solution than the string trimmer. In a nutshell, a piece of corded trimmer is handy, packs a lightweight structure, and equips a quick spinning string for slicing a variety of unnecessary grass effortlessly.

Greenworks 21142 stands the first place on our list due to a couple of reasons. It includes a 10-amp brushed motor to cut several types of grasses easily. Besides, it is packed with an 18-inch cutting path that could be enough for trimming with precision.

Top 10 Best Corded Electric String Trimmer

Let us show you our top 10 picks of the best corded electric string trimmer. These models have got a few striking features with some good customer ratings. To know which is the most ideal for your lawn-care projects, ensure to read on this complete review. 


We are here with our first model of BLACK+DECKER, which stands out from the rest when it comes to choosing the best electric weed eater. This cute-sized trimmer includes some great features and enables you to do your grass-removing task with success.

The string trimmer is powered by a 6.5-amp motor along with a cutting path of around 14-inch. It means you can trim all the weeds or unnecessary grasses of your lawn without much effort. And thankfully, it is as cheap as chips!

You will get a cord retention system that is designed to assist you in preventing accidental disconnections. As a result, you won’t have to throw caution to the wind while trimming. Also, it equips an automatic feed spool system that reduces the bumping of string. 

For better maneuverability, BLACK+DECKER BESTA510 comes with a weight of only 3.19 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest string trimmers out there. Besides, its rubber-molded gripping area helps you to get a solid grip.

The motor includes a speed of 8000 RPM to ensure clean and sharp cuts. Alongside the tool, you will get a string trimmer, auxiliary handle, AF 100 Spool, and guard. But if you can afford some extras, then you can get gloves, a leaf collection bag, spool with a cap, or safety glasses. 


  • A powerful 6.5-amp motor with 8000 RPM.
  • 14-inch cutting path cuts weed or grasses.
  • It reduces the bumping of string through an automatic feed spool.
  • Packs only 3.19 pounds of weight.
  • A cord retention system to prevent accidental disconnection.
  • Moderate price range.


  • It should be more rigid.
  • Not highly compatible with a big-sized lawn!

2. Greenworks 21142

You cannot ignore this particular product if you are looking for the best corded trimmer. Its lightweight structure, powerful motor, and compactness make it one of the most popular trimmers that we can say.

First thing first, it packs a durable 10-amp brushed motor that allows you to trim almost all types of grasses with ease. It also features a straight shaft that contains a four-cycle engine. You can adjust the shaft’s height according to your needs.

As we have mentioned before, it packs a moderate weight that can be bearable for everyone, it is only 9.90 pounds along with a compact shape that will be easy to maneuver. Furthermore, the unique cord lock feature with a simple electric start option makes it quite simple to operate.

When it comes to the cutting path, Greenworks 21142 comes with a size of 18-inch that is more than enough for trimming a big-sized lawn in a quick way. For user convenience, the manufacturer includes a cushion over-molded grip, for which you can work without minimizing comfort.

Alongside the comfort, the handle seems pretty durable. And thankfully, the replacement spool is compatible with Greenworks 29622. In order to change or attach the tools rather quickly, it includes a quick-connect coupler. 


  • Includes a 10.0-amp brushed motor.
  • Moderate weight with a compact design.
  • Adjustable straight shaft with an 18-inch cutting path.
  • Cushion over-mold grip for comfort.
  • A quick-connect coupler for easy and fast attachment.


  • Tiny spool capacity!


Limited on budget? No need to be worried since we have got the BLACK+DECKER ST8600 that allows you to buy this tool without spending heaps of bundles, thankfully.

Even though it packs a reasonable range, there is no lack of power, durability, and functionality. With its 5.0-amp motor, it is able to erase almost every type of grasses, including weeds, overgrowth, and others. 

The 5.35 pounds of weight is comparatively light, which helps you to complete your trimming task with ease. The best part? It is a 2-in-1 product, which means you can use it as a trimmer or edger at the same time. For edging, make sure to pick up the edge guard and ready for action!

To cut in a quick way, it offers 7700 RPM. Like our previous model of BLACK+DECKER, it features a cord retention system for reducing the chance of accidental disconnection. If you want, you can adjust the handle’s height. The gripping area is almost similar to our previous BLACK+DECKER as well. The automatic feed spool minimizes the bumping of strings. 


  • Comfy handle with a lightweight structure.
  • Suitable to use for both edging and trimming.
  • Reasonable price.
  • 7700 RPM for cutting with precision.
  • No chance of accidental disconnections.


  • While making a cut, it erases trimmer lines at times!

4. WORX WG119

With its 2-in-1 unique system, it can easily be used as a trimmer or edger. For assuring smooth operation and better cutting, WORX WG119 features a 15-inch cutting path along with a powerful 5.5 HP motor.

As it comes with a 2-in-1 system, there is no need to expend extra costs to buy different kinds of stuff. Whether you are tall or short, you can adjust the telescoping shaft in the way you want. The device is not too light, nor much bulky, but compare with gas trimmers, it seems moderate with its 6.5 pounds of weight. 

Thanks to its compactness, which allow you to enter in difficult-to-reach areas. Furthermore, its 4-position pivoting head allows you to adjust it for reaching small places. We are fond of its dual-line feed system, which offers you a fresh trimmer string while you really need it. And the flower guard is designed to cut grasses without any damage. 


  • An efficient 5.5-amp motor.
  • 15-inch cutting diameter with an adjustable telescoping shaft.
  • Ease of use.
  • Reaches tight areas with minimal effort.
  • Flower guard reduces the chance of accidental cutting or damage.


  • Cheaply made.
  • The string might break within a few days!

5. Greenworks 21212

Let’s have a look at our pocket-friendly choice Greenworks 21212. It is cheap, reliable, and includes some useful features for which you can accomplish your weed-reducing task successfully. 

This corded-electric trimmer equips a 4.0-amp brushed motor, which seems not the most powerful motor, yet it is more than enough for those who are going to cut grasses or weeds of their small-sized lawns. 

The unique part of this device is, it offers less noise, even though you are running it for too long. In addition, the grip provides better comfort, allowing you to hold this trimmer for hours and hours without any fatigue.

Despite being a cheap model, it offers a useful feature, guess what? The convenient cord lock system, which is mainly designed for erasing accidental disconnections. Alongside its soft grip, it weighs only 7.0 pounds that seems easily bearable. 

The 13-inch cutting path provides you the possibility of making perfect cuts. For your convenience, you can adjust the handle’s height if you want. 


  • A pocket-friendly string trimmer.
  • Trims pretty well with its 13-inch cutting path.
  • The trimmer offers less noise while running.
  • Erases accidental disconnections through its cord lock system.


  • Better not to use in a big-sized lawn or garden.


Wondering about getting the best commercial electric string trimmer? Then you should get yourself this particular trimmer of BLACK+DECKER. It is basically a battery-powered device that takes power from a 40V lithium-ion battery in order to cut weeds, overgrowth, or such types of grasses.

By minimizing the bumping, you can ensure continuous work, thanks to its automatic feed spool. Besides, you can convert it from trimmer to edger within a snap. Another plus point is its adjustable handle, allowing you to adjust it according to your heights.

Fix your discomfort aside, BLACK+DECKER LST136 offers a soft rubber over-mold grip so that you can work with ease by reducing user fatigue. The 13-inch cutting diameter will help you to cut in an accurate way.

Since it is a highly powerful trimmer, you can trim your big-sized lawn without any hassle, hopefully. The battery takes less time to charge, as well as offers a decent running time. This efficient device packs a piece of Li-ion battery with a fast-charger, guard, spool, and a couple of necessary things. 


  • Highly effective because of its 40V Li-ion battery.
  • Compatible with big-sized lawns or gardens.
  • Includes an automatic feed spool.
  • Ensures ultimate comfort.
  • Both trimmer and edger.
  • One of the best trimmers for commercial purposes.


  • Might have to spend enough cash to get it!

7. Toro 51480

Having such type of weed whacker is a must if your lawn is full of unnecessary grasses or weeds. The manufacturer includes a 5.0-amp motor in this device, for which you can trim your garden’s weed by spending less time.

We are pretty much fond of its one-step walk-behind system, which enables you to switch it from a trimmer to an edger within seconds. For accomplishing your task very quickly, its 14-inch dual-line cutting path could be more than enough. 

You can easily adjust its handle to ensure a better balance while edging or trimming. Besides, you can reach almost every area without having any trouble, the credit goes to its compact size. And luckily, the telescoping shaft is made of aluminum for assuring durability.

Your hands won’t get fatigued too soon, as it includes a rubber grip that adds extra comfort while trimming. Further, its 6.3 pounds of weight makes it quite portable for almost all users.


  • Pretty easy to switch from trimmer to edger.
  • Adjustable handle with a comfy gripping area.
  • Has got a dual-line 14-inch cutting path.
  • Aluminum telescoping shaft.
  • Reaches in all areas due to its compact shape.


  • Unworkable auto line feed.
  • Flimsy string!

8. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools ST00213S 

Always keep your lawn weed-free by having this particular model of Scotts Outdoor Power tools. We have included this electric trimmer for those who are hungry for the best electric string trimmer for the money, even it is the most inexpensive one in our list.

This model equips a 4.0-amp motor to erase grass, weed, or overgrowth of your small-sized lawn. Besides, its 3-position cutting path is fully adjustable and able to trim a variety of grasses.

The overall shape and look is praiseworthy, allows you to keep in all areas. Plus, you can use this tool to reach tight places. Since it is a corded version, there is no need for spending pennies in order to buy gas, oil, or other expensive things.

It works with precision despite being a cheap model, thankfully. The tool has got an adjustable handle for which you can complete your task with maximum comfort. And most importantly, the trimmer is easy to maneuver, which could be an advantage for fresher.

The thing to be noted, it weighs just 4.60 pounds, which might be a piece of good news for those who are tired of using bulky trimmers. 


  • Cheaper.
  • 11”-13” cutting width for better functionality.
  • Compact with an attractive appearance.
  • Just 4.60 pounds.
  • Ideal for small-sized lawns.


  • Not friendly with big-sized areas.
  • Weaker motor!


CRAFTSMAN is a well-known brand in making power tools and such type of lawn-care equipment. And this specific model also packs enough power as well as capable of keeping your lawn in good condition. 

Its 13-inch cutting path is designed to trim all the unnecessary grasses of your land in one go. Besides, you won’t have to worry about its performance, guess why? Because of its 4.5-amp motor that can easily take enough pressure for cutting quickly and effectively.

You can also adjust its auto-feed head while you want. As a result, this weed-eater can work at a stretch without the bumping. The best part of this trimmer is its 2-in-1 unique feature, which allows you to run it as an edger alongside the trimmer.

Its affordable price range makes it one of the most popular electric trimmers out there. And hopefully, it will last for a long time if you are careful about your device. 


  • 13-inch cutting path for better cuts.
  • 4.5 amp motor takes heaps of torture.
  • Adjustable auto-feed head.
  • Capable of both edging and trimming.
  • Packs a moderate price tag.


  • There is no specific built-in cord!
  • Replacement spool is unavailable.

10. Earthwise ST00115

Keep yourself away from junks and get yourself the Earthwise ST00115 if you are still in search of the best corded weed eater. This weed-eater includes an electric motor with 5 amperages for eating lots of weeds or grasses in a breeze.

With its 3-position cutting head, you will be able to make your lawn healthy by casting the overgrowths or grasses away from your lovely garden. Its 15-inch cutting diameter is pretty much helpful, allowing you to trim weeds without any damages. In a word, you can maintain adequate safety while cutting.

For better protection, it equips a flip-down edge guard. We can say that it is an environment-friendly trimmer since it requires no gas or oil for running. Also, there is no need for excessive maintenance. 

Like other models, you can adjust the height of the handle for working purposes. And for better maneuverability, you can operate it with your two hands, so that you can ensure a better and quicker cut. 

The device offers 7500 RPM, which means you can erase almost all grasses in a short time. The telescoping shaft gives you the chance to choose height and angles. Overall, it might be your ultimate pick for your upcoming lawn-clearing projects.


  • 3-position cutting head enhances efficiency.
  • Flip-down edge guard for adding safety.
  • 7500 RPM with a long-lasting 5-amp motor.
  • Environment-friendly trimmer.
  • Adjustable handle.


  • A bit hassle to use for taller guys!

How We Picked Top Products

Picking up the best grass trimmer is not a simple task, we indeed did hours and hours of research to know which one is the best and which stands out from the others. After that, we picked up a few models that are highly efficient and powerful. If you think you are getting confused after reading those reviews, make sure to check out this guide, which is full of core factors.

Power Type

While you are going to buy the best corded electric string trimmer, make sure to consider the power type first. The market indeed has three different choices in general, including corded, battery-powered, and gas-powered.

In sum, the gas-powered includes lots of energies, yet it is costly, need expensive things to run, and most are loaded with a bulky structure.

A battery-powered string trimmer, on the other side, equips moderate power but this type is basically compact, lightweight, and user-friendly.

In fine, a corded version is a better combination of both lightweight, power, and affordability. But at the end of the day, it is all up to you! 

Cutting Width

You have landed on the most necessary factor. We usually can guess a trimmer’s performance by knowing its cutting diameter. A big cutting path means you will be able to cut lots of weeds or grasses in one go.

Our one of the favorite choices Greenworks 21142 equips a wide 18-inch cutting path, which means you can cut heaps of grasses or weeds at once. 


Whether it is a corded, cordless, or a gas-powered trimmer, it needs adequate amounts of power to make your lawn healthy and weeds-free. A corded version takes energy from a motor, which means you have to get yourself a trimmer with at least 4.0 amp, and 10.0-amp will be more than enough for bearing a lot of torture.

If you want to go with a cordless version, then choosing a battery with 40V will be a wise decision. 

Size and Weight

It matters a lot, especially when you are highly involved in lawn-care projects. It is too annoying to hold a trimmer for a long time. Even our hands get fatigued very soon while we carry a string trimmer with bulky structure. For minimizing discomfort, you can go with our BLACK+DECKER BESTA510 that is just 3.19 pounds for assuring portability.

You should also focus on the size of your trimmer, which should compact and pretty small for which you can enter in tight areas with less effort.

Dual Function

In the marketplace, a few trimmers include a 2-in-1 system, which means you can use it as a trimmer and edger at the same time. This could be an extra plus for accurate landscaping. 

What is Electric String Trimmer? 

An electric string trimmer is a type of lawn-care equipment that is designed for cutting grass, overgrowth, or weed in a simple way. This type basically takes energy from electric current using extension cords. The corded or electric string trimmers are mostly affordable, lightweight, and includes a lot of power to trim the unnecessary grasses of your lawn or garden. 

Type of String Trimmer Heads: 

Alongside the power type of a trimmer, you have to pay attention to the string trimmer heads. Here you will find three different heads, including:

Bump Feed: This type basically originates from a string. You will be able to manage the length of its line for use. And thankfully, the way of repairing this head is a piece of cake!

Automatic Feed: Almost similar to the previous one (bump feed). Nevertheless, it packs a line spinning motor instead of manual control. It is not necessary to keep on focusing on the line, which seems a good thing. 

Fixed Head: It packs specific lengths of line for which you will be capable of threading into your device without stopping. This type of head includes a thicker string, which makes it ideal for commercial uses. 

How Does Electric String Trimmer Work? 

You can call a string trimmer in a variety of names, such as liner trimmer, weed whip, weed whacker, brush cutter, and many more. This hand-held lawn-equipment is designed for cutting grass, weed, overgrowth, or such type of unnecessary things. Not for trimming only, a string can be used for edging also.

Let’s move on to a string trimmer with electric version. This type contains enough power, packs a moderate weight, relatively handy, and ease of use. Besides, it requires no harmful ingredients, so you can call it an environment-friendly tool.

An electric brush cutter uses extension cords to get power from electric currents. It contains a powerful motor with a decent weight to make it capable of taking heavy pressures. Besides, its individual cutting diameter is loaded with thickness and sharpness for slicing numerous types of grasses at once. Because of its compact size and moderate weight, anyone can use it with ease. 

Tips While Using String Trimmer: 

Here, we are providing a few tips that will help you in making your task perfect, accurate, and danger-free:

  • Picking up the best trimmer should be your first duty if you want to get the highest benefit from this tool.
  • Since you are going to operate a power tool, do not forget to put on safety dresses, including gloves, boots, safety glass, and a piece of earplug.
  • While trimming or edging, you must have to keep focused on the cord. The tool might destroy its cable that will lead to a serious accident.
  • Before making a trim, ensure to clean up the surroundings as much as you can. Make sure to castaway the plastics, papers, or such types of materials from your lawn. 

How to Fix Electric String Trimmer: 

Fixing an electric string trimmer is not as difficult as it seems. However, you have to earn enough knowledge concerning the way of fixing. Otherwise, you might get some negative results unexpectedly!

Power Issues

At first, you have to find out the issue of your trimmer. If the problem is related to power, then you have to move on to your tool’s motor and cord. Turn it on and see what is going on.

If you see your weed whacker is running too slow, it is a sign of a damaged motor. Sometimes, you might have to change its cord. When you see the power is turning on or off itself without switching, you have to change the entire plug as soon as possible. 

The Issue of Line 

We always suggest cutting massive-sized weeds with additional blades. But if you want to trim it with your string trimmer, then it should be quite powerful, as well as you have to change its line after using a few years. 

In case you are using a trimmer line for around 5-7 years, it is highly essential to buy a new one. 

How to Clean Electric String Trimmer

Cleaning your electric string trimmer is a need if you are a regular user. After using it for a couple of months, it gets jammed and seems fragile. Go down below to know how to clean it in the right way:

  • Remove the source of power before start the cleaning task.
  • Now, it is time to remove the specks of dirt or debris. You can take a piece of regular brush to wipe it off. If it gets stuck with junks, ensure to collect adequate amounts of soapy water for making it clean.
  • After washing it off, do not store it straight away. Wait for a while to make it dry.
  • If you run your tool for around 10 hours in total, make sure to clean up the filter using freshwater. 
  • You should also clean up the spark arrestor at a specific time. The carbon cleaner and wire brush are required for cleaning it efficiently. 

Straight Shaft vs Curved Shaft? 

Having an efficient string trimmer is a must if you want to ensure better care of your lawn, but which should you buy, straight or curved shaft? This particular question is nowadays, making a BIG confusion among the liner trimmer users. Don’t worry, we are going to explain for your convenience.

Both types are usually used for trimming unnecessary grasses, but the string trimmer with straight shaft packs more advantages. 

Curved Shaft Trimmer

This type is quite popular among beginners. You do not have to expend a lot of cash to get it since it is relatively cheaper compared with a straight shaft. And for its moderate weight, anyone can enjoy their lawn-care projects by reducing all kinds of fatigue. But keep in mind, its blade is not that powerful and unable to cut all types of grasses or weeds.

Using this type is a big hassle for tall users, only for its curved shape that appears uncomfortable to use since you might have to reach down a lot while operating it. 

Straight Shaft Trimmer

“Power” is the first word that comes to our mind when we talk about a straight shaft trimmer. This type includes more energy, yet offers less vibration. Unlike the curved version, its cutting path is more effective and able to make precise cuts at a go. No matter you are short or a tall guy, you can reach in tight areas without much effort. 

But the only downside is, you have to spend more amounts of cash if you want to have a decent straight shaft, unfortunately. 

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, Greenworks 21142 is our clear winner when it comes to picking up the best corded electric string trimmer. It features a 10.0-amp brushed motor, a straight shaft with a 4-cycle engine, a unique cord lock feature, and most importantly, its 18-inch cutting path makes it one of the most efficient trimmers out there.

Our second place goes to the BLACK+DECKER LST136. Its 40V lithium-ion battery makes it capable of taking enough pressure. Besides, the tool equips an automatic feed spool, which allows you to work at a stretch. Alongside these features, we are fond of its rubber-molded grip that adds additional comfort while trimming.

We are going to conclude our top-priority list by featuring BLACK+DECKER BESTA510, which easily stands the third position. Its 8000 RPM ensures that you can trim heaps of grasses without spending hours and hours, and the most important thing is, it just packs a weight of 3.19 pounds, which allows users to hold it without much effort.

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