10 Things To Do With Grass Clippings

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Grass clippings are the cut pieces of grass that generates after mowing your lawn by any mover or tiller. What things to do with grass clippings after mowing? Obviously you do something that is beneficial for you but there are many interesting ways to use them.

If you do not like them to lie down in your lawn then use a bag attachment with the mower to collect the clippings.

It sounds pretty cool but really hazardous as even small lawns build up huge amount of clippings. You have to stop several times to carry the bag and empty them outside the lawn. But it is not the only way of disposing them rather you can use them in interesting and unusual ways.

So, wanna know the bombastic processes? Let’s find out.

10 Best Ways to Use Grass Clippings

Here we have given some handpicked ideas from the ocean of possibilities that can be done with grass clippings from your lawn. Don’t think the grass clippings as waste rather they have multiple advantages. You can use any of these ideas to make the best use of the grass clippings.

1. Leave Them as They Are:

Just after you finish your mowing you can just leave the rest as they are in the lawn. Surprised? Don’t worry you heard right, they will decompose and fertilize your lawn real quick while leaving them by their own.

The important soil nutrients and minerals like phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium are generated by the clippings naturally to nurture your lawn soil. It saves your money as you don’t have to buy any disinfected spray or fertilizer.

The grass clippings also help to absorb more moisture on the lawn during the summer time and protect them from turning brown. His is the easiest and quickest thing to do after mowing.

2. Free And Easy Grass Mulch:

In England even in present days the lawn owners spread the clippings evenly after mowing rather colleting them. Sounds Crazy! No, it’s absolutely true. The small cut pieces can feed the soil surface and you don’t need to carry heavy bags for cleaning.

Just after mowing takes a rake to spread the grass evenly and make them a bit thinner so the sun light can reach the soil surface. By doing this a natural mulch will be created and as per the small pieces they will break down quickly and decompose. It will not create any thatch.

3. Free Natural Compost / Fertilizer:

In case you don’t like to keep your lawn dirty then there is a fantastic solution for the use of clippings. If you have a garden then this is especially for you.

You can carry the grass clippings and pile up them on a separate place. Make sure to use the Green-Brown factor; the green grasses are green materials and brown materials are dry leaves and branches.

Make sure you pile them in such manner that air cannot pass through and thus they will compose real quickly. If you can manage to prepare the substance in right manner then you can use them as natural fertilizer to your garden and lawn as well.

4. Garden Bed Mulching:

The gardens need a bit more attention as they are a part of hobbies and if you are having garden and lawn then its good news. You can use the grass clippings from your lawn in your garden bed.

By doing so you can manage the garden plants to keep moister on the soil and you have to water them less often.

Using grass clippings as garden bed mulch is not a tricky process rather handy and easy. Make a thick layer near the plant roots of bed and use the necessary turn over time to time.

As the height of the mulch drops the more nutrition your soil and plants are getting from them. Before doing that make sure your local authority have permission for such composting process.

5. Feed Your Animals:

The great alternative of hay can be the grass clippings to change the test of your cattle. The food made from fresh grass clippings contains 18.2% protein and 68% digestible matter which are much better than the regular cattle foods.

The average cattle food has 10% less nutrition facts and sometimes cattle get bored with regular typical food routine.

Grass clippings can be given as supplementary food for sheep and they are inexpensive, renewable and easy feed sources. In case you don’t have your animals then you can even sell them to your neighbors or cattle farm owners who have animals to feed.

Caution: Avoid the chemically treated clippings as food.

6. Build a Container Garden:

If you don’t have any garden of your own then hurry up built one, Oh! No land available? Don’t worry you can have a container flower garden instead.

You can grow all sorts of vegetables and herbs in the containers that you might throw away. The grass clipping can help you in this.

In hot summer days the containers get dry very quickly but if you use the clippings as mulch in the containers around your plants it will help to maintain the moisture. Apart from that when they will decompose it will works as fertilizer.

7. Must Feed The Worms:

A bit confused right? Everyone tries to kill the worms and I am telling you to feed then, why?

It’s because there are some special kinds of worms that you need to decompose your pile up clippings for compost or fertilizer. Feed the worms a handful green clippings they love it.

First air dry the grass clippings and separate them as brown and green. Use the brown for mulching and green for composting.

Dry grasses are best for making mulching beds as you have to mix equal portion of dry leaves or branches and leave it to your worms to do the rest.  

8. Natural Dye or Color:

We all hate the stings that damage the style of our favorite shirt or jeans but you may don’t know your jeans got the color from the grasses. Yes! The grass has a natural substantial power of dying fabrics.

To make the dying process faster and swifter use a mordant and the types of mordant will decide what color will come to your cloth. To make it your best try use the fresh clippings just after the mowing process ends. Because the fresh the grass the better the color will be.

9. Have a Cup of Natural Tea:

If you are a tea lover then it’s time to have another food experiment.Have you ever heard of grass tea? Probably not but its time have a hot cup of tea. The grasses contain a number of vitamins and minerals that can boost up your body and mind at once.

Just collect some clippings and dry them very well in the sun and store them. Use them as regular tea pack. You can also use the green grasses for a strong flavor. So must try this and let us know how it was.

10. Call The Local Recycling Center

The last thing you can do as best thing that you can give the grass clippings to the recycle center for further use. If your local authority don’t allow to compost them or mulching then recycling center is the only option.

You just need to call the recycling center and ask for collecting the grass clippings from your lawn. Many municipalities have this door to door collection service but few don’t collect at all or in certain days. Then you have to pay a visit to the recycling center to deliver the grass clippings by your own.


Though the best and effective option for you as a lawn owner to leave the grass clippings on the lawn as the soil food. But everyone doesn’t think in the same way so you may have different thoughts. You can use any of the options discussed above.

Sill you may have your own creative ideas to handle the grass clippings. No matter what you do the clippings are very useful materials but you should know how to use them.

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