10 Best Clover Killer for Lawns 2020 |Reviews & Buying Guide

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Clovers are a type of weed that grows mostly on soil that has mineral deficiency and is compact. They grow short, with flowers that are white, yellow, red, or purple in color.

When in the lawn, it not only overtakes the main plants but also brings bees and inconvenience your definition of serenity.

At this point, it is only sensible to start thinking of the best clover killer for lawns to get rid of the weed. We have compiled a list of the best 10, which will ensure that the clover never materializes in your farm again, at least in a whole year.

Our top recommendation is Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed and Grass Killer if you are looking for a combination of organic and robust herbicide. Keep reading and get to know the clover killer, in addition to 9 more that will not disappoint you.

The Best Clover Killers for Lawns? Here is the List;

  1. Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed and Grass Killer
  2. Southern AG Crossbow32 Weed & Brush Killer
  3. VPG Fertilome 803064 32OZ Weed-Free Zone
  4. Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer for Lawns
  5. Ortho Weed B Gon Chickweed, Clover & Oxalis Killer for Lawns
  6. Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action
  7. Roundup for Lawns1 Ready to Use Weed Killer for Lawns
  8. Bonide (BND 0613)- Chickweed, Oxalis and Clover Weed Killer
  9. Eco Garden Pro- Organic Vinegar Weed Killer
  10. PBI/ Gordon 652400 Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer

The 10 Best Clover Killers for Lawns Reviews

1. Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed and Grass Killer

Looking for the best organic clover killer? This Green Gobbler weed killer is an awesome choice, being organic and highly effective.

An organic weed killer, you can apply it anywhere, from the flower beds and grass lawns to points closest to the house. Neither the people nor the pets living in your compound will be at risk. It is free of VOCs, sulfates, phosphates, and petroleum solvents, which pose cancer effects on people.

Besides, it will finish off the clover within less than a day, given that the vinegar concentration is 20%, which is four times more concentrated than the kitchen vinegar. Ethanol distilled from corn is incorporated in the vinegar, so its performance is purely based on organic materials.

Nevertheless, you have to apply the weed killer in spots where the clover is since it will affect even the other plants in the lawn. This is the most recommended method since you will not affect your healthy flowers and grass.

Alternatively, if the clover has already dominated your lawn, simply spray the vinegar weed killer over every part of the lawn. You can then treat the lawn with the deficient nutrients and start a new, and the clover will be gone completely.

Note that you can only spray on a calm sunny day, neither in the wind nor before and during rainfalls.


  • Organic, hence not harmful to humans and pets.
  • Highly effective, kills the clover within less than 24 hours and assures you of a clover-free lawn.
  • Easy to use, as no dilution is required with the weed killer.


  • It will kill the other lawn plants once even a little of it spills on them.

2. Southern AG Crossbow32 Weed & Brush Killer

Is your lawn filled with grass, yet clover ruining the uniformity? Why not try Southern AG Crossbow32 Weed and Brush Killer? The best part about the clover killer is that it will leave your grass healthy. No more nutrient competition with clovers.

On the other hand, all the clover and dandelions will die within 24 hours. One application will be fine, and two for the notorious clovers will be more effective. Previous users have not complained of the reappearance of the clovers.

The 1-quart gallon contains 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, Triclopyr bee, and butoxy ethyl ester. This combination is even recommended for pasturelands, so you can imagine how much more effective it is to a lawn. So, your lawn grass will be completely free from the dominant clovers.

Moreover, there are indications for spot application if your lawn has patches of flower beds—4 to 6fl. Oz in 3 gallons of water will do, spraying thoroughly on the specific clover plants. Consult your supplier for the specific ratios.


  • Keeps lawn grass safe from the clovers completely.
  • Very effective, the weeds die within 24 hours of application of the clover killer.
  • You can spot apply in flower beds to get rid of the clovers.


  • Contains chemicals that are harmful to humans and pets.

3. VPG Fertilome 803064 32OZ Weed-Free Zone

VPG Fertilome 803064 Weed-Free zone has been highly voted for efficiency. Hence, if you are so done with the clovers in your lawn and wouldn’t hear of reappearance, this is the best clover killer for lawns.

The weed killer is 32oz in quantity, which is concentrate formulation. Consist of 2, 4-D 2-ethylhexyl ester, mecoprop-p acid, and Dicamba weeds. The composition requires you to spray under chilly weathers, at least up to 85 degrees F, quite volatile.

It is this combination that renders the clover killer highly effective in adamant weeds. Other than clover, it will get rid of dandelions, henbit, oxalis, and other tough broad leaf plants.

Additionally, the clover killer package will bring you a sprayer, which you will use on the lawn weeds.

As indicated on the cover, the VPG will leave your lawn free of any weed trace.

An additional benefit of the herbicide is that you will use it on your lawn, and the remainder work for your garden weeds, hence versatility.

You will not require any assembly, as the herbicide comes ready for use.


  • The most effective for adamant clovers in your lawn.
  • Comes with its own sprayer.
  • Leaves the grass in your lawn healthy.


  • The herbicide is harmful to pets and humans.

4. Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer for Lawns

Ever thought of a clover killer that is specifically made for the lawn, one that will leave your lawn plants while killing the weeds? This is the definition of Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer for Lawns– selecting the weeds to kill.

The selective weed killer will only affect the weeds that are already written on the label. We like most about it because it has a guarantee of leaving your lawn plants as they are healthy.

A perfect downfall for clovers, the weed killer, will affect the weed from the root, diminishing survival chances.

Besides, the clover killer comes with a comfort wand, making it easy to spot spray the clovers. It is so precise that it will only affect the clovers.

A tank sprayer is also recommended if your lawn is large.

It is important that you spray the herbicide when the clovers are in their full bloom. This way, you will get them at their best. Then, the ortho weed killer will have made an impact within hours after spraying.


  • Kills the clovers from the root, ultimately finishing them off.
  • Has a comfort wand that enhances precise spraying.
  • Best for lawns, killing most lawn weeds, while leaving the lawn plants untouched.


  • Harmful to the health of humans and animals when inhaled.

5. Ortho Weed B Gon Chickweed, Clover & Oxalis Killer for Lawns

Most weed killers’ performance is proven futile by rain. However, the Ortho Weed B Gon Herbicide will withstand rain for up to six hours. Hence, you can use it effectively in low rains.

The weed killer will specifically kill the obvious lawn weeds, such as clover, chickweed, oxalis, creeping Charlie, and wild violet.

Treating up to 6,400 square feet, this weed killer will definitely wok on a standard lawn in a gallon.

Better still is the assurance that it will not harm the lawn plants while dealing harshly with the clovers. It kills weeds from the roots, finishing off any chance of regrowth.

Spraying in cool temperatures below 90 degrees F will be most efficient, and on actively growing clovers.

There are two methods of application with the weed killer, namely ready to spray and concentrate.

With ready to spray, you will connect the sprayer to the garden hose. Then you will wet the whole lawn with the mixture.

When using the concentrate method, then you will need a tank sprayer or an Ortho Dial N Spray.


  • Rainproof for up to 6 hours.
  • Kills the clover from the roots, ruining the chances of return.
  • Friendly to the plants in the lawn, only affecting the specific weeds mentioned.


  • You will need to follow the temperature instructions, hence not great on a good sunny day.

6. Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action

This weed killer is a great option for your Southern grass, including St. Augustine, carpet grass, centipede, and Zovsia grass. It will kill the common grass weeds, such as clover while fertilizing the grass. It is perfect for managing clover, dollar weed, and fire ants.

Moreover, the Turf Builder prevents armyworms, fire ants, mole crickets, chichbugs, ticks, and even sod webworms for up to 6 months.

Then there’s the best part; the Turf Builder fertilizes the grass. Hence, the lawn grows a natural thick green that is uniform all over. As for the clovers, they will not come back to a well-fertilized lawn. This is against its growth conditions.

Application is easy with Scotts My Lawn app. You will calculate your lawn’s size, hence determine how much of the Turf Builder will be sufficient. You will then pour the turf builder on your spreader, adjust accordingly, and have your lawn reap the benefits.


  • Kills clover and prevent ants and other insects from your lawn.
  • Fertilizes the lawn grass, making it thicker and healthier.
  • Easy to apply, as the company has an app, Scott My Lawn.


  • Less efficient for adamant clovers.

7. Roundup for Lawns1 Ready to Use Weed Killer for Lawns

If not the Southern grass, then you definitely have the Northern grass on your lawn. The best clover killer for lawns with Northern grass will be Roundup for Lawns1.

With an extended wand to make precise spot treatment, you will manage only to kill the clovers. That’s not the best part though; the herbicide will not affect your lawn northern grass. On the contrary, none of the clovers will survive.

It is rainproof, so you can apply it 3 hours after rainfall and still have it effective. And designed to kill the clovers from the roots, you will not have the menace in your lawn any longer.

The 32OZ can will treat a lawn of up to 5000 sq. feet. when connected to the garden hose, you can wet the whole lawn with the weed killer mixture. Otherwise, you can spot apply it to the specific spots where the clover is.

Being available in 32oz. concentrate, 32oz. ready to spray, 1.33 gallon ready to use and 1.25-gallon refill, you can always choose the most convenient for your lawn.


  • Best treatment for clovers growing among Northern grasses.
  • Rainproof, and can be sprayed even three hours after the rain.
  • Effective, eating up the clovers from the roots.


  • Harmful to pets and humans, hence requires precaution.

8. Bonide (BND 0613)- Chickweed, Oxalis and Clover Weed Killer

When thinking of the best ready-to-spray clover weed killer, then Bonide provides the solution. Though kills more than 100 weeds, clover is among the top weeds that this weed killer targets. This is a result of the horsepower, a composite of triclopyr, MCPA and Dicamba.

Then, the weed killer is safe for the grass, regardless of whether it spills onto the grass or spills over the grass. Thus, get to reach even the hidden clovers in your lawn grass without worrying about losing the grass.

This specific gallon brings a solution that is ready for use. You can start treating your lawn as soon as you receive your package, and you don’t have to worry about the correct ratios.

Moreover, the selective weed killer is rainproof within hours of application, so you don’t have to worry about some low rains coming up. Killing the clover from the roots, the weed will be gone overnight.

For optimal results, ensure that you do not mow your lawn at least two days before and after application.


  • Ready for use by the time you receive the package.
  • Rainproof within hours of application, hence continued effectiveness.
  • Highly effective, killing even the tough clover.
  • Does not affect the grass at all.


  • Contains harmful chemicals, hence unsafe for humans and pets.

9. Eco Garden Pro- Organic Vinegar Weed Killer

The best clover killer that will not even affect the groundwater, completely ecofriendly? This Eco Garden Weed Killer is your go-green clover killer.

For starters, it will not be harmful to you and your household, including pets and livestock. And even better is that even after spraying, even the groundwater will be safe. If your home is full of animals, fish and birds, and even kids, this is your best shot.

The weed killer is composed of white vinegar, organic rock salt, biodegradable plant activators, and fermentation derived co-factors, all of which strengthen each other for efficient clover killing.

Moreover, it kills the clover fast, and they should be out and dry within 24 hours. You have to spot apply it so as not to affect the other plants in the lawn.

Or, you can spray the whole lawn if it is completely messed with the weed. You can then treat it, for instance, using organic manure, then plant the preferred plants. This way, you can replant a lawn that is free of clovers.


  • Eco-friendly, harming neither water nor animals that access the lawn.
  • Efficient, taking effect within 24 hours of application.
  • Cancerous chemicals such as phosphates have been excluded in the making of the weed killer.


  • Non-selective, hence a danger to any plant in your lawn.

10. PBI/ Gordon 652400 Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer

PBI/ Gordon is the best clover killer for large lawns. Why? It will cover 14000 to 18000 square feet of a lawn, being completely effective.

It will not affect the turfgrass at all, hence a great treatment for grass lawns. However, being a composition of all the chemicals that are bad news to clover, any type of clover will not survive.

Wondering how long it takes for the PBI to make an impact? Don’t worry, as it will only take hours. Spray in cool weathers, when it is neither too cold nor too hot.

The weed killer is efficient for all broadleaf weeds, so even the tough clovers will be completely out of your garden.

For better results, you can apply it the first time, then reapply it after a week. This will take care of even the clovers that were sprouting, finishing them off for good.


  • Capable of dealing with large lawns clover efficiently.
  • Selective, so the lawn grass is left booming healthy as the clover withers away.
  • Fast impact, which is within hours.


  • It uses inorganic chemicals, posing a risk to health.

Buying Guide for the Best Clover Killer for Lawns

When buying the best clover killer, you should take the following considerations into account;


You have to consider that the clover killer will be effective. This is not only through the product description, but also reviews and customer ratings.

The clover killer should be capable of eliminating the clovers from the lawn completely, so as not to disappoint you in the long run.

You can also consider one that will take care of other weeds that may be stressing you in the lawn, so as to take care of them all at a go. For instance, if you are having a challenge with oxalis too, why not deal with the two problems at a go?

Type of Weed Killer

What type of weed killer do you prefer, organic or inorganic? Do you prefer a selective weed killer, or will you do spot treatment? These questions will help you decide on the best clover killer for your lawn.

If you want one that finishes the weed within the least time possible, then get the best of that. If you are about to spray during the rainy season, one that is rainproof will do.

These considerations will help you get the best weed killer for your preference and your location’s prevailing conditions.


Do you want a value clover killer that will be most effective? Then go for that. Among the best of the clover killers, get one within your budget range. This way, you will not only get the clover killer that you feel comfortable with but also ensure that you get one with optimal performance. After all, to be among the best means, it is a great choice.

However, never compromise quality for cost if even the cheapest of the best seems rather expensive to you, save for it. A cheaper one might end up not finishing off the clovers, and the disappointment more costly than a better clover killer.

Your Household Composition

If you have kids, pets, and other livestock in your home, you have no option but get an organic clover killer. This way, you won’t worry about who goes to the lawn after application.

Alternatively, you can buy an inorganic weed killer, then prepare to secure the lawn from every member of the household.

Added Accessories

There are clover killers that will come with a sprayer, a spreader, or a wand. If you don’t have these, getting the herbicide that comes with it will be beneficial. You will avoid extra costs and hustle.

The Size of the Lawn

What is the size of your lawn? Having at least an approximate sizing will help you know the weed killer to get. Moreover, you will know what size of the preferred weed killer to get.

This way, you will avoid buying too much or too little of the clover killer. Therefore, you will be confident of the effectiveness of the clover killer even before you apply it.

A.D.I.O.S Clover Killer- Is It Any Good?

A.D.I.O.S is an effective clover killer, whose efficiency on the lawn is commendable. It is selective, hence capable of killing the clover without affecting the turfgrass on the lawn.

Moreover, it is easy to spot apply on the flowerbeds. You just simply spray it around the clovers, and within hours the clovers will wither away and die out.

The best part is that the clover killer is organic. Being odorless and non-toxic, it does not contain harmful chemicals. Hence, animals, birds, fish, and kids within the household will be safe when the clover killer is applied on the lawn.

Finally, A.D.I.O.S is convenient for any lawn type. You will apply it on any type of grass and flowerbeds and still get the desired results.

Generally, the clover killer is eco-friendly and effective, hence the answer to the question; Is it any good? Yes, it is very good by most standards.


Does Vinegar Kill Grass?

Yes, it does. When using vinegar to kill clover, you have to spot treat the clover, or otherwise be prepared to lose the current grass too.

How Do I treat My Lawn for Clover?

Use clover killers, which are either organic or inorganic. There are even homemade remedies for the weed.

Is Clover Bad for Your Garden?

Whether clover is bad or good for your garden will depend on your personal opinion. While we have highlighted the negative impacts of clover, the weed fertilizes the soil, adding more nutrients. This makes it a kind of natural fertilizer for your lawn.

On the other hand, it grows fast and easily outdoes your main plants, other than bringing bees into the garden.

How Long Does Clover Last?

Clover can last for years if not treated. Experts have put a range of between 3 to 5 years, which is quite long to have to deal with the weed. To make it worse, the more it grows in your lawn, the more it gains roots, making it a tough weed.

Final Verdict

This article not only provides you with a list of the ten best but also offers you a top choice. Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed and Grass Killer not only provides you with organic clover killing properties but also assures you of efficiency in performance.

Then there are the considerations, which you have to look into before purchasing a clover killer. Taking all these into account, you will make a decision on which among the ten clover killers will work for you to yield the most satisfactory results.

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