3 Types of String Trimmers/Weed Eaters | Which Type Suites you?

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A string trimmer is a tool used for trimming grass and weeds off a lawn. Typically, it resembles a lawnmower, but its power consumption and output lower. Or do you call it a weed-whacker? Either way, it is one and the same tool.

While a mower trims the grass and taller plants, the string trimmer will trim the edges. It makes a mower’s job more appealing to the eye, to say the least.

The string trimmer is necessary to get rid of weeds in steep or slippery terraces, around trees, and under flower beds. Typically, it does all the tasks that a lawnmower can’t do. This is because it is lighter, and manipulating it more comfortable compared to a mower.

There are several types of grass eaters, but we are going to discuss the three major ones that you will be excited to learn about. These are gas, electric, and battery-powered string trimmers.

Let’s dive into each of these types of string trimmers and their functions.

1. Gas-Powered String Trimmer

The gas-powered string trimmer uses gas fuel, which mixes with oil for lubrication purposes. Also, a heavy-duty weed eater, due to the fact that this string trimmer carries an engine that powers it off, which is quite heavy.

Besides that, it has an excellent ability to tackle large areas where mowing is required. They are also capable of slashing off the tough-stemmed weeds.

The shaft is long, as with all string trimmers, and it could be straight or curved depending on the area of mowing but mostly, to suit personal taste.

If under the flower beds, the straight one will be great. But if you want to trim the footpaths and around trees, a curved shaft will also do. Nevertheless, you can use the two interchangeably; the difference isn’t that much of a big deal.

Gas-powered string trimmers are the heaviest of the three types of string trimmers that we have here. On the plus side, they are the most powerful. Going with over 25 cubic centimeters of displaced air, this is the best string trimmer for covering a larger surface area.

Moreover, due to the use of gas for power, string trimmer becomes very noisy. The noise is too much that it can damage your eardrum. Therefore, you will need to protect your ears. Earplugs are a better option to earmuffs so that you are entirely secure throughout your session with the string trimmer.

Major Functions:

Let’s skim through the major functions of having a gas-powered string trimmer.

  • After mowing a large lawn, you can use the gas-powered lawn to trim up the lawn for a neater outlook.
  • Without the limitation of a cord, you have the freedom to move as much as you want. Moreover, in your preferred design-whether, you want to move vertically, back and forth, or skip some areas; it is your call.
  • You will reach the tree bottoms, yet not hurt the tree bark at all.
  • Also, you can reach under the flower beds, where a mower could not.
  • Finally, in steep terraces and on footpaths, this is a great shot you have.


  • Mowing a larger surface area before replenishing the gas.
  • Reaches all the odd areas that a lawnmower does not, such as tree and flower beds bottoms, steep or uneven ground, and pathways.
  • Highly efficient, due to the large power output.


  • The heaviest string trimmer among these three types.
  • So noisy that you cannot use without ear protection.

2. Corded Electric String Trimmer

Just as the name suggests, this whipper-snipper (another name for weed eater) uses electricity. And just like all electric gadgets, the string trimmer has a cord that connects it to power.

This is the lightest string trimmer of the three major types, which is among its major strengths. If you have a small or circular kind of a lawn, this string trimmer is a perfect choice. This is due to its cord, which limits its movement farther from the power source.

Though the string trimmer’s voltage is low, it works perfectly well in eliminating weeds around trees and flower beds, where no mower could help you. Lanes and footpaths leading to the house will also be neat courtesy of this tool.

The next strong point that we will all agree with the corded electric string trimmer is that it is quiet. You don’t need to buy earmuffs to protect your ears from deafness or damage as long as you use the electric equipment.

Despite being electric powered, the weed killer uses low amounts of energy, hence saving you from extra costs. In any case, your lawn must be smaller for you to use the electric string trimmer. And generally speaking, the corded electric string trimmer is the cheapest option, both in buying and operation costs.

More uniquely is the fact that you will not have to stop to change the power source when using it. Unless the area is in a blackout, once you start the job, you can be sure to accomplish it without disruption.

Nevertheless, just like in all string trimmer operations, you have to protect your eyes. Small pieces of cut plant particles may get their way into your eyes during the operation, causing painful irritation. To avoid this, large googles will be a helpful accessory.

Also, if the grass or plants you are trimming are dry or rough, having on long pants and shoes will be necessary to prevent pricking.

Reason to prefer:

Why you should prefer the corded electric string trimmer? Stick with me!

  • The lightest string trimmer, since you don’t have to carry the power with you.
  • It is efficient in clearing the bottom of trees, flower beds, and other plants of weeds.
  • You can trim walkways and around the house effectively, and also clean up after a lawnmower.
  • You rarely run out of power, hence the least disruptions caused by insufficient power.
  • Amazingly, the corded electric weed killer’s operations are quiet, hence saving you from having to buy ear protection gadgets.


  • Very light, hence easy to handle.
  • Promises quiet operations.
  • Efficiency in power, which will hardly go off.


  • The cord restriction prevents a large area operation.
  • The power produced is minimal, hence not for tough plant trimming.

3. Cordless/ Battery-Powered String Trimmer

This weed whacker gets power from the replaceable battery, which you attach at the rear edge of the equipment. Cordless, it contrasts the corded electric string trimmer, yet it is relatively light compared to the gas-powered string trimmer.

This being said, the string trimmer is effective in smaller lawns or smaller areas of operation. When I think about it, it is the best string trimmer to cater to scattered ground. Take, for instance, several trees that are far from each other.

Also, the power that the cordless string trimmer produces is minimal compared to that of the gas and corded electric string trimmer. For this reason, small lawn operations will be most suitable for the string trimmer.

Since it is light, you will not tire having to carry it around in search of different areas to trim. On the other hand, it is cordless, so there is no limitation to your operation.

The only challenge you will have with a battery-powered string trimmer is that it doesn’t work long before the battery is over. So, you will need to carry a replacement battery around, in case the battery power is off before you are through with your task.

When you think about the cost, the battery-powered is quite cheap, compared to the gas string trimmer. However, in the long run, it is more expensive compared to the electric string trimmer. This is because you will have to spend on batteries.

Additionally, the string trimmer requires constant replenishment of string trimmers, which you feed at the blade after you are done with one. This is not only a condition for the cordless/ battery-powered string trimmer but typical of all string trimmers.

Functions and Benefit:

Functions and Benefits of the cordless/ battery powered string trimmer include the following;

  • Being quite light yet cordless, the battery-powered string trimmer will be useful for scattered functions. It will take care of weeds under trees that are quite far apart, different flower beds in the lawn, and so on.
  • It is efficient in trimming and cutting down unwanted grass blades along pathways and plants in small uneven areas where you don’t necessarily need a mowing machine.
  • Buy it to trim after a mower for a more uniform and appealing lawn.


  • Great for scattered tasks.
  • Awesome choice for a small family lawn.
  • Its noise production is quite low compared to the gas-powered string trimmer.


  • Power runs out quicker than all the other methods.
  • Not effective for larger lawns.

Gas, Electric, or Battery String Trimmer: Which Is Suitable for You?

As you read above, each of these string trimmers has their strengths and weakness. The weakness of one is the strength of the other.

For instance, while an electric string trimmer presents pin-drop silent, the gas string trimmer even demands that you use ear protection. Battery-powered string trimmer lasts a short period but does not disrupt you with cords. On the contrary, the electric-powered string trimmer rarely runs out of power, but the cords will limit your distance.

Gas string trimmers are quite powerful in comparison to the rest, and when you want to cover larger ground, I would recommend them.

These examples indicate how important one could be over the other. Thus, the best will depend on personal preference, the lawn size, and the lawn’s shape.

Therefore, given the different types of string trimmers, the most suitable choice is your choice. We have laid down all the benefits and limitations of each, so, which one do you think will work for you?

Bottom Line

With a long light shaft that makes handling easy, one of these three types of string trimmers is an excellent choice for ground plant trimming. Your mowing job will not be perfect if untouched weeds characterize the rough terrains, tree bottoms, and under the thick flower beds, right?

So, the ball is in your court. Get the most suitable of the three string trimmers for a cleaner mowing and trimming job.

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